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Dear readers, this article is in response to article posted on this respectful website this afternoon 22nd February 2015. This was purported as “SSSAK press release on South Sudan peace resumption in Addis Ababa” This is a scam of nuisance from ill-mannered thugs who called themselves SSSAK leaders. Pay no attention to them for they are misleading public of their fake claimed titles!

First, who is Dak Buoth Gabriel? Dak Gabriel is a self-blessed legal or law student of Presbyterian University of Eastern Africa, a University that does not offer law or even a certificate of law. He has authored several articles claiming to be an interim leader of South Sudanese Students Association in Kenya (SSSAK). This prompts me to response to his purported status of being SSSAK leader in Kenya. He is indeed a leader of thugs but not SSSAK for your information.

Please let me educate you on what transpired that led to this opportunism by the so called THUGs (SSSAK)’ leaders.

It was July 2013 that SSSAK leadership under legitimate outgoing chair Gacho Chol Yaak Akoy found itself in confusion after the office of Executive committee under Chol Yaak and Student council under Speaker Tab Gadiet differed on the formation of electoral commission.

This wrangle between executive and council drag on for long until the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan to Kenya and concerned South Sudanese elders intervened as mediators between two SSSAK bodies. After long dispute, the two rival bodies of SSSAK were brought into an agreement in forming the electoral body with group of elders and Embassy of South Sudan as key observers to the students’ body elections.

The parties in dispute agreed under signed principles witnessed by Embassy and elders to carry out election immediately in the Month of December 2013. The whole body of Students came to great relief and the gear of elections wind around with all interested aspirants having started their lobbying and only waiting the go-ahead from the 7 vetted SSSAK electoral committee members by the council.

As the lobbying and campaign intensified among the contestants, the unfortunate coup attempt on Juba government took place on the night of 15th Dec, 2013. This forced the Embassy and Group of elders to suspend SSSAK elections until such a time when the situation in our country come back to normalcy. The entire students’ body under able leader Chol Yaak Akoy was also forced to comply due to tense atmosphere among South Sudanese who were negatively affected by what happened in South Sudan in one way or another.

Few months after the suspension of SSSAK’s activities due to fear of violence among South Sudanese students, the desperate cocoon of 13 students held a meeting in Metro Hotel in the city centre of Nairobi. The Thirteen goons agreed in absentia of Dak Gabriel that they will meet again after a week to form the so called interim SSSAK executive committee. These desperate brethren for SSSAK leadership have no time to waste and after one week later they recruited Dak Buoth Gabriel whom they later installed as interim chairman of SSSAK.

The name interim emerged immediately after Addis Ababa talk that was mentioned that Dr.Machar and President Kiir will form interim transitional government. This was copied by Desperate Dak and his thugs as a leeway of capitalizing to get to power of students’ leadership. From that date Dak Gabriel and his 12 members desperately spread the rumour of their leadership in the Nyamilepedia and many other websites to sell themselves as coned leaderof SSSAK, the job they are well familiar with.

Few weeks after their self-declaration as interim SSSAK leaders, they attempt to call council meeting. They were asked questions that they do not have answers until more than half of the self-claimed committee including Dak went undercover or disappear from public only to surface this week and claimed to have address media in support of peace talk resumption in Addis Ababa as students’ leaders.

They never convinced students’ body on how and who brought them to power. The unruly ill-mannered self-baptized deputy interim chairman whose identity is concealed resort to insults and unhealthy bashing and busting almost bursting with anger as he breathed fire on his opponents, the author included. The meeting came to an abrupt end forcing few cowardice idiots who were blindly recruited to resign leaving Dak and his physically fat-cheeked Secretary and almost head-balding deputy chairman isolated.

Let me tell you that there was no media addressed by students’ body in Kenya in the purported media released. This was a scam of photo shopping taken in Bomblast Tower and posted for public consumption. I just ask general public not to be fed by perpetuated news that deserved nothing but dustbin.

There is never been interim government nor any elections conducted to replace Chol Yaak Akoy, the current and outgoing chair of SSSAK. All forces of shame that claimed to be leaders are desperate individuals who want to capitalize and benefit on the vacuum created by unfortunate incident in South Sudan.

