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The Rust of Words ( a Novel )

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By David Aoloch Bion

Chapter Six

In the second phase of  developmental  programs , aim at delivering services to the citizens, the Chief  launches a “food security project”. In the scheme, the Republic  had to provide food security by supplying, stocking the stores in the ten provinces across the country with basic food items like maize, rice, sorghum, sugar, salt, cooking oil, etc. The citizen would have to buy these goods at the subsidize price. The council of Servants approved the budget for it.

The Finance put the advertisement in the newspapers for the eligible companies to apply , to supply the needed  items.  Hundreds  of companies applied  for the contracts. The contracts were awarded to about six hundred different companies.

At gate of Finance compound, on bidding day , one man, a relative of director of procurement who was awarded the contract worth 3 million dollars approached another man who failed to get the contract.

“Good afternoon?” greeted the relative

“Good afternoon”

“Are you successful?”

“No, I am not”

“I am the managing director of Napata Holding Company, I have the contract however, I want to sell it”

“How are you selling? And how do I benefit if I buy?’’ asked unsuccessful man

“You don’t know how you will benefit from it, are you not doing business here in city ?”

“Yes I do , but I have not  come across what you are talking about”

“Alright, if you don’t know, let’s leave it there” the relative said and he walked way . The man followed him, calling  him to stop. The manager stopped.

“Please Sir , could explain it to me the way I will benefit because I don’t know. I am new here. I came from Meroe two months ago, I failed to get contract”

“This contract is worth 3 million dollars, you will buy the contract document from me at the price of 300,000 dollars. You will go supply and  items with  the papers and the government will pay you 3 million dollars”

“I see, why don’t  you supply the items yourself?”

“I have many other things which I am doing”

“If you have other things to do why did  you apply?”

“Why are you asking me like?”

“I can ask you because  most of the companies that won contracts  are briefcase. and do not pay taxes   They exist only in name, they don’t have money or physical offices, but because of the blood relationship, tribalism , nepotism, favoritism, they get contracts”

“I am not among those” said and he left. The man held with him by his shirt.

“Please, leave me”

“I will take you back to office, you will go explain why you apply for the contract, you are not ready to finish”

The man refused, they scuffled  the ,  fight broke out. The men punched themselves badly. The police guarding the Department came,  arrested them, took them to police station. The case was investigated. The director for procurement who gave the contract was arrested too. in the police custody , he was interrogated

“Director of procurement, why did you give the contract to someone who is not ready to finish the contract” the police officer asked.

“He applied, he has legal documents, he gave his bank statement, I can’t refuse to give the contract. I thought, he was ready to supply . am not God to know someone background ”

” They said , he is your relative”

”who say that ?”

“Director, businessmen and women are complaining that you don’t give them contracts, you give it to companies that are linked to some  officials”

“Anyway , there is small insect of truth on that , as I was opening bids yesterday,  five Servants  called me. Saying I should not leave; so and  so companies  from getting the contracts. Therefore ,  I gave the contracts to those companies  mentioned .  I  compile with their request  in order to secure my job”

“You are working only to secure your job . you are serving the  national interest , don’t  you have patriotic passion  are you/?”

“Who have the patriotic passion in this country? The Servants are grazing the  meadow of resources  like cow graze the  grass in civil services . The Generals are shaving the  pasture of wealth  like razor blade shave the hair in   organized forces. Who is working for the Republic ? who is working for the the people?, no one unless the unborn may come and do that?”

“How do you know that?””

“ Here to be a politicians , you must  be a general , and to  be a business , you must a politician , You go to market, the Servant  has 50 shops, if you go to residential areas, the same Servant  has 30 plots. The generals have number of plots and shops too. If you look at the big companies these are for Servants , Generals and their associates.  a Servant owns a bank, a General own  petrol station. A Servant owns mobile network provider company, General owns  Forex Bureau  for Exchange , and list is so long ”

After one week, the Servant wrote a letter to police for their  release  .  The director and the two businessmen were released without a charge .. This was one story but three hundred companies sold  their  contract in secret.

