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The Rust of Words ( a Novel )

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By David Aoloch Bion 

Chapter Three

In the second year of peace, there had been projects, programs and activities taking place in the country   The King formed the Government of National Unity in Meroe. The 2nd Uncle established the self –rule, he formed the Provincial Government in Napata., he , the 2nd  Uncle became the Chief Servant and all boys became the public servants

James Majok was appointed a controller of money  in  Department of Finance  .  Little or no knowledge had he about the financial administration. However, a relative of the  Chief Servant , so he deserved.  The money to run the self-rule had to come from the centre. The agreement stipulated that the province, where oil comes had to get fifty percent share of the oil revenues, and oil is drilled from Sudd,  therefore , trillions of dollars poured into the province.

The pay sheets were prepared; the rebels were paid the salaries for the first time in two decade of the civil war. All citizens of the province who were in the refugee camps received the money. As the result of the salaries, the lives of the people reawakened in the province like the spring rose. Most people realigned the past events by celebrating old events, which passed uncelebrated during the war.

One man reorganized the wedding day of his wife  he married fifteen years back. Another man realigned the naming of his son, who was named  eleven years ago. He bought the bull and wine. They partied.

There was meteoric in the provincial life of directors, accountants,  pay masters, cashiers, and officers of organized forces.

There was disproportion between the property acquired by official and their prescribed salaries and benefits within the period of six months. Merest cashiers had acquired porch car like Mercedez Benz, they sent their family to neighbouring country. They have been building the storey houses.  However , There was a mystery about how do these lower official acquire such properties.

One day, after payment of salaries, James Majok examined the financial reports and the pay sheets; he found some names were repeated. Some signatures looked the same. He became  suspicious that something sinister was happening. He informed the minister on suspected malpractice, the minster ignored it.

Another day,   in the veterans club, where he go to play chess, dominoes, and cards. He met  old friend;

“How are you the minister of wealth” the old friend scoffed him

“Who is the minister of wealth? Do you think it is impossible to be! I pity you  ” Majok snubbed

“Are you not working in finance?”

“Though, I am work , I am  not the minster of wealth   ”

“Even if you are not  the minster , I think you are rich, aren’t you ?”

“Why am I rich?”

“You are working in the finance”

“If I work there, does it  mean I am rich?”

“Yes, of course, if the cashiers, the lowest are rich, why not ! . The controller”

“Controlling the account does not mean you withdraw public money as you want or  as you like, there are administrative structures, procedures in place”

“That is the principle, but the fact is you bend those rules to fulfill your desires and interests .and self evidence  is all financial officials have expensive cars, their wives have golden rings, golden necklaces , golden earring , diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings , How do they acquire those luxurious items , if they are not rich ?’’ the friend explained

‘’ I don’t know ‘’ , Majok said  ‘’What I know is  they possess  prestigious jewelries and cars but I don’t  know how they acquire them  .I am flabbergasted. How do they get the money?’’

“That is the secret; even you, you have your own scam of swindling money out of the treasury. Don’t you? And we don’t know it  , in every layer of the government , there is scandalous machinery which is not known or understood  by the other levels of the government  ”

‘’ I am not aware of such clandestine scheme, but if you know you can tell me’’

‘’Honestly, I don’t know but I assume and my assumption must be right , there is maladministration somewhere in public institutions , be a ministry or public corporation ‘’

‘’ You can give a hint , show the top  of the scam tree  and I will go to the root of the scam ’’

‘’ I am told that, when they are preparing the pay sheets, the head of department will illegally add 100 ghost names into the payroll. When  the  accountants  see that  , they illegally  add another 50 ghost names  in the payroll  too , when the cashiers see that  they illegally   add  another 25 ghost names in and therefore  on every tier of the administration , where the pay sheet pass through something fraudulence encroach  in   ”

‘’Thank you for your information ‘’

On the working day , Majok came to the office , he informed  the Servant in Charge of Finance  about these disgusting details, he uncovered  in club. The Servant  said he would look into it. Days, weeks passed, he did not act.

