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When a journalist reported that  a reliable sources told me, this turned out to be himself ,  journalist  is referring to himself . so when the AU Commission reported a survivor told the commission , there is no survivor but they are referring to themselves .

It is true some Nuer were killed in Juba but not  in the way reported. Nuer were killed but not  in a house to house operation.

The 30 inflammatory quotes will haunt and will corrupt the mind of both Dinka and  Nuer . this report is fanning of hate among the Dinka and Nuer . Nuer were  killed but not in the way describe .

1 . It was intense and brutal, and targeted specific groups: only Nuer in Juba

2 The violence in Juba targeted one nationality, the Nuer. Those who survived either fled the town by motorized transport, or those who ran on foot to the UNMISS compound.

3 Juba is settled along ethnic lines, and the killings took place in Nuer residential areas, as a house to house operation

4 “On 16 December, after the fighting in the army stopped, they came house to house to collect and kill. I and three brother were pulled out of the house and taken to the barracks. They put us in a container. Eleven died of suffocation in the container. There were three windows, tiny, but no wind. We were so many we could not sit; we had to stand – the whole day until the night. We heard gun shots all day. They would push people into the container the whole day. 10 at night, they started shooting through the windows that were bringing some oxygen. Then they opened the door and start shooting. It was continuous shooting until all fall down. They opened the door, lit a torch; if they saw you breathing they would shoot. If someone starts crying, they would come back and shoot. This happened four times. There was one boy who we advised to lie still, he ran, got to the door, touched it, it made a sound, and he was killed. Two others were injured in the container, but not dead. Three managed to escape

:5  “I have seen people being forced to eat other humans. Soldiers kill one of you and ask the other to eat the dead one. Women are raped, people burnt

6 “Many of us survived killings because we were presumed to be dead.”[3]

7 the ethnic cleansing of mid-December

  1. I smelt human remains in the Gudele Police Station area.

9 .The violence ethnically cleansed the city of Juba of its Nuer population. The motive of this violence was political: the violence, which originated as a schism in the governing elite of South Sudan, targeted one particular ethnicity, the Nuer. Its intent and effect was to divide the civilian population along ethnic lines, to destroy the middle ground, thereby to polarize the society into “us” and “them

10 . Salva has mobilized his own tribe in Luri, near his farm, that he has brought 7,000 from Bahr el Ghazal

11 . disarming of  Nuer soldiers,

12 . lots of Nuer killed in Gudele, thousands

13 . seven members of a civilian family were also killed by a shell falling on their house. This was after the President’s address on the 16 The President’s address re-triggered the shooting in the barracks.

14 When they were already targeting Nuer politicians and civilians, there were no Nuer soldiers in Juba.[23] The then Army Chief of General Staff concurred: “Back to killing of 17th and 18th and why there was no attempt to counter the organized killing. The reason was that the Nuer [in the Army] had left. We were only left with the Dinka. There was no way of stopping an organized killing of Nuer.

15 . We saw people come in army uniform. We heard them ask neighbors: where is the house of Nuer? [The neighbor pointed to our house. I asked my small boy to open the gate.] They killed him. We ran out of the house and then into the neighbor’s house, and then to the UNMISS compound

16 . that the body of killers was a body of irregulars recruited in two districts of Bahr el Gazal

17 . He said President Salva Kiir “ordered the Governor of Northern Bahr el Ghazal to recruit youth from 2 places.” They were “trained in Lori – not part of any security service – but a private army that Salva trained using elements of the UPDF to train and arm them. They were all over Juba ostensibly to clean the town but really reconnaissance to see where the Nuer were. Immediately fighting started in Giyeda, they began killing Nuer in residential areas where they were concentrated. It was deliberate, something planned

18 . On December 9, a general cleaning done of Juba by Tiger Batallion, called Lau cleaning, done to demarcate areas. … Salva said on the 16th: we do not want to see any ’91 (meaning Nuer) walking around in Juba

19 .  “When Salva went to Bahr el Gazal, in his rallies, in his own village, in August, he talked in Dinka – this was carried by SSTV – he said this cloth I have belongs to you people, are you going to accept it being taken?”

20.“night of the 15th I came to my office when I heard of the shooting. We heard of the killing in the morning. We sent police. They were overwhelmed by military or anyone claiming to be military. I was with Chief of Staff. There was no order from Chief of Staff or Commander of Operations, James Ojong, nor from Chief of Intelligence of Army. There was no centralized command. There could be elements who could have organized in a certain way – a certain civilian calling himself a Major-General and a group calling itself “Rescue the President.” That Major-General was arrested by the army but escaped as part of the breakout on March 5.”[41]

21  .Organized killings of civilians began the night of the 16 Forces fighting in the barracks were defeated – house to house. It began in a place called 107. Perpetrators of this came from New Site, a military residential area. It was a combination of military police, commandoes, national security, etc. Those who killed from 16thevening to the 18th came mainly from Bahr el Ghazal. Maj Gen Bol Akot led the commandos, who had no other command.”