After one and a half months, those  companies that supplied the food items began to submit the completing documents of the contracts to office of James Majok, . One company that delivered sorghum to Majok’s home  province   came with the way bills that he had delivered the sorghum. On the same day , someone came from  the same  province  . He entered  the office. . Majok greeted him .

“How is it   in the Province  ? how are the things ?” Majok asked

“We are fine, only people are starving ,  suffering from hunger?’’

“How are you suffering from hunger when they are supplying food like sorghum, salt, sugar that you will buy  on the subsidize, cheap prices?”

“Where are those items?”

“They are there in the Province in stores or warehouse ”

“Who took then there ?”

‘’ They are taken by the Republic ‘’

“It could be another Province  , not the one   I am coming , there is  no single food items in the market”

They were talking when the director of the company that took food items to province   was in  the office.  James Majok turned to him .

“You said, you deliver the food items and people in Province  are dying of hunger, why?”

“I didn’t deliver the food to the people directly; I gave the food to the authority . It is the responsibility of Republic  which will give it to them” answered he .

“Absolutely, you are right”

James Majok walked out of his office, he called  his relative , who is the secretary to the Chairman of the Province .

“Good afternoon?”

“Good afternoon”

“Who is this?”

“This is James Majok , the Controller in Finance ”

“How are you?”

“I am fine”

“I would like to inquire something from you! Have those companies which were contracted to supply food to Province  finish the contract by supplying the food?”

“Well , it is yes and no question because it is official said that the companies have supplied items  . The Chairman signed the document confirming the delivery  of the items but I didn’t see the items in the store ”

‘’That is what I know because many companies are coming claiming they delivered goods and people are still suffering from hunger”

“let me tell you a secret , the Chairman has  a share in many  of those  companies . all those companies which were given contract  are either  own by  Servant or by the Chairman , or by their daughters’, or their friends’. All of 35 companies which were supposed to supply goods to Province , they never bring any items but their documents were signed , confirming that the items are received here”

“Mind you, don’t quote me on anything or you should keep that as a secret between me and you because it may endanger my relationship with the Chairman  ”

“I know, don’t worry”

James Majok strode  to the Servant ’s office.

“Honourable, the companies which supplied food to White Nile State did not deliver the food items ”.

“Why ?”

”, these companies came claiming their money but people in Province  are saying, they have not took  the food .Some people called me, they said there is sorghum in stores. People are suffering”

“We, the Republic , we  don’t deal with people in the Province , we deal with authority ; on the document, are  there no Chairman signature  signing,  confirming that the items are received?”

“Yes, it is there”

“Then, what do you want next? If the Chairman  has signed, something which is not delivered. What is your problem? It is their problem that  they cheat their own people ‘’

“My problem is why should we pay money  for something or services  which  is not provided ”

“Are you paying from your own pocket or from  public money?”

“Public money,but  we are the managers of the Republic ,  we are morally responsibility for protecting the national wealth, it should not  be wasted or stolen”.

“Go and write the cheque for  the money of that  company” the Servant ordered.

Majok left the office .

“Someone claim to be Servant  and does not know the roles of the Servant ” James Majok said inwardly. He wrote cheque for  the company.

On the following day,the Dirctor  of another company came, who delivered good to Orange state with document with  worthy 30 million dollars.

“Sir, your contract is worth 30 million dollars , we shall pay you  in installment” Majok said.

“Why do you pay me in installments?”

“This money is too big ;we can’t afford to pay it at once”

“I want my money all. I don’t want installment”

“Please , we  can’t afford 30 millions to pay to one person like you once ”

”I have delivered your things, legally, I have completed my contract. You must pay me”

“I will pay you 10 millions, this month, 10 millions the other month, until it finishes”

“Do you know whom am I? If you are not paying my money, I will call  Chief ”

“Call him, what is he going to do for me?”

“He will remove you from this office; you are not the last authority in this country”

“Even if, the Chief removes me, the other person he will put in my place will tell you the same thing that you must be paid installment”

The manager of the company walked out of the office. Within  five minutes , the Servant  called Majok.