Majok unilaterally took the task upon himself    , he organized Inspection and Verification team of staffs to go with the pay masters, and cashiers to all Departments , he instructed them  to “pay anyone in person”

The Committee took the salaries, went to the Departments.   Two days on, the committee he sent to Health called him. They told him they were being forced to pay the absentee by the officials. . He advised them to pay the absentee but registered their names on separate paper. So they paid all the absentee and registered their names.

On the third day, the committee he sent to  Interior called him.  They told him, that they were being intimidated by officials  to pay the absentee  he told them to pay but  registered their names .

After the payment of the salaries, the committees submitted the report to him. Forty percent of workers and officials were absentee or the ghost names. He did not give the report to the Servant in Charge .  He kept..

One month later, Majok took responsibility upon himself again. As the Controller of the Account . He withheld the salaries of the absentee, or the “Ghost Names” who were not present in person during the verification exercises. The Defense was the only department that  did not hand in any ghost names., because it rejected the committee straight away .And  it was the only Department  with greatest number of the ghost workers follows by Interior .

After the withholding of the ghost workers salaries , the cashier in the Health Department  took the salary of Servant in Charge  to him. It was only his salary, there was no ghost names salaries with it. The money was little. The Servant  was surprised .

“What is this money?” the Servant  asked

“It is your salary” answered the cashier .

“Why is it little like this?”

“The money of the other names had not been released from finance’’


‘’ The committee came last month; it registered those who were not present. This month, they withheld their money”

“Who sent the committee?”

“It is the finance ”

“Are they playing with us or what?” growled the Servant . He was annoyed.

He strode out from his office, he drove to the finance. He arrived at the offices.  He told the Servant in Charge  of Finance about four hundred staffs whose salaries were suspended. The Servant  did not know anything about it. He summoned the Director. The Director said he knew nothing about this . He called Majok,  Majok admitted that he was the one who suspended the salaries. He questioned him why he did that

Majok said he sent out the committee to inspect and verify the names in payroll four month ago. Four hundred and ten staffs were not present during the payment.  When the team asked them, the officials threatened, intimidated them.  So he ordered committee to pay them but write their names on separate paper, basing on that, he withheld the salaries of those absentee. After he explained that. The minster cleared his throat:.

“Why didn’t you inform me?” asked the minster .

‘’I gave the report to Director, I thought he gave it to you”’ said Majok

‘’When did you give the report?’’ asked the Director. ‘’ if you are mistaken, don’t grope’’, the Director warned

“What do you mean by withholding the money of those who were absent?” the minister of health asked  Majok.

“These are ghost names; I suspend their salaries until they come” Majok answered

“What are the ghost names ?’’ asked the Minister

“These are staffs who  do not  exist but they are on the payroll as a trick to get money out  from public funds”

“Look here”, the Servant said opening the list of the four hundred staffs “you say, the ghost names are the persons who do not exist. The name at the top  here is the name of  my wife, does she not exist?” asked the minister

“She exists” answered Majok .

“Why, then, you suspend her salary.’’, said the Servant

‘’she is not government employee”” said Majok

‘’She was in bush with  during the liberation war  . She deserved the salaries. Another name here is the name of my son , he was born during the war , he deserve the salaries ’’  narrated the Servant .

“They exist but they not government workers” insisted  Majok

‘’If those who were not in the bush with us , who were enjoying life in London and Wahington , who have not smelled gunpowder one day can receive  salaries why not my wife , why  my son who suffered in the bush ?’’ said the Servant

‘’That is illegal under the law ‘’ said Majok

The Servant in Charge  of finance stopped Majok from quarreling or debating with the Servant  to leave the office. He left.  The two Servants  discussed the matter. The Servant  left.

The Servant called Majok and he warned him seriously, and he ordered him to write the cheque of withheld salaries immediately.

Majok became lethargic, he walked out of the Servant’s office; he jeered “how can I work with such irrational Servant s? What absurdity!, how can you talk of nauseating issues openly like that . These Servantss have eaten the bull of shame so they don’t feel ashamed”

He sat on the chair, pulled the drawer, picked  the cheque book, he wrote the cheque. He gave it to the messenger , he took it to the Health.