22 . “Secret mobilization had happened before this that we were not aware of. It started earlier in November. Elders met and chose mobilizers at this meeting, to protect the president. The meeting was chaired by former Chief Justice, Ambrose Riing Thiik. This force was called ‘Rescue the President [Dot ke beny]. Almost 70% of anyone from Bahr el Ghazal was mobilized in this, in their thousands. Those who remained in Juba were now mainly from Bahr el Ghazal. The elders coordinated with the President. The financing came from his office. Riek Machar was aware of this. He was doing his own organizing. On the 16th, some of the civilians got guns, either from National Security or Presidential Guard. I began to see civilians putting on uniform with a gun. This was a result of the mobilization the elders had done. Elders were moving from community to community. The committee of elders was 17 in number. This committee of elders moved around Bahr el Ghazal, talked to their sons in the army. They called the tank crew commanders in Bentiu who were all from Bahr el Ghazal and asked them to disarm others in the command.”.All were from Bahr al Ghazal. This recruitment, organized by a group known as “Rescue the President,” was chaired by the former Chief Justice, Ambrose Riing Thiik. They received funding from the President’s Office. The commandos who led the killing did so under a retired military officer, Major General Bol Akot

23 .a pregnant woman was killed, her stomach ripped open, and the baby was taken out and stabbed. In the second case, in Bor, fighters raped a very old women. The point is that it was not about sex but about telling the Dinka that we slept with your mother.”[45]

24 .I was in Bentiu. Ten women were shot through the vagina because they refused to be raped. One was 10 months pregnant. Another was raped to death

25 . There is an element of revenge in the culture of these two communities. When two people fight, a third person will come and join the fight, only after the fight will they ask: why were you fighting

.26 .in Bahr al Ghazal that when news of fighting in Upper Nile spread in these states, there were several instances of Dinka women beheading Nuer women as revenge for the death of their husbands in battle.

27 .  “During the civil war, we fought the north with arms. That fighting was only on the frontline; it did not involve women and children. Now I am so surprised, we are killing one another, we are South Sudanese. We thought it was fighting between two brothers, not between Nuer and Dinka.”

27 . During this crisis, some of our colleagues do not speak their languages. If you speak your language, you are targeted.

28.. Most Nuer [in the army] are not original SPLA, most were collaborators.”[67]

. Most Nuer [in the army] are not original SPLA, most were collaborators.”[67]

29   . “A big number of Dinka were killed. There was no accountability, efforts for reconciliation but no truth. The wound is still there in the hearts of many Dinka. This may happen again, if we are not careful. We cannot just follow the African way of reconciling – let the past go – we have to make sure there is truth and accountability. The violence now is for me a continuation of the 1991 massac

The Rust of Words ( a Novel )

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By David Aoloch Bion

                                    Chapter Two

In Meroe, the capital city, the King approved a budget of sixty million dollars to the rebels. This money was transferred to Axum, the capital city of neighbouring Abyssinia. The money had to be spent on the logistic, transport, relocation of the Rebels offices home.

In his base at the province, the Uncle sent the 3rd Boy to receive the money. The 3rd Boy flew to Axum. From the airport; he went straight to the bank. He checked, found the money. The money excited him. He was like poor man who wins the jackpot.  He collapsed in the bank, he was rushed to the hospital, the doctors diagnosed that he convulsed of happiness.

His wife came; he was unconscious on the bed. After an hour rest, he recovered from the money mania.  He opened his eyes, recognized his wife. He smiled, stood up and hugged her. His wife and he left the hospital. They passed through the bank, he withdrawn one million dollars cash. He carried the bulkiest money home.  In the master room, he opened the eight briefcases, he carried the money in . The odour of Dollar bill filled the room. “Unbelievable, is this real money, real dollar?” he asked himself in hysteria, “Or have I illusion”, he added.

‘’Maan John’’ he called his wife.  His hoarse voice echoed through the house.

She hurried in. She stood, looking down on him.

He glanced at her. “Is this real money, real Dollar or have I illusion” he asked.

“Why do you doubt yourself? Be confident of your senses.  This is real money. You just withdrawn it from the bank”, she said

“Amazing, is wealth something nearest at the end of the war?  That I who were poor is rich, I who have not counted million dollars have counted today” he said

‘’You should revisit the old saying ‘’ the poor are the dead and the rich are the living ‘’ because you can acquire the wealth as long as you’re alive, and you can’t acquire wealth as long as you’re dead ‘’ the wife concluded . She left the room while the husband still puzzled.

“What shall I do first?” he questioned himself inwardly, “I must sleep before I decide”.

At midnight, he had been hallucinating “Unbelievable, is this real money, real Dollar or have I illusion ‘’ he dreamed. The wife woke him, raised his head from the pillow “Wun John, Wun John,” she called out.

“What is it?” he asked as he  woke up violently

“You are screaming, you have nightmare”, she speaks softly

He laid backward, rested his head on the pillow without uttering a word. He was obsessed with Dollars. he was haunted by the money mania . After half an hour, he dreamed again “what shall I do first?’’. He snored.  His wife woke him.

“What is it?” he asked as he woke up violently

“You are screaming, you have a nightmare”, she spoke softly.

“Do not bother me, you are irritating, distressing me”, he warned

He laid back, fast slept, throughout the night, he had been hypnotizing.  In the morning, he picked his Thuraya phone. He called the 9th Boy in province. He told him to search for junior officer named James Majok. The 9th Boy did not know him personally, so the 9th Boy sent one of his bodyguards to go to look for him. The bodyguard went out. He met a colleague on the path.