They are opportunists who once attempted to contest several times but were beaten in the previous elections. They lost hope of winning any elections and best thing they could do according to their little wisdom is to grab power by force.

I therefore declared these jerks as criminals on the run as they forged SSSAK new certificate to beg for dollars from unaware rebel and government officials from South Sudan to solicit money from them for their own lives. They desperately peep through the wind of every suspected hotel where government or rebel officials check in. There is a case hanging on their heads to answer for forgery of certificates prepared by outgoing chair and his team guided by his legal team.

Few days ago, the outgoing and able Honourable Speaker of the SSSAK council, Tab Gadiet and executive committee of SSSAK under His Excellency chair Chol Yaak Akoy formed a new seven (7) electoral committee members that was unanimously vetted for by the Honourable councillors of SSSAK. This was reached after the office of the speaker and executive agreed to form new electoral body after the expiry of the previous electoral body term as per the constitution of SSSAK.

We are therefore now waiting for 28th Feb, 2015 scheduled date for council meeting under Tab to officially give guidance to electoral body on how to carry out its task of conducting credible elections for all South Sudanese Students free and fairmanner. Our students’ body came to agreement that whatever happened in South Sudan should not derail their good course.

I challenge these hopeless brothers (whose identities are held due to fear of repercussion) to rekindle their hope and to take courage to contest than to grab power so that we, the students can choose them if indeed they want to be legitimate leaders like Chol Yak and his teams. God forbids for these sons of Lucifer to be leaders in SSSAK or even in future, no hope in them as the only hope in them for people to cope up with these organized gang of irresponsible jerks that will cause insecurity in all situations!

I am fearlessly announcing to general public in particular South Sudanese to be cautious enough not to fall into the ambush of these self-pitied and ego-centric thieves of Nairobi streets. They are professional thugs who address like princes and Princess of Queen of England that in no doubt you can’t fail to admire their body and verbal languages. They address professionally when they want to approach any unaware important person with intent to corner and con him or her. Please be careful with these professional and well-known idoits of shame.

Do not say that you are not informed dear South Sudanese of all walk of life! Be on standby for next article where you will see their true identities!

Longar Chan Longar, is a second year Student of Political science and Diplomacy in Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology (JOOUST), Bondo.  

The Feather of Glory ( a Novella )

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By David Aoloch  Bion

Chapter Eight

As soon as the three days had finished, Madut appeared at the home yard of the girl. The girl took him inside the hut. She greeted Madut warmly

“Tell me your name” Madut asked

“My name is Abuk Deng Kuel Dan Ayuel Dong Abuot”. I am a girl of big clan – the Tiit clan. Our family branch is Pagal lineage – our god is Mayual. We also obey cobra snake. Cobra snake is our relative. We are related to him”. The girl said her name, her clan, her lineage and the god of her religion.

“My name is Madut Kuol Madut, form Riet clan, Abaar lineage. Our God is Ringdit. We also obey river and we obey femur. We do not break femur when we are eating meat”, Madut narrated.

“Tell me, what do you want? Why do you come to our home?” Abuk asked.

“If a man who is not related to you comes to you, what comes to your mind?” Madut asked.

“Nothing at all”. Abuk answered.

“I want tobacco from you” Madut told her. Tobacco is a cultural configurative name for introducing an engagement to a girl.

“I cannot give you a tobacco” Aduk said.


“I don’t want you!”

“Tell me the reason”

“No reason.”

Madut and Abuk made a long joking argument until Abuk said that this word would finish between two of us. That madut should leave and come back with your brothers after four days. Four days came and Madut had come with Abung Kuol, Abung was a tall huge man with a good tongue and a good heart of making good decision. He was the chief mediator. Mac Joh, man of foolish jokes when people are tired after long argument. He was tasked with entertainment but made no good point. Madut Mayen was to answer back anything bad with anything bad. The rest were Bior Kuol, Mathiang Kur, Manut Biel. The group was comprised of bad and good guys to reflect the society they were coming from.