“What is your problem with Director  of this company ?” the Servant asked

“’ I have no any issues with him , the  refuse to be paid in  installment ‘’

“Now  write his 30 million dollars cheque ”

After one month, the situations in the states deteriorated people were starving of hunger. The report reached the office of Chief Servant . He called the council of Servant s to discuss the situation in the Provinces ..

“Why are people starving in the Provinces , we have approved the budget for the food security six months ago?” asked the Chief ..

There was no correct answer from the Servants . At the end of the meeting ,the committee was formed to go to Provinces  to find out .  The committee went, found all stores were empty. All companies didn’t deliver the food. Some of the companies gave rotten maize. In the food security project, the Republic  lost billion dollars. The committee was formed to investigate this food scandal .

President Kiir’s Speech at the SPLM Peace Rally in Juba, South Sudan

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Speech By H.E. Comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit, SPLM Chairman and President of the Republic of South Sudan, in an address to the nation at a public rally on March 18, 2015 at the Dr. John Garang Mausoleum in Juba, South Sudan (PDF)

By David Aoloch Bion

In the beginning, the conspiracy theory A was to remove the so-called Dinka tribal government led by president Kiir as we have seen in the seven points philosophy of Dr Riek , tribalism is one of the seven points .  That theory failed because of the so-called , imaginary  unity of tribalism led by Jieng Council of Elders.

Conspiracy theory B is now to divide the Dinka as we have seen in the declared fake AU Report into South Sudan cirisis. The AU report has divided the Dinka into two , the bad Dinka and good Dinka . The Dinka from Aweil and Warrap are the bad Dinka and Dinka from Jonglei , Abyei , Rumbek are good .

The fake AU report has demonized the Dinka from Aweil and Gorial as the killers of Nuer and Dinka from Jonglei, Abyei, Rumbek as the saviours or salvagers of Nuer . Dinka from Aweil and Warrap as the monsters and other Dinka as heroes. This was nothing but  a public relation strategy  to  divide the so-called unity of tribalism which salvage the government from falling .

To all South Sudanese , our country should not  be pacified through  divide and rule politic nor through lies and creation of lies . It should not  be pacified through selective presentation of truth to fit  negative propaganda  purposes .

Let keep our politic at national level, let not expand it into nucleus of our tribes. It is unhelpful.

The Government of President Kiir is not  standing because of the so-called ,imaginary unity of tribalism or the so –called Jieng Council of Elders , it is standing because ., it is the elected of government  of Republic .

Dinka are many in  this government not because of tribalism but because of natural selection. if even  President Obama become the President of South Sudan , Dinka will still occupy more than anyone else  , let stop playing politic .

President Kiir is not going to rule forever, he will go . Dinka is not going to rule forever. Other tribe will rule too. There is no reason of inventing lies  to dehumanize some Dinka.

it is a turn of Dinka today , it is your turn tomorrow . Why this hate? Why this lies? .

Mind you, if you sabotage him because he is there , he will sabotage you when you are there too .

Truth will pacify South Sudan , lies will  burn it as it is burning now.

By Ayuel Madut Chan, Kenya

March 18, 2015 (SSB)  –  Few days back the sick lawyer of Nairobi University by the name Peter Ngor Atem wrote on this website challenging the invincible Ayuel’s various articles and personality especially the education background of Mr. Ayuel Madut.

In as far as appreciating my brother Ngor Atem for his good articulation of his words and deeds, he turned out to be a tool of dark that used him to retaliate on Ayuel’s personality. A reliable source educate me that he is being used to provoke my attention to retaliate or hit back severely.

The personal challenge article on me wanted me to respond to those evil forces without fear or favor in all its conditions. Please brother Ngor allow and forces behind you to educate you on my educational backgrounds.

First, I am not responding to you as Peter Ngor Atem but as a tool of cowards who are afraid to reveal their true identity because their lives do best in the dark. You are innocent my dear brother but do not allow your true identity to be used for gains and mischief.