“Do you know someone call James Majok?” he asked him.

“Which Majok is that? there are many Majok’’

‘’He is a captain ‘’

‘’O Yes, I know him’’ he said, ‘’we play chess with him under the tamarind tree   near the church everyday”

‘’Do you know his home?  The 9th Boy wants him”

“I will inform him”

‘’ No, please let us go now to his home, he is needed urgently “’

The friend and bodyguard walked to Majok’s home.  They walked for twenty minutes; they arrived at Majok’s home. , he was brushing his mouth with grounded charcoal and salt. This was the local made toothpaste

“Good morning” the friend greeted

“Welcome, we are fine.  Is good news that you come to me early in the morning like this?’’ he asked anxiously

“The commander wants you ‘’ said the bodyguard

‘’Which commander?’’ asked James Majok

‘’9th Boy’’

‘’Really, are you sure? Are you not lost?’’ Majok said because he was skeptical.

‘’Why not? We are surest, he is looking ’’ the said the bodyguard.

‘’ Something bizarre will happen today, it will either rain in milk or the sun will lose. I am astonished because the 9th Boy do not know personally, we have been staying in the last  21 years but he has not shook  my  hand one day  “’ he said.

‘’ Let’s go and find out, if you aren’t the one, it does matter, the foot is for an ant because ant will eat it when you die ‘’ the friend said

The three men, the bodyguard, friend and James Majok took off to the 9th Boy house. They arrived.

‘’Are you Capt James Majok ’’ asked the 9th Boy.

‘’Yes, I am, Comrade’’

“You have journey to Axum, you go and prepare yourself, and the plane is coming to airlift you” the 9th Boy ordered.

‘’ What am I going to do there?’’ asked James Majok

‘’Are you not soldier?’’

‘’Am Comrade ‘’

‘’Then, Why are you asking? That is indiscipline, the soldier is always in combat readiness ’’

‘’I am sorry ‘’, he saluted

‘’Don’t you know the commander 3rd Boy?’’ asked 9th Boy

‘’ I do’’ answered Majok.

‘’He is the one looking for you. Go and come quickly’’

Amazed Majok ran home.  He was staying in the grass – thatched house with his wife and children. He  lived on sorghums, bean, cooking oil supplied by the United Nations Agencies in the rebels liberated areas.  On the way, he was uplifted, he talked alone; “will the plane arrive? If its fly in, it is wonderful. By God’s willing, I will visit the city for the first time”. He said to himself.  He arrived to his home.

“I am going to Axum” he said to his wife.

“What?’’, his wife wondered. What are you saying?” the wife asked. She was shocked.

“I am going to Axum” he answered in relax tone

“Whom are you deceiving?’’, she asked ludicrously, ‘’only the Boys, the leaders of the Movement who have money can travel there. I have not heard a captain going there, because there are no free things there. You buy everything, you don’t have the money,   Do you?’’,   questioned the wife.

“The 3rd Boy, whom I worked for as adjutant seven years ago has invited me’’ ‘

‘’Alright, God with you ‘’ she said

The wife was cooking the lunch of bean, posho, before she served the food.  The bodyguard of 9th  Boy came running,

“Hurry up! Majok, the plane has landed at airstrip” he shouted

Majok dashed in to the house, he grabbed his nylon knitted kite bag. He came out , he beat goodbye to his family by saying ‘’ those who one time meet always meet’’ . His wife begged him to eat first but he refused that he was late. .  He went to the airstrip, he boarded small chartered plane. The journey took three hours. . He came out of the plane with nylon knitted kite bag. When the bodyguard of 3th Boy saw, he was ashamed of the bag, it was too remote.

“Throw that bag away”, he roared

‘Why should I throw? It is my bag, I have clothes in it’’ Majok rejected

‘You will buy a new one ’’ replied the bodyguard

Majok succumbed in; he threw the bag into dustbin with the old torn, patched clothes and one pair of sole – broken boat. They drove home. The bodyguard gave him new clothes. His old torn clothes which he was wearing were thrown in the garbage in the backyard of the house.

In the evening, the 3rd Boy came, Majok stood up, greeted him in greatest delight, Majok was happiest like the dog who the cow is butchered in their home in village. He bowed childishly before him, he stammered as he greeted him, although he is straight talker, the boss greeted him reluctantly and went to his living room.

In the morning, he called him. Majok walked in politely. He stood up fearing to sit on elegant sofas. He told him to sit. Majok sat. He cleared his throat:

“The war is over, the peace has come, and our new, important mission is reconstruction of our country. We are establishing Autonomy in the province soon.  The Movement has charged me with managing of the sixty million dollars for the facilitation and coordination of the programs before the formation of the government in July this year.  I have called you here to help me in managing this money. You will control it. I want you to keep the record of any amount of money release, because, at end, there will be auditing and accountability for this money ‘’ he instructed Majok.

“Thank you, I have no glowing words to express my gratitude for the honour you bestowed upon me. God will thank you, for what you did unto me .God is ultimate thanker to good man like you, he is ultimate rewarder of good man like you.  I will obey the rules and regulations as you will instruct me”, Majok confessed sincerely.