Three days passed , the Servant in Charge of Interior Department  came complaining  of forty thousand police officers whose salaries were  withheld. When the Servant in Charge of Finance  heard , he was maddened ,  he  called Majok, he came in

“Come and sit here in my place, Majok ”  snarled the Servant .

“Why? Boss!” asked Majok .

“You are the  Servant ”

“Why am I the Servant ?”

‘’Are you arguing with?’’. The Servant  stood up, he slapped him. ‘’ Majok ‘’ he roared . He breathed heavily with anger ‘’I tell you Majok, sit in my place because you are the Servant . How can you take that decision without informing , This is  ultra vires ”

“Not at all sir” Majok said weakly

The Servant  rushed back to his chair, he took his ebony  stick. He beat Majok five times. The Servant in Charge of interior intervened, he held him from beating Majok .

“Why are you beating me?” Majok asked

“Why did you suspend the salaries of forty-five policemen without informing me  ?” asked the outrageous Servant .

“Gentleman” said Servant in Charge of Interior , “Why did you  take as a caliber decision without informing your boss , do you know such a decision can behead you  ?”

“All right, three months ago,… ‘’ said Majok ,

‘’stop it , Don’t explain anything  ‘’ interrupted the Servant .

‘’Let him explain to me ‘’ said Interior Servant, ‘’ tell me precisely why you suspend the forty thousand policemen salaries?’’

‘’ First, there are ghost names in police, Secondly, there are names which are incomplete. For example , ‘Malual’, and no second or third name. “Guei ‘’ and no second or third name. this is not allowed in the payroll. So those names which are incomplete, and those who were present during the verification  I withhold their salaries ‘’, Majok narrated

“ I can assure you , there are no ghost names in Police . and for those incomplete names , I am the one who puts those names like that, Malual is the name of my pet dog. Guei is the name of the tree I had been sitting under it for seven years in frontline  during the war” the Servant  explained.

“This is wrong; you have no right to put the name of your dog or tree in the pay sheet. This is illegal”

“If those who did fight in  the liberation war are receiving million of pounds, why not our dogs and our trees?” said the Servant   ‘’ we know this is unethical , we are trying to provoke some people’’

‘’This is not the time of war’’

“You have just come from the refugee camp where you have been hiding during the war. Do you know how many battles I took part in? Do you know how many trenches I have dug? This is the land that has killed us, and we shall do whatever we want in it” said the Servant .

“If it has killed you, why are you still alive? I know those who the land killed. These are the martyrs who fought and died in the battlefield”

“We shall put you   where you will not see  the sun” said the Servant .

Majok was arrested by the Servant in Charge  of Finance.



The Undemocratic Government of Jonglei State

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The Undemocratic Government of Jonglei State: The Critical Analysis of the Illegitimacy of Governor Gen. John Kong and Deputy Governor Baba Medan

By Michael Mading Akueth, Panyagor, South Sudan

Jonglei State Caretaker Governor, Gen. John Kong Nyuon

Jonglei State Caretaker Governor, Gen. John Koang Nyuon

March 12, 2015 –  U.S. president Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) defined democracy as: “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”

The term democracy comes from the Greek language and means “rule by the people”. The so-called “democracies” in classical antiquity (Athens and Rome) represent precursors of modern democracies. Like modern democracy, they were created as a reaction to a concentration and abuse of power by the rulers.

In the struggle for survival right leaders who are mandated by the people to talk on theirs behave always chose to keep quiet and leave the flock to find their way to the green pastures. I know the risk that is attach to saying the truth these days but I decided to support the women who led demonstrations in Bor for the removal of governor and deputy governor.

We, as greater Bor community must always ask for what is rightfully ours especially if it is affecting our innocent citizens. Why do our leaders keep quiet and leave the people to be governed by leaders who do not have support from the civil populations? Do our leaders fear to call a spade, a spade? Can a leader from Bor community be appointed to govern in Pibor or Akobo currently?