Point number one: Dear Atem, you alleged in your article that I once announced before SSSAK meeting that I am school representative or student from KCA University. Is it true really? I did ever say such words? Indeed I never appeared or met you in any SSSAK meeting where Ayuel Madut announced that he is a student from KCA University.

Your make-up is ridiculous and as embarrassing as your broken teeth innocent young man. Let me just brush your allegation aside by saying that I never said such statements in SSSAK meeting nor do I even know where KCA University is located in particular Nairobi. Why should my school be an issue to you?

Point number two: Dear Atem, You also alleged that I am from Chartered Institute Of legal Executive, CILEX. Indeed I agree with you for that is my institution of learning dear still to be innocent brother but guilty of crime he never committed. CILX is a law in London that offered distance and e-learning to those who want to study law online.

So brother I am an e-learner in that institution and I hope your enquiry is not out of jealousy because right now I am winding up my bachelor degree. Wish I could afford you ticket on my graduation day in London dear brother Ngor Atem.

That is my private life dear and you are not my boss to have known such information but since curiosity kills a cat then you have now known brother.

Point number three: Inoorero University also known as Former Kenya School of law is one University in Kenya that liaise with CILEX to facilitate my lectures and material provision for my easy access to information to learn just like any other students online or in class.

Doing it independently is expensive but if I use Inoorero as exam center for my exam invigilation, it will be less expensive. Hope you will be getting it right so that you don’t give me another surprise toothless and ugly gum smile next time. Do you really smile my dear always gloomy animal without tail?

Lack of qualified or enough information is making your allegation wanting and that Inoorero main branch is in parklands alone. Do you know there is main branch at Karen? Hope you are not very sick brother. Why don’t just look for other thing to gossip about like may be your broken gum less wanting mouth or how you should get to fix or replace your broken teeth?

Mount Kenya University owner owns shares in Inoorero University and he is buying shares of other shareholders eventually before he finally takes over the University and that is why they have taken over Parklands campus. New information, right? Please concentrate in class than putting your concentration on things that will help in anyway. If I fail to get certificate then lucky you bro and you will be my boss.

Point number four: Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and technology abbreviated as JOOUST is my second University where I am pursuing International studies now second year student my dear ever-ugly being I ever met in my life. Do you smile at your girlfriend and she smile back at you? May be or may be not except your mummy sweet looking boy.

I am not against your broken teeth dear but I am against your deeds and misplaced acts you that you put on me dear. Please now that you get to know my schools, will you get to fix yourself than poking your dirty nose to my untainted private life?

Can I ask for a bet with you if you don’t mind me? That is academic betting if you indeed you believe that I am on Skype or Nairobi Street English master as you claimed in your good to be nothing article.

Anyway I love how you described me in your article please keep it up but ask yourself or give me few examples of those who have managed to master English on the Street without attending classes. You are pathetic my dear Peter Ngor Atem please stop fixing a fight with person you have never known.

I will fix a date with you soon to chat with you for the first time to get to know you as my friend and to advise you on some personal issues so that next time you don’t just declare war on somebody you have never known in details. I am deadly dear and I need to ask you on whether you will stand my wrath of retaliation for this is just an iceberg of it.

On all other things you seem to defend other innocent people like David Aoloch Bion and Dut machine, the guys I respect so much, I will not response. Why? This is because of Bion’s apology and my acceptance of that apology and subsequent remorseful acts we both regret.

Second to that brother machine is enough without you and even few bunch of mistaken identities of my suspicion who used you as their tissue paper. Did Dut and Bion authorize you as their mouthpiece? Hope not dear and let my two innocent bros remain untainted from your toothless and shameless act.

Before I finally forget, what make you lose your teeth at that tender age? Are you a victim of Ngundeng’s wrath of forbidden tree? Are you once a thug before getting redeem? Thanks and may God bless us brother.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

Chairwoman Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma of AU : Reuters Never Lie

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By David Aoloch Bion

The AU Chairwoman Zuma has dismissed the leaked AU report as untrue version of the AU commission of Inquiry on South Sudan crisis.