At 9 am, he and Majok went to the liaison office in Axum.  He introduced Majok to the staffs. He gave him the cheque-book. Majok started the work. On the first day in the office, Majok released two million dollars to the five military administrators of five sectors in province.  He placed the receipts and covering letters to the file on the cardboard as he was instructed by his boss to keep record of the money.

After four days, the 5th Boy, a best friend of the 3rd Boy came. They started to drink beer in the house. He praised the 3rd for his new role as manager of the money, he begged him.

‘’As the old friend in the struggle, what will you do for me?” asked the 5th Boy

“What do you want me to do?” questioned the 3rd Boy

“Before the war started, I had been playing in the national football team, during the war; I had been listening to sport on the BBC World Service. I am a fan of Liverpool football club. I want to go and watch my favourite team playing live in Anfield Stadium in England. I am 55 year old. I have not visited London; I want you to give me money to tour Great Britain”, he begged

‘Alright I will plan for it ‘’ he said

When the 5th Boy was  about to leave in evening at around 10 pm, the 3th Boy in his drunken mood authorized Majok to give him one hundred thousand dollars. Majok brought the money and placed it on the table. The 3th Boy took the money, he handed it to him.

After he handed over the money, Majok politely ask him to write a small note to be kept in the file, the 3th Boy refused and he asked in deep, hoarse voice

‘’What is it for?’’

“For record in the file and for auditing and accountability”

“You must obey whatever I say?” he said, ‘’go way ‘’ he chased him.

Majok walked out of the room. The 5th Boy put the money in his bag.  He was grateful to his friend. He congratulated him: He said they missed some stages of life during the struggle, and they should fix, fill those gaps by helping one another, and they should backtrack into their youth in entertainment, education, wealth. He said their sun has almost set. They would   not live longer. If they have not died in war, they must compensate, reward ourselves with little resources available. He started to blame some of their  comrades who he said are  selfish, jealous and greedy, he said if one gets chance, he forgets  his  comrades  who stands  at left and right side in  the battlefield during the war .

“If you can’t remember comrades, who you dug trenches with, who will you remember in your life?’’, asked the 3rd Boy, ‘’those who do not remember other comrades are dogs?’’, he insulted them ,  he escorted him out of the house.

Two days passed, the 3rd Boy wrote a letter, ordering the release of second bunch of money of five million dollars to civil administration of the five sectors in the province.  Majok did it.  He filed the receipt and the covering letter.

The offices of the Rebels were all relocated from bush, exile to province now. So the 3rd Boy and Majok took the money, about 40 million dollars to Napata, the capital of the province.

As the 3rd Boy was a generous man. He proved his generosity by spending money  unlawfully.  When people come to visit him, he would excessively buy for them beer . He  was slaughtering  a bull once a week at his home.  He gave money out to anyone who comes to visit him.   He was unguided in sixty million Dollars management .  For that extravagance, his house was the festival scenery every day. It was crowded with drunkards, joyous relatives and friends like the market.

The 7th Boy one of his colleague came; they drank a lot of beer. They sang liberation song, they sang traditional songs. They chatted, the 7th Boy said:

“I am suffering from the bullet of 1987 battle, can’t you remember?”

“Yes, I do, it was in your head, isn’t it?”

“If I have money, I can go to Jordan for operation”

“That is easy thing, I will give you money”, he said hastily and wobbly

‘’ This is why we all  like you, you are not like those educated niggards  who are working for Non-governmental Organization  , who howl like dog when penny fall from their  pockets , you are greatest than them , the reputation of the man in the society is determined by the number of people who visit him every day ,” he exalted

‘’They are idiot, will they be buried in money or will they be buried with money? The money is not life, it is just a paper or a metal’’, he said

‘’ Call for me, Majok ‘’ said the 3rd Boy.

His bodyguard called him. Majok came.  He told him to bring fifty thousand Dollars, he brought the money.  The 7th Boy took it. No receipt or covering letter was written for the file and records as Majok was instructed when he started the work. The 3rd Boy was now contradicting himself, he would abide by the rule at one point and he would abuse them at another.

A week passed, the 3rd Boy wrote a letter authorizing one million Dollars five military sectors. Majok gave out the money and he put the receipt and the covering letter in the file.

One day the 3rd Boy told Majok to buy a bull, three hundred crates of beer. Majok bought them.  On the second day, he told Majok to come early to his home that they have a journey on the following morning. Majok arrived in the morning; he ordered them to load the bull and the beer in the truck. He packed unspecific amount of Dollars in the briefcase.  He instructed his wife to dress up for the journey too.

“Where are we going?” the wife asked

“You just dress”

“Where are we going? tell me first!’’

“If you are not going, you remain”

The wife dressed up . They got in the truck   He told the driver to go to the Bridge, 500 miles from city. They drove for the whole day because the road was bad.  They arrived at the bridge at 6pm evening.

They slept there. That night, the mosquitoes bit the wife. Her body itched of stinging. She scratched her skin terribly. She cried, blaming her husband why he took her to the bush like a soldier. The husband kept quiet, he continued drinking bottle of beer. The soldiers comforted her.