It is natural law, to know that blood is thicker than water. There is no way we can expect leaders from other communities to build feeder roads connecting our counties. Developments are initiated by the leaders who are passionate and connect to inheritance of the land.

In Principle Jonglei state still exist as per as the government is concern but in reality; It’s doesn’t exist. It got disintegrated in 2013 and 2014 into different greater areas that is greater Pibor administered by David Yau Yau, greater Akobo & Fangak controls by rebels and greater Bor which is being governed by the sons of Pibor and Fangak.

First, the two leaders of Jonglei state were not elected by the people of Jonglei state; they were appointed and the communities have a right to inform the appointing authority that these leaders are longer legitimate because of the new political developments in state. Greater Bor counties are the only counties under the full control of government which the two leaders to govern effectively.

Second, they cannot freely move among the rural and urban population without a huge scaring armies guarding them. They always feel insecure. Truly, who knows someone may harm them so they should risk their lives.Therefore, we need someone who can go to Anyidi , Padiet, Paliau and Koyom without any fear for his life.

A true democracy is supposed to allow the voices of all citizens be heard. All people have a say in the government. In the modern democracy, philosophers defined the essential elements of democracy: separation of powers, basic civil rights / human rights, religious liberty and separation of church and state.

So we have a right as citizens to make our voices heard because these are rights we sacrificed generations. It really doesn’t matter whether it is one voice calling or many. The leaders are bond to listen.

Early this year, Bor women led by courageous woman former chief Took Chuor staged a demonstration in Bor town for the removal of the governor and deputy governor. They were immediately arrested and detent for many days in prison. Nobody really took time to study their case before they were dismissed as inciters.

Greater Bor MPs in Jonglei state and Juba decided to keep quiet because that was not their problem; women’s problem. Who among the women arrested was aspiring to be the governor? None of them but they were forced t act in a lieu of people’s leaders.

We need a governor among the leaders of greater Bor to resettle the IDPs and returnees back to their homes. A governor who can move to the camps of Minkaman, Uganda & Kenya and whom the people can easily identify themselves and listen to him.

We want him to be able to work with the communities leaders to make peace and reconciliation among the IDPs in the protection units and the host communities of greater Bor.

Finally, the Governor and Deputy Governor are leading the government that is undemocratic because they were not elected by the people they are governing. They are illegitimate simply because their constituencies/areas are not longer in the area that is currently called Jonglei state.

When South Sudan got independent; Gen. Salva Kiir ceased from being the vice-President of the Sudan and only remained as the President of Republic of South Sudan. Why does the automatic theory fail in Jonglei State?

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

By Daniel Machar Dhieu, Juba

March 12, 2015 –  First and foremost, I greet all women of South Sudan who are celebrating the International Women Day in present of crisis in the country. As you always read about it on a daily basis in shocking newspaper headlines, watch it on television, have a friend or family member that has experienced it or perhaps you have experienced it yourself Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

In context, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence mean any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life.
Sexual and Gender-Based violence includes the word gender because most victims of interpersonal violence are women. Violence is directed against women because they are female and have little power in relationships with men and are considered as inferior to men in general. This lack of power and minority status makes women vulnerable to acts of violence.

Whether it is physical, sexual, emotional, or economical; it is a reality in South Sudan that the number of cases of sexual and gender based violence continue to increase.

What makes this situation even more outrageous is that the nation currently lacks crucial laws to protect women, children and men from perpetrators of sexual and gender based violence.

No charitable organization or individual can claim a monopoly to this milestone many have been part of this journey and laid the blocks building up to this moment. We continue to wait anxiously for the finalization of the process and enactment of the Legislation.

If the government adopted the eventual enactment of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill then it will be the best option toward creating a protective and safe environment for all South Sudanese people women.

It will mean acts of violence against women, children and men- will no longer be viewed as normal. It is the first step toward severe punishments for perpetrators of such violations.

We need to continue advocating for laws enactment and implementation, which will appropriately deal with perpetrators and send a very clear message to society that Sexual and Gender Based Violence will not be tolerated.