The dismissed document was reported by Reuter news agency, this month.

However , Reuters news agency has never lie since 1851  so   this   is a true version of the unpublished Report  of the Commission .

Reuters is richest and largest news agency in the World , it is based in London . it was founded in 1851  . it is 154 years  old . it has 2600 journalists in 200 location around the World . it is not like your South African media that are bribed  to spread lies . it is not like your Sudan Tribune , Mirya Fm , Facebook and Twitter that you , guys used to spread baseless lies .

Therefore, Woman Zuma what Reuters reported is true 100%. Your denial and dismissal of the Report is part of wider conspiracy theory against  South Sudan .

As one of South Sudanese bloggers Amer Mayen Dhieu put it her facebook account and here I quote :

‘’ the LEAKED was LEAK with intention to see citizens’ reaction. Then come the claimed of FAKE document to brush off the negative accusation so there could be another chance to construct well-balance report with help of citizens’s comments.

This is the moment you came to realize the danger side of politic and the only option to stop your brain from throwing questions like why did it take that long for AU to respond or how on earth can one dedicated that much effort and energy to file such document knowing it is fake and will be known fake at short time is to apply conspiracy theory and remains muted till further original document is again LEAK and disputed FAKE.

The sad part of conspiracy theories is that they are not openly discuss and made known to the only trusted members, for the fear that they COULD or COULD NEVER be real.’’end of quote

Columnist Amer is right 100% to say ‘’ the LEAKED was LEAK with intention to see citizens’ reaction. Then come the claimed of FAKE document to brush off the negative accusation so there could be another chance to construct well-balance report with help of citizens’s comments’’ And so do I agree with her 100%

.Woman Zuma want to construct well –balance report with the help of citizen .comments

Apathy and banality of one sidedness and biasness on the side of AU .  The publish or the unpublished version are the  work of conman not of the arbiter..

This leaked AU  report is true as one of Makerere University  professor in Kampala , who was the member of Committee that  wrote the report told a class , the committee disagree on some content in  the report that were seen as one sided  when they  were writing the report  ,so  the document was leaked  because of the disagreement on content of the report by one of  the members who disagreed with drafting committee  . The Makerere  Professor was one of those who question the accuracy and authenticity  of  some  of contents in the report .

therefore , the document is true but they want to rewrite  it , because it was compiled from Internets not from real respondents on the fields

So Woman Zuma , you can lie but Reuters agency has never lie .

You just want to rewrite well –balance report with help of citizens comment , it is conspiracy theory in its banality of evil .

South Sudan: It’s the Economy Stupid!, Unmade by John Garang

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By Deng Lual DeNuun, Nairobi-Kenya

March 18, 2015 (SSB)  –  “We are prone to judge our success by the index of our fat salaries or size of automobiles like the V8s (miith apuol) in our villages without even parking space and spare parts for repairs rather than by service to the nation in relation to better living for all than hand to the mouth and equal access to resources”.

A successful economy is widely regarded as the backbone of a successful country, it’s unfortunate fact that a country almost made up by one profession is sliding to burying if nothing is done to rescue its shrinking economy given the negligence and incompetency of its top man powers despite alarm raised many times by its few economists.

It is flabbergasting to see our own money devaluing against the US dollar as its black market is today reading at one thousand pounds per a hundred US dollars and little is being done to baffle the situation.

South Sudan, with its long rich history in wars, the onset of its liberation struggles, the initial class to be attended to by its warlords was the military college where only swords and blood was installed into them and called themselves comrades in arm. This includes many recruits even those from the cattle camps including the father to the author were taken straight to the field hence became their only profession.

Many who passed through education system emerged with different surplus professions other than a single military mindset. Dr. Garang did this in the SPLM/A were some were to fight the battle while invested some in education such that they latter become the elites of its nation.

While I appreciate our roots that our country crashed from militarily backgrounds, it is so sad to see our own government neglecting its own elites that were planted as seeds for development but rather prefer to continue embracing the depleted mindsets of the professions of centuries. Why is South Sudan dumping its professionals?