In the morning, the sun was rising at 6am. This was the time the enemy attacked them,  then,  some years  back during the war. He cleared his throat, he evoked the spirit of Martyrs

“Comrades, my comrades, who were killed on this bridge in 1989. Hear me, this is your comrade, the 3rd Boy . I have pleasure to inform you that, we have liberated our land. We have defeated the enemy who killed you , we have defeated them till we pour the dust, the sand on their eyes, I have come here to inform you of our  victory, I have come here to congratulate you , to honour you  for the ultimate price you paid in your martyrdom and heroism, the history of our nation is not written in ink but is written in your blood.

I am sacrificing a bull to you now.  I am also giving a wine.  It is not old, local wine we used to drink; it is new, bottled beer. May you rest in peace. God bless you, God bless us ”.

After the evocation. The men tied the bull, they pulled it down, slaughtered it. He commanded the men to break the bottles of beer and pour the beer down. They broke them and pour the wine. After the ritual they left.

They drove to about 15 miles from the bridge to sycamore tree, the place; he rested at the time they were defeated by enemy at the bridge. He stood under it. He evoked again:

“Oh God, God of my father, I was in this forest in 1989. My comrades died in this forest but I did not die. My Comrades were killed by elephants, buffaloes, snakes but I was not injured .My Comrades died of thirsty, hunger, diseases, thorns but I did not die of them. I travelled in this bush, nothing evil befell me. We have achieved what were we searching in this bush, the money, this is your money”.

He opened his briefcase.  He threw some dollars to the grass in his front. He threw some to grass in his left, some to the grass at his right, and some Dollars to the grass at his back. After throwing the money into the grass, he told his men to climb up to the vehicle.  They turned to the city.

On the way his bodyguards  were annoyed, they murmured among themselves. They said why he spoiled the money, when there are people who need them.

Arriving back at Napata, there was shocking news breaking.  Uncle, the leader, who led the rebellion for two decade has died. People were infuriated , devastated by his death.

As it is said ‘’the family is always orphaned but the Nation is never orphaned ‘’ Despite, this catastrophe, the 40 boys, who made up Boyhood system of the former liberation Movement leadership met to elect the new leader. After long deliberation they elected one Boy to replace Uncle. And they officially called him Second Uncle – the 2nd Uncle, after the first one.

In the sideline of the meeting to appoint a new leader, the 3rd Boy, and three  , closest other Boys  met secretly and decided to share the remaining portion   of the sixty million dollars among themselves.

At night, one day after the appointment of the new leader, the three men came to James Majok, they told him to open the office, where the money was kept. The money was 29 million dollars. they instructed Majok to divide the money into three, Majok did as they said. He divided the money; they also told him to take fifty thousand Dollars. Majok took that money as he was told. . After they took the money when they were about to leave, Majok asked them:

“Could you please write a small note so I will keep in the file?”

“Are you mad? you man , you must flexible and discipline  .’’ warned the 3th Boy

“I want a note that I will keep for accountability and auditing”

“Don’t worry ‘’ said the other Boy

The three Boys left.  The 3rd Boy told Majok to bring all files of document with information on how some of sixty million Dollars were spent during the Uncle time.   He brought them out. He put the files, documents, receipts, covering letters, in the truck. He and Majok took the documents outside city. They set them on fire at night. All files burnt .

‘’Why are we destroying the official, governmental  documents?’’ asked Majok

‘’it is not your work ‘’

‘’ Am I not be arrested, I am afraid ‘’

‘’Who will arrest you?’’

They returned to the city. They departed.

“Why does he burn the official documents now?” Majok said inwardly as he was walking alone at night to his home.

When the days of the mourning for the Uncle finished. The new leadership asked the 3rd Boy to account for 60 million dollars.

He said, he had no money. The money was with late leader. Most of Boys inflamed with the response of the 3rd Boy. They were furious with him. The new leader intervened, he stopped the argument.

