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Our Country South Sudan is Now a Failed State in the Region of Africa

Posted: March 16, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Daniel Machar Dhieu, Juba


March 16, 2015 (SSB) –  Our political leaders have exposed the fact that we do not have any systems in place for self governance.  Even though the president is trying to rally us into working towards our political recovery, the present of tribal politics or climate politic does not allow us for stability.

It is most unfortunate, in fact, downright embarrassing that in this milestone year of president Kiir’s reign this country is now a basket case.

Members of the parliament last two weeks on Monday March 9, 2015 were at pains when they received the news about the failed of peace talks in Ethiopia capital   and actually call upon on IGAD and international communities to hold constructive consultations with the people of South Sudan and their respective communities in order to find ways of addressing our present political crisis within this year.

In this point there is need to call upon the nation to work harder and harder if we are to contribute to the peace development and conflict ending in our country through campaigning for peace and reconciliation in forgiving each other. Each one of us should put in an extra effort so that we can double our effort and to achieve our national stability.

In challenging times like this, our arms forces should develop a new policy of togetherness as national army and dislike the mindset of being driven by the tribal concept leaders  and actually accept the direction that help the nation.

It is not the failure of citizens and international community that has got us where we are. It is the failure of government in leadership to run this country in a proper manner that has turned us into a non functional state. The government has so far quite enough without punishing the wrong players in this nation. They were not made accountable for their crimes and they were not questioned at all.

I remembered the functional speech of H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit, president of the republic of South Sudan in 2012 during the celebration of the first anniversary of South Sudan independence on downsizing the government due to economic problem.

The speech was so functional and the massage reach the grassroots faster as it was well received by the local people. So in the last, the promise was not implanted immediately until he down the whole cabinet just a day in 2013 July 23rd.

The president was having a plan of solving economic problem than political problem and ideas on how this country would be move to First World status. Then, he called on for fresh ideas to diversify the economy. He spoke of hard work, determination and, most importantly, creative thinking in a bid to make this country move forward.

The president was actually right to put the challenges to all of us, now we need to ask ourselves why we have failed in all these initiatives. South Sudan is bless with educated people many in our society have MBAs; hold PhDs and scores of others are naturally intelligent and creative.

What do you think is the problem? Simply our problem is basically on personal interest most of our leaders like developing their stomach than delivering public services. We sincerely lost our struggle main point.

In this crisis we have two choices: We can either wallow in a sense of despair or hope for a stroke of a miracle to bail us out, or we can change our attitudes, think creatively, work hard, unite and make sacrifices to tackle these challenges ahead of us. We have to accept our challenges in-order in this nation. Otherwise we may lose what we have achieved to foreign policy makers.

What is most unfortunate about the president’s speech is that it does not recognize that South Sudan politics is not geared towards a people-friendly initiative that gives space for general public or citizens to contribute to the revival of this country. Politicians are simply mouth worriers who aim at leadership challenges. Local people simply do as they are told, no questions asked. They are automatons diplomatic.

The citizens or local people are not interesting in leadership campaigns they are only interesting in development and improvement of national stability as their way of life and co-existing in the nation in-order to run their businesses in the country.

It is now common knowledge that the policy for filling executive positions in some of the institutions that could help turn this country around is not necessarily competence to deliver but rather it is about loyalty not only to a political system whose definition still escapes its most loyal acolytes, but also about wetting the beaks of individuals who happen to be in positions of leadership at a particular time.

Since 2011 of the independence of this nation we are having the records that show the employment average and how applicants are  accepted to an important position in this country, whatever the qualifications, without a guarantee of absolute loyalty to what people believes in, whatever the cost.

For example, the story is told that those who applied when the post advertised are always over looked despite their exception al qualifications in the world of recruitment and labor policy. In this article, I want the entire citizen and the government at large to calm the situation for stability of the nation through peace and reconciliation.

In my point of view, let the government be concern a lot on national affairs. And the citizen shall also be aware of government plan and performance on development and security situation of the country, and ensure that our people are fully equipped with knowledge and skills to be competitive in everything.