The answer is vivid, misguided appointments and military qualifications being prioritized as evidenced by no one in the government is without the military title even when they are leading the civilians?, our own civil servants attached themselves to military background such as a red army in order to qualify for junior seats? What of those who did not attend to war at all? A food for thought.

It is further crystal clear that the post independence issues with the Sudan were negotiated by right people but in wrong professions. The economic issues were ironed out by lawyers and that is why we ended up having our large oil share enjoys by Khartoum or perhaps sharing it equally. In real sense, when the few economists in Juba questioned the competitiveness of this people, the reply was, it is unmade by Garang and eventually the deal led to the September 2012 agreement.

As if that was enough, the recent paralyzed Addis Ababa negotiations of conflict that dived the country into civil war since the December 2013 were again being headed by lawyers and comrades in the arm struggle who only believe hanging by the neck and fire squad as the only verdict for those who went against the will of the serving government. These depleted ideologists led once again and will continue to ruin how we resolve our issues if we don’t reap where we saw.

Furthermore, the first decade has been of challenges of how to embrace the slogan of taking town to people, the slogan of Agricultural economy fuel by oil money, the slogan of peace through development and the slogan of healing and reconciliation. With many available resources, the government did too little to achieve any of the above slogans and therefore the recipes of the ongoing crisis that has further contributed to the dying economy of the nation.

Moreover, South Sudan is now the dumping sites of the foreign expired goods, it is a shameful note for a country to import almost everything even what its nation has, the importation of beef being the clear example, our cows are too expensive because of the fluctuating economy and foreign currencies becoming the mode of exchange. Farmers are unable to transport their produce from Tali because of impassable roads or no pave at all.

The government is not putting into consideration the elasticity in International trade when coming to devaluing her currency such that to encourage exports and discourage imports but say everything is okay as long as we have something on our tables.

It is the economy stupid! For how long shall we continue importing? How do we ensure we feed our population? How do we ensure our cows produce millions of litres to feed over 4million children and how do we eradicate diseases and finally how do we dish out from dying economy?

It is high time the government re-energizes and prioritizes professions rather than whom you know than what you know or rather than pen versus a gun and rather than comrade in the struggle than comrade in the development. By doing so, we will be smart like Greece that has recently survived the financial overlaps; we will emerge once again and restore the economy.

Finally, our lives begin to end the day we become too silent about things that matters and when the deal is too good, think twice. Bring back peace to the country for better economy and serves the lives of few that have remain!

The author, Mr. Deng Lual DeNuun is currently a University student in Kenya. He can be reached at or facebook page: Deng Lual DeNuun.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

Is our President a Tool for Mr. Mayen Wol Game of Fundraising?

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The Confusion in Development Projects Priorities in South Sudan

By John Manut Awan Chan, Juba

March 18, 2015 (SSB) —  For the last eight years the government of South Sudan has been negotiating with various donors and government to obtain loans for its development projects. Some of these projects have been described as mega projects which regional participation is necessary.

For example the new oil pipeline to the Kenyan coastal town of Lamu and railway that will cut across three countries before reaching South Sudan. However, most of these projects if truly implemented would change not only the social economic landscape of south Sudan, but also the political environment.

Though there was not much public awareness of these projects, observers of South Sudan development progress have been keeping track of all the political utterance about these pending development projects. Before the country sunk back into the armed conflict that is now consuming resources and human lives alike, these projects were generating high hope among the citizens who were able to hear about it.

Recently a flurry of activities associated with these projects has re-emerged with office of the President as active advocates of these projects. While other potential donors to development projects have taken low profile, the Chinese government backed loan seems to be open for constant discussion. The Middle Eastern based capital ventures funds are also engaging South Sudan through multiple middlemen for cut throat interest rates.