By Simon Yel Yel, Juba
March 11, 2015 — Beyond doubt I am unequivocal  now that you have received a floodgate of congratulatory notes and verbal praising following your recent appointment as first Kuajok town mayor.
Even those who never sought you to perch on the coveted seat must be struggling to overdo each other in showering praises to you. There are those who may want to conciliate  you so that when they engage in waywardness you look the other way or join them.
Even as you settle in your saddle, many are wondering who your political godfather is because many public jobs are no longer given on merit but through recommendations from political godfathers but thanks to Hon. Governor for this wise and decisive gubernatorial decree to appoint you as Kuajok city mayor.
I hope she will reshuffle her cabinet bring in people with high integrity and skills. Others are eagerly waiting to see the expansion of your narrow waist and ballooning of your sunken cheeks because they believe a post such as yours offers great moments to eat and build many houses, shops and hotels.
But lets say welcome to Warrap politics!. You have never been involved directly into Warrap politics if Am not mistaken but I hope you were quite observant how our politicians play it with faults and get a way with it and some with fairness. You really deserve this post as an educated gentleman who explored the world, development is now in action !
I just want to alert you of the enormity of the task ahead and the hopes of millions of Warrap populations and particularly the Kuacjok inhabitants that you carry on your lean shoulders.
Mr. Hon.This post is your litmus test and the result will be on the litmus paper, be red or blue as acid and base read but the readings whether red or blue will be translated into political language that gauges your performances.These results will determine your political life span , so be quite careful. Many people especially young men will be watching over you and how capable are you to resist the “ reincarnation“ of the office and be like Hon. Paul Dhel. Lets me explain to the readers how this reincarnation is done in Warrap state politics .
Once you have sworn in , definitely you find yourselves being circled by thousands of catechists teaching you how to get baptism. When you step at the door of your office, you will find  priests standing ready to give you the baptism , not the sprinkle one but the Holy one, that one has to be dipped into the river, then confirmation follows by Bishop once you sit on your chair. This “reincarnation” makes you forget all what you had planned to put inaction but adapt the way of your predecessor and his likes. Mr. Hon, you have had a remarkable career but the job you acquired recently could be your Waterloo if you are not prepared to take the bull by its horns.
I am encouraged by your vow to ensure that Kuacjok  city will get better in term of roads, security and commodities but sounds too familiar. No one had been town a mayor before you and you owe us to build strong foundation of this municipality and make it looks like Caliponia, the city you were some years back. The outgoing clerk did little then nothing  but you should determine to match up his footprint toe by toe and do better than he did.
Every South Sudanese with exception of few who enters a high office does so with a bang but often exits with a whimper giving excuses that he or she was not given enough time but in reality he or she had nothing in plan to offer. I know it is unfair to judge you by others’ incompetence but beware of the ghosts of integrity axis who are now ready to derail you from your plans for the betterment of Kuacjok Municipality.
Mind you, your eloquence is legendary, but the task at vanguard demands you shut up, and let your actions do the talking or speak by it own for we all know that action speaks louder than lip words.
When you have fulfilled your worldly missions and gone to rest with your ancestors, you wouldn’t like an epitaph that reads: “Here lies a person who talked too much but achieved nothing.” But would love to be remembered of good things you did and have street named in your honor as the first Kuacjok city Mayor. Am not wishing you ill.
You have expressed the ambitions; though you have pointed out publicly how you feel about this Position by the time you were sworn in before Hon. Governor but we will feel proud of you if you translate your words in action and atleast achieve 50% of your pledges .
One thing you should remember to observe at all time is, ambition should be made of sterner stuff. You cannot achieve the goals of your vow if you will take instructions and advises  from opportunists or  those who have never succeeded ,or wherever, in the course of your duty.
To leave a mark, no mountain should be too high to scale or stone too heavy to turn. If you can  commit yourself to pay any price, to bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe or observe  and pay whatever  the cost it wishes you, be it better or worse, your place in history is  assured.
We the youth would love to see your office full of people with merits not opportunists with no skills or education that almost every institution in Warrap does ,be a ministry or commission.  For instance, employment in many public institutions is no longer based on merit. Quite often, “the do-you-know-anyone” factor  is inaction and mundane criterion such as nepotism or sectionism override merit.
Some of the jobs which are being advertised  are done merely to attract some individuals to ‘escort’ the predetermined ones. The advertisements are tailor-made to suit certain individuals and interviews convened at their convenience.
This phenomenon is consequently almost on the verge  to cover the offices of many leaders who talk tough and vow to erase this act before they hold big offices but once they get hold of public offices, they forget and start bringing in their friends , relatives and cronies with no skills nor education  but many youths have a trust in you and amour propre of you that your office will be radically distinctive from others.
If you can join hands with other youth in the government  Like Hon.Paul Dhel , Hon. Andera Aguer and others, probably political miracles will happen in Warrap politics and people will know that we, the youth can deliver services more effectively and efficiently then those old men at Eighties who believe to be the “darlings” of service delivery to civil populations.
The writer is a concern Warrap citizen and can be reached at

By Mayak Deng Aruei, USA


March 11, 2015 (SSB) —  It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and we are still dwelling in 9 o’clock, supposedly morning hours. Time has passed so quickly, and our cultures and traditions have slipped away unnoticed. As South Sudanese acquaint themselves with western education, and values that comes with such liberal education, what used to be the baseline no longer exists in the minds of the educated. Some have gone their ways while others have been too liberalized, and don’t care much about all that kept us intact. The hundred cows or equal value in money, and for a young lady is no longer a big deal.

There is more to customs and traditional practices that are far overdue. The world seemed to have moved far beyond, at least from the minds of people who see things in their own colors. Because most of those customs and traditions existed in an unwritten forms, universalized practices (the popular cultures) are finding their ways into African hidden world. From rights of children, women rights and right to choose partners. What else is left unexposed?

In the mighty South Sudanese’s world, things that matters the most are disappearing overnight, and nothing will be left for the coming generations to modify. There are too weakened cultural norms, let alone structures that support the communities. Like members of other societies in Africa, South Sudanese were the most conservative, have customs and traditions that give people their rightful credits and communities flourished within highly regarded cultural values.

All of that has faded away, and few who are too slow to react to the forces of the today’s world are dragging their feet, waiting for the second coming of the unknown man.

There is a big Storm coming our way, South Sudanese are getting too westernize, and their(our) customs and traditions are in triple jeopardy. For example, average South Sudanese girl used to and still cost roughly around $ 20,000 plus other commitments(amenities) expected in such relationships. Well, that is not too much if those customs and traditions that compel people to pay such prices are adhered to by the girls or by relatives who preside over such ceremonies.