Again, the question has to be asked of whether the present leadership in government is the right one to allow for development or not?

 Indeed, there is no doubt that corruption in the country has grown it own horns to confuse people across the nation.  Actually there is nothing to mention that government tried to discourage or stop this culture among the people of South Sudan.

Instead, we have seen a systematic development of this policy and creativity of corrupting the nation by government officials. The Corruption, particularly in the tendering process, is one of the biggest causes for crisis in this country.

What we need is a viable plan that will move this country away from being a tribal political centre and fail state.

The writer is the Student at South Sudan Christian University for Science and Technology (SSCUST). Contact him on and 0925228899


By Gordon Buay Malek

Dear all,

Brig. Gen. John Wiyual Ruon Wur, from Longichuk County of Jikany, defected to the Government on March, 15, 2015. He arrived in Juba on Sunday.

Brig. Gen. Wiyual was a former Food and Security Advisor to Governor of Upper Nile State, William Uthon before 2010 election. He is a man with a huge following in Longichuk County. He is a son of a well respected Chief from Udier Payam of Longichuk County.

A force of 800 rebels who are loyal to him declared their allegiance on Sunday and staged a coup in Maiwut town, the seat of Maiwut County.

Right now, his forces liberated Maiwut town and called for Commissioner Paul Biel Chol to go to Maiwut town to resume delivering services to the people.

Brig. Gen. John Wiyual gave Major. Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth, leader of the Movement for Change and Democracy, one week ultimatum of either joining him or declaring his allegiance to the Government of South Sudan without conditions.

Brig. Gen. John Wiyual is the older brother of Riek Machar’s second wife Nyaluak. For public information, Riek Machar has three wives, the senior one being Angelina and the third one is an American called Becky. Nyaluak was married in1996 in Longichuk after Riek Machar saw her at a Church singing on Sunday.

According to Brig. General John Wiyual, Riek Machar is finished in Upper Nile State because all his in-laws defected with him to the government of a democratically elected President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

By Kur Wel Kur, Australia

March 16, 2015 (SSB) —  It feels revitalising for the best of us to go global, just as it’s, heart wrenching for our weakest link to leak to the mass media outlets.

I believe you know the band, G (roup of)-Dinkas but I will give you a quick reminder, the band consists of our three beloved brothers, Kachuol Mel a.k.a Kc, Garang Dhel a.k.a. Matongriem and Dut Leek a.k.a Dut Chang kut or D-Chain.

They are based at Missouri, Kansas in States (USA). Since the year of its formation, in mid-2009, the trio have pushed themselves to compose and produce unforgettable songs.

With Alaka Moi, G-dinkas KC, Kachuol Manyok and Leek Dominic Leek.

With Alaka Moi, G-dinkas KC, Kachuol Manyok and Leek Dominic Leek.

Their Achievements

SOSA (South Sudanese Music Awards) named G-Dinkas with their song as the best traditional groups and traditional song respectively in 2011 during SOSA Awards in Kansas.

• They also won The Mic Is My Life and Entertainment Award in 2011.

• They mobilised South Sudanese in States (USA) to vote for the separation of South Sudanese during referendum.

• They made celebration of July 9th, 2011, a worthwhile occasion by performing nonstop in the cities where South Sudanese did celebrations for Independence of South Sudan.

• They dedicated their recording label, THE LOST BOYS AND THE LOST GIRLS PRODUCTION INCORPORATED, to the lost boys and lost girls who perished or haven’t made it to the independence of R.O.S.S (Republic of South Sudan).

• They have produced two albums:

a) “Riang Ee Panda”

b) Survival Chain

The common threads (the synergy in their music) that hold their band to exist and thrive

Anyone with an affinity for music industry would definitely know that most bands collapse as soon as they come into existence. The obvious reasons for bands’ failures are undefined or poorly defined goals, conflict of interests among the bands’ members, poor management and valuing of friendship than creativity of a member in the band, just to mention a few.

However, into their fifth year, G-Dinkas have overcome obstacles, which fail, most bands. Apart from giving their fans all over the world what they (fans) need, we must respect them for their high level of professionalism (work ethic) and unity.

