Absurdity : Riek Machar can’t fight SPLM for 11 years and he claims to be Chairman again .

Posted: February 25, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in David Aoloch

By David Aoloch Bion

Dr Riek Machar wanted to be the chairman of the SPLM party. And from there, he will  proceed ahead and become the President of the Republic of South Sudan. Is Riek justified in this claim? Is he legitimate to claim those rights of chairmanship of the SPLM party and Presidency of the Republic.?

No , no , hundred time no , Riek is unjustified , illegitimate , irrational in this argument .  Riek declared in 1991 that he overthrew John Garang . When this claim turned out to be hoax or  lie . Riek ran  to Khartoum and he fought against  John Garang alongside  President Bashir for 11 years .  When Riek and Bashir failed to defeat John Garang , Riek realized that Garang was winning then  , he ran  back to Garang in 2002 .

Therefore , Riek could not fight SPLM for 11 years and he claims to be the chairman of the SPLM again . , which he  fought and tried to destroy for 11 years . This is absurdity.

Riek  Machar on December 6, 2013 , declared he would cause chaos ,if he was not allowed to be the President of South Sudan . And abiding by his words, he attempted the coup on December 15 , 2013  when the coup failed , he declared the civil  war against his own people , the South Sudanese .

Therefore, Riek Machar can’t killed South Sudanese for 14 months and he claims to be their president again. This is absurdity ..

All in all Riek Machar  can’t stay in  Khartoum for 11 years and  he says , he knows somethings . Riek  is a failure in summary, he attempted the coup, and he failed. He launched the civil war on BBC World Radio on December 18, 2013, he failed to overthrow the government, he went and called United Nation to establish a Protectorate Government in South Sudan, he failed . He went to call Kenya , Ethiopia , and Sudan to invade South Sudan , he failed . Riek is failure in doing Good but he is  a success in doing Evil like the Killings  of South Sudanese .in his unjustified wars.

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