Unfortunately, most of those highly priced marriages ended up in disarray, and neither the girls nor their relatives acknowledged the good will or the respect paid for and by those young men.

In those days, women have little says about their destinies because males family members used to decide who would be the right man for their daughter(s). And for sure, that does cuts against some fundamental rights. Until Year 2000, families pretty much consider girls as sources of pride because the kinds of wealth they generate increase the social values of their respective families. All of that changed when most girls finished primary schools and headed for High schools, and even University(college)level education.

Now, what do we have? The practices and traditions that made South Sudanese so unique in the face of this world are on fire! In all corners, and where South Sudanese live, females Body Bleaching, Body Piercing, thighs exposed and visible umbilical dots(regions) are as normal as eating out in restaurants.

The thirst for fame and money is bringing our cultures(South Sudanese) to standstill, has already collided them with other cultures. As recent as this week, some very irritating news have been floating on the internet(first South Sudanese gay and female Model publicized her private part online). Are we not going too far? Calm down, western democracy, liberal ideals are at the heart of what many see as too drastic a change.

Instead of racing against realities of the today’s world, people ought to be very open to them. Let’s us all be easy on all that come our ways, & address them as situations necessitate. As of now, girls are no longer willing to conform to parents/relatives’ preferences, and that has become the new reality. Take a look at protection camps in East Africa(Kenya & Uganda), and try to make sense of what is going on around there?

Adding to what some people considered to be disintegration of indigenous societies is western education and lifestyle that is spreading like wildfire across African continent and the Middle East. But, never mix this with the position of BOKO HARAM, those are ruthless religious fanatics who value women bodies than what they can offer to their society. There is some truth to the dissenting voices across the spectrum, but we should remember that reacting violently to such events is not the solution. We can agree that ladies who refuse to marry aged men deserve to voice such concerns, and be given second thought by relatives.

And again, age is not a problem by itself. Really? Mind you that western’s world Chief Executive Officers(CEOs) have mistresses, same thing as concubines in some parts of the world, but it doesn’t stir up much except in politics or when unwelcome advances have been recorded.

Nowadays, some ladies don’t give relatives chances to take in wealth at their expenses. Ask folks who were fooled to follow other’s people choices. Guess what? In some extreme cases, men paid and never get what they paid for! How many times do we really want to see people wrestling to get their dowries back? With that being the case, quite a number of hardworking guys from the western world have been ripped off, and nobody seemed to sympathize with the kind of financial situations that they(men) are often put in.

But let’s not generalize, let’s blame those people who invest in fancy, expensive and unstable marriage more than they do to education or health.

Bear with me, and keep right while approaching the exit. True as that, modernity is armed with sophisticated social challenges, and taking them down one by one is not an easy thing to be done. That is to say, what takes place in one family or in a given section of a particular community does not stay there. In almost every place where South Sudanese reside in the world, nothing goes unnoticed and that has become the new social platform for future dealings.

Because young generation of South Sudanese tend to debate almost anything, the secrets that used to be part of the larger Society are no longer being kept in a locked box.

It is very unfortunate that bedrooms (private stuffs) are now playing grounds. I have to notice that talking about cohabitation, homosexuality and polygamy are not our priorities right now, but stable families are the backbone of any nation. So, let’s try to fix what is integral to our well-being as South Sudanese.

As cultures and traditions come under attack, without enough preparations in place, our Nation would be too distressed because raising children on the go, and in the middle of nowhere do hurts children’s growth and development. Since there are no stable primary and secondary schools in South Sudan, most of affluent families are schooling their kids in East Africa. What will you have?

A bunch of foreign educated South Sudanese would be moving to South Sudan when normalcy returned. And because of that, a gradual change would have been necessary if we have a stable nation where we follow our own customs and practices with less diversion.

While addressing those changes in good faith is very important, South Sudanese must know that raising a family in this time of ours is a huge responsibility. It involves sending kids to school, paying for their medical needs, giving them best experiences in term of places that they should visit, the kind of exposures that they need for their betterments and everything else that would make them competitive in life. All those, if calculated in monetary term would be many times the price of dowry(the average of 65 cows in South Sudan).

Hey, nobody is against the dowry per se, but since ladies are driving too fast, somewhat offline, they(ladies) deserve to be given their choices so that they play by the rules. That may sounds odd for polygamists who don’t envision future of their children, and who don’t mind about the kinds of lives they would be leading.

Let’s get our house together, and debate things in a more civilized way. That is, no need for female writers to fight back, the context in which those references were made is very important. In the middle of all the crises (political and social shakeups), all must consider how to live life in a meaningful way.

At the present time, some activists, energized by being too few nags around the clock, accusing South Sudanese men of being wild, marrying multiple wives and not taking care of them. Don’t they know that females in South Sudan are more than 66% of the total population?

Considering the recent madness(ongoing war in South Sudan), percentage may be now a little bit higher because men have finished themselves fighting for the presidency? Well, that is a different story, and marriage in the western world is not the same as what we have in South Sudanese communities(tribes & sub-tribes have different customs). But yeah, never blame men who still have taste to house multiple wives at the same time. Imagine those slim girls who never gain weights, not even after taking in tons of sugarcoated foods, and never have to shave their legs?