We see despair and suffering in everywhere we (South Sudanese) inhabited, because we don’t observe the principles or benefits of working as a team. If I can force us to adopt anything from these amazing brothers, it must be their teamwork (unity).

Anyway, This was what the G-Dinkas had to say when I asked them on the Messenger:

Kur: “G-Dinkas, I or maybe your fans, would like to know what keeps you together? Because most bands don’t survive their first two years.”

G-Dinkas: “The struggles of our people, fighting for so long, and we also want to let the world know about the 50 years of oppression with the history that nobody talks about in the world stage or media”

Peace building machines and promoters of Africans’ languages

G-Dinkas’ music with hits such as “South Sudan is our country”, promote peace and unity among South Sudanese. And by using different languages such as Kiswahili, English, Arabic, Nuer and Dinka to convey their messages, G-Dinkas show a sense of inclusiveness.

As they globalise their South Sudanese’s music, “Thuong Jang” (Dinka’s language) and “Thok Naath” (Nuer’s language) peep in the Windows of the globalisation. A great opportunity for our languages because they (languages) define us; and through them (languages), our cultures evolve.

For a language to survive, it has to be in written form (poetries and songs).

Their music is progressive so you find their fans on Facebook, Twitter and in terms of views of their uplifting music on YouTube. I stumbled upon some of their rhythmic and melodious songs such as “Yala, Yala” and they moved me with their breathy and bright timbre.

The impacts of their music

connecting us to our roots, their music explores the darkest sides of our struggle history. Metaphoric statements ooze out of G-Dinkas’ music. Statements such as “Koch ace dheng ne wuur ke rou” in the album “Riang de Panda”, meaning, once you cross the border to another nation, you lose respect and you will (do donkey’s work) work almost to your death.

Listening to their music, a lot fans find themselves on the dance floor, shaking off the fatigue that comes with them from home to the concert.

Their souls (fans’) take mental flights to wonderlands, a land full of Healing beats and mesmerising sounds. G-Dinkas’ music showers down that chronic pain and depression. If you ask me about the chemistry behind their music healing ingredients, I will refer you to either a biochemist or a psychologist to tell you the answer but no doubts that their music will cure you of nostalgia.

Their music: a full rejuvenation of the body, the mind and the soul, G-Dinkas are the batteries of the entertainment. If you ask their fans, they will confirm it. So if you need to be wealthy in history of our country and stay smart to the end… then their music will serve you well. Get yourself a dose of their beautiful and powerful songs on iTunes.

Otherwise, G-Dinkas’ prospect is bright and amazing because they are kin in bettering arsenal of skills in the way they make music. G-Dinkas’ music is progressive and amazing; l listened to it for three days in order to suck in, emotions from their lyrics and beats for me to pour them (emotions) into writing this article.

And no doubts, that they’re the globalists of South Sudanese’s music. Their passions reverberate through their songs. G-Dinkas are the catalyst for change in the South Sudanese’s music industry.

Garange Dhel, Dut Leek and Kachoul Mel

Garange Dhel, Dut Leek and Kachoul Mel

The future direction of G-Dinkas, the trio is working on their two new albums so stay tune, coming soon.

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South Sudan Leaders are an Embarrassment to Junub Thudan

Posted: March 16, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Makwei Kuir Biar, Kenya
March 16, 2015 (SSB) — When South Sudan attained independence from Sudan many had hope that having finally escaped from tyranny of the North,  the young Nation would quickly unite and make up for the lost time spent in decade-old conflict and put up necessary reforms and structures that would put it on a recovery path.
However, the fledgling state has become an embarrassment and big letdown to Africa as a whole.  Surely,  why can’t president Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr Riak Machar swallow their egos for the sake of their suffering citizens?
Could it be that because they conduct their ‘peace talks’ in comfy hotel in peaceful neighbouring countries – far removed from the challenges face by their fellow countrymen, they don’t feel the magnitude of the problem?
By the way, why has the International Criminal Court (ICC) kept off the South Sudan case where tens of thousands of people have lost their lives and many more displaced, yet it immediately descended on Kenya. Where less than two thousand people died due to the post poll conflict of 2007/2008?
Also, why can’t the rich South Sudanese diaspora could bring its clout to bear and force the two leaders to settle the crisis?  Kiir,  Machar and their cohorts should to hold their so-called peace talks under the scorching heat of the sun-baked fields of South Sudan until they agreed. 