The new Minister of finance Hon. David Deng Athorbei already made three trips to Middles East in less than two months since his appointment. While the Chief of Administrator in the office of the President Mr. Mayen Wol Jong has made total of 15 trips to China and some countries in Middle East. It’s fair to conclude that the urgency for foreign loans is no longer driven by the development projects as it was originally conceived.

The current economic situation in the country could have added to the double efforts to obtained loans from anywhere irrespective of its cost and consequences. As minister of finance, Hon. Athorbei has all the legal rights to engage in the economic development and survival of South Sudan. Any deals in entered into with foreign government is and will be considered as sovereign obligation that will be taken over by any future government of south Sudan.

But there are many other deals being negotiated by people who have no constitutional rights to represent the sovereignty of south Sudan.

The Office of the President and its Chief Administrator are setting up parallel system of loans with foreign companies that could have great financial implications to the people of South Sudan for years to come. Without legal guidelines, Mr. Mayen Wol the senior officer in the office of the President has been concluding financial deals behind the minister of finance Hon. Aggrey Tisa Sabuni and now Hon. David Deng Athorbei).

Mr. Mayen Wol has been seriously engaged in the loans acquisition activities that one would not be mistaken to think of Mr. Mayen Wol as the real minister of finance and the constitutionally obligated minister as mere ceremonial. The question here is who is really making the loan decision? Is parliament involved? Is the president aware of the role played by his chief of Staff? What is the job description of Mr. Mayen Wol?

The following narratives are some of the examples of the confusion in the development projects priorities.

One of the projects commissioned recently is the road construction to Bahr el Ghazal via Terekeka and Rumbek to be financed by the Chinese EXIM Bank. The news of the road construction was greeted with excitement and great expectation for the benefits it would bring to nearly five states of South Sudan. After the opening ceremony the work on the road suddenly stopped.

No one from the government or the loan seekers in the office of the president have bothered to brief the public of the reasons why this great and overdue project came to standstill?

Of late the Mr. Mayen Wol and his group recently bulldozed the ministry of telecommunication and postal services to prioritize the implementation of Optic Fiber cable development which would connect South Sudan with East African states. The project is to be implemented by Chinese telecommunication Giant HUAWEI. The deal was proceeded by signing of MOU between Kenya and South Sudan to extend their Optic Fiber Cable to South Sudan via Kenyan border town of Lokichokio to Nadapal in South Sudan.

The deal was signed by the Hon. Minister of Telecommunication and postal services in Nairobi. Another concept of fiber optic fever is the connectivity through Uganda via Nimule to Juba, this phase of the project is expected to be shorter compared to the connectivity through Eastern Equatoria state. The cost of the projects is exclusively known by Mr. Mayen Wol and not even the minister of telecommunication has an idea or guidelines for the cost of 1km of Fiber optic burying process.

The author is not to discuss the technicalities of these projects but remains on the priorities set by the government or Mr. Mayen Wol as the architect of these loans.

If the government really was in control of its various policies and priorities, would the laying of fibre optic cable be above the road construction to Bor or Rumbek. Many times we have heard the same politicians complaining of the lack of road as contributing factor to the increasing insecurity in many parts of the country. Now when citizen in Pibor or Nzara hear of the fibre optic, what would they make of it?

And when they hear of the money our government borrowed through Mr. Mayen Wol the chief Administrator in the office of our God fearing President, what would they make of it? Who is fooling who here?

The ministry of telecommunications has one of the most competent Ministers for the first time and the author believe if she was given the chance and truly allocated resources, she can deliver. has other ignored priorities by the office of the President. For example the minister has been waiting for the return of the file on the International Gate Way tender that was conducted by the then Legal Advisor in the office of the President. Until now the country has no International Gateway for its communications with outside world.

The current situation is that every mobile telecommunications operator and ISP has its own gateway ungoverned or regulated by anyone. As much as the high speed internet maybe necessary for commerce in South Sudan, it is still at the bottom of the electronic commerce priorities when compared to other infrastructure in the ICT sector. The ministry of telecommunication has been waiting for three years to operationalize the Telecommunication regulatory body and has not received any money to start its activities.

