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South Sudanese in Kenya are Embarrassing our Country

Posted: March 14, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary


By Chol Gabriel

March 14, 2015 –  I don’t want to open the wounds from one of the Bor sub clans in Jonglei state by reminding them of last week’s nightmare,but am wondering about the things in store for Republic of South Sudan, I followed one of the court cases involving a 30 years old guy from the other side of the river bank in South Sudan that defiled a 5 years old girl in Kenya, before some of you rushed into defensive mechanism,let the law do it part,it’s not bad defending one of your own but first follow the suit in a legal perspective.

I remember a case involving 5 South Sudanese boys in Kileleshwa Nairobi,5 of them being sons of prominent politicians in the country,they got drunk at one of the boy’s house,then they took a car from one of the homes,the car had no log book,none of them got a license,though they decided to party that weekend hence they hit the Chiromo road to Westlands,before they reached Australian Embassy from Kileleshwa,they were stopped by a police officer, the boy whose father is a prominent politicians from Duk in Jonglei state was on the steering wheels, the police officer demanded for a driving licence, the answer was obvious,they didn’t have any license neither valid passports, the police requested for a log book but they got none.

Guest what happened,they were directed to pull over by the road side,all of them were told to get out of the car.Then they were interrogated, since they were all drunk, they started abusing the officer with all pathetic abuses you may expect from an arrogant politician’s son,they were quoted,”we are sons of ministers,governors and rich politicians in South Sudan,there is nothing you can do to us,you are too poor to even talk to us,” surprisingly,with their words pouring out,they were rough together,thrown in a police land cruiser then taken to Kileleshwa police station.

Instead of partying that night,they spend their weekend in police custody. The next day,their families were informed that the boys were arrested. When the guardians arrives at the station, the unity state governor’s nephew who went on behalf of the son arrested could not agree with the OCS, you know how the Kenyan police officers are,something should talk on behalf otherwise whatever you say is meaningless. Before everything, the police requested for Ksh.15000 per every boy,but funny enough the guy pretended to be a security attachee based in South Sudan Embassy in Kenya,according to him he thought he will scare the police and release the boys for free.

However he invited more problems,the police were aggressive and he end up in the same category of offense with the boys,he was thrown out of the police station and the case was closed at that particular day since it was on a Saturday. One of my colleagues by the name, Daniel Yor from Duk that stay with one of the boys, went to the police station on a different occasion though on the same day,he found the OCS was leaving the station in a Land Cruiser,he wheeled to where the OCS was about to start the car engine in order to make his move out of the station, Daniel Yor enquire from the OCS on why the boys were arrested,he also requested if there was anything he could do inorder for the boys to be released but it was to no avail since the first guy that arrived at the station messed everything.

Days gone by,nothing was done,then the boys were taken to court,on their first hearing they plea guilty and were taken to remand prison in industrial area,their chances of coming out clean were minimal,to rough the long story short,they stayed in Jail for 2 months before their case was renewed through an appealed lodged by UN through the lobby of Daniel Yor,this man is a hero in a wheelchair,i personally respect him. The boys were finally released but they had to pay hugely for their recklessness,they were released after hectic 3months,the car was detained by the police and upto date,it is still in Kileleshwa police station.

Back to Mr. Defiler ,this case is very delicate, even the South Sudan embassy in Nairobi could not help in anyway,just let justice be served and for those that are saying that Youths should mobilised themselves and match to the Makadara law court in solidarity with this young man,i would suggest you first consult and get briefings from the family,let them tell you what exactly transpired before defending him.

If I may ask,how did the guy got into contact with the 5 year old girl,was he baby sitting or does he work in a Child care centre? if none of these exist and he grabbed someone’s child in the streets of foreign city only to compensate his poor strategies in convincing a grown and well mature lady then let him convince the entire community on how the whole issue started,otherwise let’s not invite another embarrassment apart from the case in itself.

These are my opinions,i don’t air them to hurt anyone.

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By Khot Yaak

Riiny Thiik

Dear Mou Ambrose Riiny Thiik,

There is no denial that being implicated in a serious report by an international organization such as in this AU report is a major concern and source of nightmares for the culprits.

You are therefore excused for your emotional response to what you consider as unfair accusation against your father by the former military intelligence chief, Mac Paul.

There is no way Ambrose Riiny Thiik is innocent and an angel in the ongoing carnage in the Greater Upper Nile region even if Mac Paul ‘ s accusation weren’t true.

For one he Mr Riiny Thiik is a leader of a hate group calling itself the ” Dinka Council of Elders”. You have proudly admitted it in your article. This group formed exclusively on sectarian bases has played a hugely negative role in the current destructive war.

All their articles are available on many South Sudanese websites and are anti peaceful resolution to the conflict and full of hate messages.

I used to wonder what type of elders are these but later on realized that they are politicians whose vested interest is to keep Salvs Kiir in power no matter what the cost to the Dinka communities especially the youth in Bhar el Ghazal and the Dinka population of Greater Upper Nile.

Secondly, he Mr Ambrose Riiny Thiik was awful and terrible during his 2015 Jan/Feb interview with the so called SBS Dinka radio based in Australia. He disclosed the background to “why” and ” when” their hate group was formed.

Please listen to that interview and one would realized that the testimony by the former military intelligence chief can’t be far off the truth. This group should have stood to it’s name and stopped Salva Kiir from throwing the country into a dark and very deep pit.

A true ” Dinka Council of Elders ” would placed the future of the country above their immediate political objectives and personal interests. Riek Machar would have been stopped in many smart ways from taking the presidency but violence as now witnessed by all isn’t one of them.

So, in summary Mr Mou it was common knowledge to many South Sudanese that your father is one of those responsible for their misery before the testimony by the military intelligence ex chief to the AU was released.

This opinion is based on a simple fact that your father is a leader of a hate group or organization called “Dinka Council of Elders”. Just be patient for that day to come where you will defend him in court.