The Sexual Offences legislation will provides clear definitions for violations such as rape. Although rape cases are taken to court, the trauma and fear that affects a survivor’s ability to present evidence during court proceedings often leads to poor or no convictions.

The inability to clearly define and categorize the incident that occurred as rape often leads to a perpetrator being acquitted.

In the country’s existing outdated laws, rape is currently defined as the unlawful connection with a woman without her consent. This definition is dangerously limited and not only fails to encompass various forms of rape as sexual violence, but disregards violations against girls, boys, and men who may also be subjected to this form of violence.

As forms of Sexual and Gender Based Violence evolve, the country needs to update its laws to adequately cover the sexual offences that are occurring today. There is no way that laws dating back from tribal line cultured.

The Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence law defines rape as –“an unlawful sexual act. Sexual act is defined as; the insertion, even to the slightest degree, into the genital organ…anus or other orifice of another person. And these forms of violence already practiced in South Sudan especially Juba. For example in August 2014, I found man arrested in Hotel (Gumbo) after having sex with girl through anus other than using the main channel and claimed that he has paid 50 SSP for agreement.

This act may cause damage to other part of the body of a person or any object into the genital organs, anus, or other orifice of another person for purposes of sexual gratification of the person performing the insertion.

To put things into context, currently when a young boy is forced by woman to have intercourse her it is not considered to be rape because the current law only recognizes women as victims.

What I know so far, there has been a tendency to associate this violation to the South Sudanese practice of Tradition believe this should be a man’s proposal of love to a woman (courting), but some men feel that when a woman says no to a proposal that they must continue to persuade and follow her whether it makes the woman uncomfortable or not. If a woman says no and continues to be followed and harassed this is no longer a law and is defined as stalking according to the modern world.

Giving guideline on Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence may build hope in women and to  us as national activists, and it will actually diverted the negative though into positive though.   If we adopted the policy of respecting women as South Sudanese then women will soon be able to take legal action against perpetrators of stalking. Essentially the respect of women dignity on sexual violation will provides a framework for the respect of the basic human rights of women and children, who are often the most vulnerable members of our society.

This year the commemoration of the international women Day campaign could indeed be a special one as we have celebrated the opportunity to re-affirm our determination to advocating for its enactment into law.

My own theme as South Sudanese national activist this year 2015 is, “From peace in the home to peace in the nation: Let’s challenge militarism and end violence against women.” This national campaign began in some years in South Sudan. From peace in the home to peace is the nation proves to be a very significant theme for South Sudan. The ideas behind the national strategy are focused around families- the household, intimate partner communication, appropriate ways of communicating with children, community responsibilities and state obligations about Gender Based Violence.

If we advocate for safe, peaceful, and happy South Sudanese households it will have a ripple effect and translate to a safe and protective environment for all. We need to start a social movement for change and refuse to normalize violence against women and children.

This article will let you know the importance of women in our community as South Sudanese people. The issue of Sexual and Gender Based Violence is something to be addressed as a national priority. As such, appropriate resources and commitments should be directed toward effective prevention and response efforts at all levels by all sectors.

The writer is the Student at South Sudan Christian University for Science and Technology (SSCUST). Contact him on and 0925228899

By Peter Ngor Atem, Kenya

March 12, 2015 (SSB) –  It is not too long ago,three weeks to be precise, when the writer by the name of Ayuel Chan Madut decided to unleash scathing attack on the person and career of Dut-Machine Mabior. He repeatedly and notoriously questioned the applicability of electrical and electronic engineering prowess in issues centered on analytic writing. He threw salvos and utter rants on the writer questioning his wisdom pertaining contemporary issues in the Republic of South Sudan. This genuinely stunned many literary bystanders.

I was particularly badly sickened by that unwarranted and uncalled for attack. It brought into jeopardy the efficacy of principles of literature, chief among them being paramount principle of literature which dictates that ‘writers write about people and things, but not against people and things”. The question begs: do people read literature and referenced literary works? When Prof. Taban Lo Liyong and Prof. Ngugi wa Thiong’o outsmart themselves in academic fiascos, it is purely on inclinations and grasp of issues and not careers and personalities.