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

By Kur Garang Deng
Ayendit Majok Mangaar

Ayendit Majok Mangaar

March 16, 2015 (SSB) —   In the care of Right Hon. Peter Deng Aguer, Speaker of Jonglei State, and the leading son of the great family of Aguer Kuir Ajang (Aguer-kuerjok) of Pan Bior Clan in the Kongor Section of Twic (East) County.

Dear family, I am writing to you, who are by the grave of our great mother, conducting funeral prayers in Pawel (Kongor) Centre this Sunday, by the side of the Tomb of her great husband, Aguer-kuerjok. Though, I am not present in the funeral gathering at home today, my dear wife, the granddaughter to Ayen-dit, is representing our family, yet I have to send in my condolences to the family electronically.

I have mentioned the word ‘condolence’ just to address the feelings of the family for missing such a symbol of origin and continuity, however, Ayendit’s passing to her old generation cannot be mourned but celebrated. According to our culture, a great figure like her, who has successfully created a great family and community, is not mourned but eulogized and celebrated for all her achievements. She is a celebrity.

Therefore, a message to the family through my father-in-law, Rgt. Hon. Peter Deng Aguer, is to pass my greetings and condolences to the family: on behalf of my family, all my mothers-in-law, uncles, brothers and their families, especially the children who are still in Uganda and other places, and those who are at home to send off their family figurehead today. I appreciate them for the care they have given to our legend mother from the time of her sickness to date.

My second message is that they should assume full responsibility of the families and the community and help Hon. Peter Deng to move our family, community and the state forward in the aftermath of the death of his mother, Ayendit.

As a member of the family, my message to all the family members, especially the children now in schools, should work hard in education and excel as the gift to Kokok Ayendit. In this way, they will be responsible people in the future to bear a good name of their grandmother to the next generation.

Since, I joined the family a few years back, I have identified with the members in sharing the challenges that come with life in health, education and relationship settlement. And I hereby pledge to continue with it in this way, just because a good relation is conducted through friendship lifestyle.


Adieu Kokok! I am going to miss your wisdom big time! I was enriched by your words and songs when I came to a blood relation with you in Lobone (IDP) Camp in 2007. I remember all the words of advice, the song you sang during my wedding and the blessings you passed on to my family, your granddaughter, Mary Awak Deng Aguer, and myself. Now we have our three beautiful and healthy children just because you poured your heart upon us when we became one. For this and other reasons, I cannot thank you enough, Kokok!

Now that I have your words in my heart and in the tape (cassette) that I recorded those days of the marriage, you will not be gone from our side and memory.

We can’t stop missing you, and can’t also mourn you in a miserable way because you have left in us what the children want from their parents. With your spirit covering our families, we will bear your names to the next generation.

We can’t also forget to congratulate you for the contribution you have done to this nation, the Republic of South Sudan, that you donated your blood in the bodies of your brave sons, the late Capt. Bul Aguer-kuerjok (of Shield 3), and the late Atem Aguer-kuerjok, in the war of the liberation of our land. With such losses, you still soldiered on to raise the rest to the level of Hon. Peter Deng Aguer, now mentoring the rest of the citizens in Jonglei State.

As we bid you this honourable farewell, your name will feature prominently among the past great mothers of Pan Ajang Aguer Deng, namely: Abul Kok (Man-Bior-Tongker), Awak Guot (Man-Aguer Bior), Aguet Yak (Man-Bior, Deng, Reech and Ajang), among others.

Finally, say hi to our great grandfather, Aguerdit de Kuir Ajang (Aguer-kuerjok), whom you surely have joined in the other side of life.

May the Almight God Place Your Soul in Eternal Peace, Mama-dit!

Your Son,
Kur Garang Deng.