Oops, would that be a sin? With things the way they are, men can have as many women as they want, but those women should enter into those relationships as they choose, and be abided by the choices they make. There are lots of struggles between young girls and their parents, and that tends to create mixed feelings across the board.

Just a little tip to folks who seemed too carried away. There is no, and there will no welfare in South Sudan in the nearest time. So, let’s are catch up with the world, and be able to have a decent life, free of cattle-rustling and child abduction or senseless wars that consume too many of our youths for political reasons.

Instead of paying too much attention to skyrocketing dowry prices, people getting married outside our communities, gays and lesbians emerging in our societies, why not we deal with such methodically, and seek explanations from members who deviate from long held customs and practices?

For those preparing themselves for expensive weddings, life has changed for good and planning for the future ought to be started very early. It is of a prime importance that people adopt things that will add value to our traditions rather than borrowing things that create unnecessary dramas. Why don’t they(females and males) convince the goddamn world within their reach, and as to why Xs are the most preferred soul-mates?

Back in the day, sex was more than a taboo in our society, but rapid change in people’s attitudes has brought everything to the surface. Now, sex for money is everywhere in South Sudan, foreigners and strayed South Sudanese girls (divorcées) are auctioning their Goldmines, making money on irresponsible males who don’t want to take care of unproductive ladies. Believe it or not, there are gays and lesbians in South Sudanese Society plus uncounted number of people living with HIV/AIDS.

On top of that, narcotics drugs Users have been recorded in South Sudan, and other places where South Sudanese live. Yes, we have our own country, and citizens must learn how to be abided by our own laws(cultural and State’s statutes), take charge of their health, educate the civil population to live in harmony, and take advantage of the globalization of everything. So, this topic should not be regarded as offensive or unnecessary at this particular time in the history of our existence as South Sudanese. All must conform to requirements of the today’s world or be overwhelmed by kinds of problems that will emerge in the near future.

At the national level, stealing has been glorified, institutionalized, and it is called corruption in foreign language. And we know that South Sudanese used to treat thieves differently, used to give them dirty looks, disrespected publicly, had hard times finding ladies and were ridiculed in most cases.

Now, those thieves called themselves new elites, the “jobless millionaires” as they are known by the outside world. On the same line, murderers(warlords and lowlife Thugs who move with winds) are given highest protection by the laws, rewarded for killing innocents and their social statuses are raised instantly. That is how far we have traveled.

To stitch these pieces together, it is about right time for South Sudanese to rethink the drastic shifts that appeared to have caught them(us) by surprise and completely unprepared. The more people shy away from real social issues, the more communities become too disintegrated and unable to deal with crises. It hurts no one if the kind of changes taking place are accepted, and adjustments made based on particular needs in a given time.

Sooner or later, everyone will realize the dramas caused by the unregulated social markets, and where women appears to be double-dealing, and men arrogantly taking advantage of women’s economic conditions. The recent announcement of the first open gay in South Sudanese Society is a call that should not be ignored. And for sure, we have moved too fast, and at a speed that I termed to be too ‘thrilling.’ Say no to discrimination, and yes to equal protection of the law.

As our society flourish, odd things will be part of us and we got to look beyond the glaring lines. The content is passive because nothing is new under the sun, and we ought to be mindful that we don’t live in an isolated world. Live healthy, be productive and think around the clock!

-Love you Junubiin, you have moved Mountains and filled Valleys!

The author is Mayak Deng Aruei, a social and a political commentator, and a doctoral student in Organizational Leadership: Organization Development. He is also the author of ‘Struggle Between Despair and Life: From Sudan’s Marshland Village, Child Soldiering, Refugee Camp and America.’ He can be reached at


By Makwei Kuir Biar, Nairobi, Kenya

Born-to-Rule Mentality: President Kiir and his former Vice President, Riek Machar, in their reigning days

Born-to-Rule Mentality: President Kiir and his former Vice President, Riek Machar, in their reigning days

March 11, 2015 (SSB) —  Politicians in Africa, and specifically in South Sudan, believe that going adversarial is the only way to resolve their conflicts.

Going adversarial is an attitude to conflict that presupposes victory at the expense of your opponent.

Dominate or be dominated. Show no weakness. Kill or be killed. It is the mistaken belief that survival of the fittest’ mean ‘survival of the most aggressive’ and the extinction of the weak.

But experience has shown that those who co-operate best are the ones who survive. All over the world, more and more people are turning to collaborative methods to resolve their conflicts and South Sudan should be no exemption.

Many people have started to recognise that adversarial is rarely conducive to efficient, effective and satisfying outcomes.

I was disgusted after watching our country fighting themselves rather than our enemy. I could not understand how representative of our society, who should be intelligent and honourable people, could bicker and squabble like children.

I cannot understand how a country can function when it is practically divided into two opposing camps whose main purpose undermines the other.

I think it’s logical that we now try mediation the political deadlock that are plaguing our states and nation.

We need to transform democracy from divisive popularity contest that it has become to the participatory civic engagement that so many have fought for.

We need to remind our politicians that co-operation, rather than domination, is the more successful survival strategy, if we are thinking long-term about the survival of us all.

God bless South Sudanese all over the world.

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