Abuk Deng came in the hut with his group that was made up of Ayen Nhial who was a good talker. She could talk as if she were a man, she became a chief mediator of Abuk and Amuor Bul, Yar Garang, Achol Mac.

After each of them sat on the mat, Madut Mayen the chief mediator cleared his throat and said “please girls, tell us your names”

“No, the person who was got in the place asks the names first, not the comer” Ayen Nhial argued. Both sides refused to tell their names first. However, Ayen has just given in and said that their names are colors that would differentiate people, there were no colors of knowing people. So Ayen introduced all the girls of their names and their relations to Abuk. Madut Mayen also introduced their names and their relation to Madut Kuol.

Of course, Madut Mayen said that, you daughters of Tiit clan, we came to your home for engagement – an engagement was the normal affair among youth – male or female.

“If we come like this in number, there was one person who led the  way to this home. This word (engagement) had started between two and had involved all of us today. Our aim was to engage Abuk”.

Ayen Nhial said that it was the plain truth, nevertheless, she had just seen Madut then and that he could not engage her sister – Abuk.

Manut Moyen said that “you said that you had not known Madut before, that was a weak excuse he said Ayen had to give a concrete reason for her objection to madut engagement to Abuk.

Madut Biel said that an engagement was one of he most important issues in our lives, so the girl should be specific. In fact, when we were coming we had two options in our minds that if we had proposed and engagement there would be rejection and admission.

Yar Garang said that she didn’t know the Madut family background whether they were good or bad and they needed to make a research first before they could admit him.

Mathiang Kur said that there were vices that people were refused, these included the evil eyedness, gluttony, theft, unended family diseases. And if you knew any of these vices they should tell them.

Amuor Bul said that most men had been hiding their vices and seemed as if they were just wise and loving, but rather they had proved bad people, and that was why you should learn one another very carefully. Last but not least, Ayen Nhial said that nothing would have been finished in one day – thus it was a day of introduction to them. The girls gave four days for the ment to come back. After four days they came back and the argument went on as fresh as it was five days earlier

At last Ayen Nhail concluded by saying that “the word has been understood, the word (engagement) between Madut and Aduk ahs been tied by a strong rope, and the two ends of the rope have been burnt short to avoid any unnecessary loosening. We (sisters) have honorably handed over the whole affair to Madut and Abuk. If the word end up in happy marriage, many thanks very much indeed to all of us. If the word stops on the path between the two families, no blame so much. It is just a youth affair.

By David Aoloch Bion

Dr Riek Machar wanted to be the chairman of the SPLM party. And from there, he will  proceed ahead and become the President of the Republic of South Sudan. Is Riek justified in this claim? Is he legitimate to claim those rights of chairmanship of the SPLM party and Presidency of the Republic.?

No , no , hundred time no , Riek is unjustified , illegitimate , irrational in this argument .  Riek declared in 1991 that he overthrew John Garang . When this claim turned out to be hoax or  lie . Riek ran  to Khartoum and he fought against  John Garang alongside  President Bashir for 11 years .  When Riek and Bashir failed to defeat John Garang , Riek realized that Garang was winning then  , he ran  back to Garang in 2002 .

Therefore , Riek could not fight SPLM for 11 years and he claims to be the chairman of the SPLM again . , which he  fought and tried to destroy for 11 years . This is absurdity.

Riek  Machar on December 6, 2013 , declared he would cause chaos ,if he was not allowed to be the President of South Sudan . And abiding by his words, he attempted the coup on December 15 , 2013  when the coup failed , he declared the civil  war against his own people , the South Sudanese .

Therefore, Riek Machar can’t killed South Sudanese for 14 months and he claims to be their president again. This is absurdity ..

All in all Riek Machar  can’t stay in  Khartoum for 11 years and  he says , he knows somethings . Riek  is a failure in summary, he attempted the coup, and he failed. He launched the civil war on BBC World Radio on December 18, 2013, he failed to overthrow the government, he went and called United Nation to establish a Protectorate Government in South Sudan, he failed . He went to call Kenya , Ethiopia , and Sudan to invade South Sudan , he failed . Riek is failure in doing Good but he is  a success in doing Evil like the Killings  of South Sudanese .in his unjustified wars.