It was until Mr. Mayen Wol push for fibre optic project that the office of the President started to rent an office for the Director General of the National Communication Authority (NCA). The body still has no employees and engineers required to monitor and enforce the telecommunication policies.

Where is the priority in the development projects promoted by the government? The country is at war, children have no medicine or shelter and thousands are still IDP in the capital of our own country? We are one month away from the next rain season which will effectively cut off the seat of government from the rest of the country. But we have decided to push for the fibre optic projects which will be officiated most probably by our own President sometimes this week.

Before breaking the ground for laying of the fibre optic cable or Broadband as they may call it later in the week, will the president remember to mention the status of all the other projects for which he officiated but never took off? For example the Oil Refinery in Thiangrial in Upper Nile, the Juba-Rumbek road construction and many others. Or is our president a tool of Mr. Mayen Wol game of fund raising?

Under the current economic situation aggravated by the decline in global oil prices, the government of South Sudan would be expected to improve on its collection of none oil revenue in order to sustain its operation. The ministry of telecommunications and postal services should have been one of the leading institutions that generate revenue for the government.

This is not happening, simply because the necessary institutions and technologies for collecting tax in the telecommunication sector are not in place.

Lack of the telecommunication Gateway is one glaring example. If there were coordinated government policies, the Ministry of Telecommunications and postal services should have been granted loans to purchase the machine. Now it is understandable that we shall have suffer high speed internet but no infrastructure to make use of it once it reach Juba.

The public deserve to know the priorities of development projects. The parliamentary select committee on economic should tell the public whether these loans negotiated by Mr. Mayen Wol are authorized and overseen by them?

The writer is student computer science at the University of Juba and the views expressed here are solely of the author and do not represent the university. The writer can be reached on

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.

By Michael Mading Akueth, Panyagor, South Sudan

Aid Agencies' bosses: They come in as commons and get out as royals

Our Leaders in Juba: They come in as commons and get out as royals

March 18, 2015 (SSB)  –  The SPLM/A fought and liberated this country and make us the first citizen in our country but we need good institutions that can serve us. There is much courage that is hidden in a man; the courage to fight and the courage to build good institutions that will be used to enhance the freedoms and economic development of a nation.

The courage to build competence and goods institutions in South Sudan remain a challenge since 2005 for the SPLM leaders. They may divided them into different small SPLMs but we as a people of this country; we see them all as responsible for what had happened and what is not happening.

The government officials have attended several capacity building trainings in the regions facilitated by the best experts but we can confess that they have achieved little if not none. They sit in their office as if there is nothing wrong in the way things are being done in the whole country. Why are we lacking good institutions? Do we lack good leaders to establish them?

First, in my view I think the reason is that the leaders have no vision to build competence institutions that can streamline the government operations and put systems in its place. The vision drives the leader to deliver services in a very difficult situation as illustrated by Nelson Mandela in one of his numerous speeches:

“Difficulties break some men but make others. No axe is sharp enough to cut the soul of a sinner who keeps on trying, one armed with the hope that he will rise even in the end.”

The leaders should always strive to establish institutions to promote good governance, rule of law, banking systems, human rights and others. The system should provide a person with equal opportunities so that no any citizen will feel like is not part of the Republic South Sudan.

It is very unfortunate that citizens are still complaining about institutions as being un-functional and discriminatory. They failed to integrate their knowledge and experiences into good institutions to serve citizens in regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity or religious affiliations.

Secondly, there are attempt by some leaders to establish good institutions in their areas of work but they got themselves being sabotage by mafias who are benefiting out of bad institutions. These groups of elites are benefiting through bad institutions in South Sudan and they resist the establishment of good institutions. They always work against these leaders who are trying to establish good structures in the government ministries and use lobby strength to get some of them sack or transfer to other dockets.

Monthly, the bosses reward themselves with huge amounts of dollars, a sum equivalent to the salaries of all the employees of an organization, ten times

Monthly, the bosses reward themselves with huge amounts of dollars, a sum equivalent to the salaries of all the employees of an organization, ten times

Borrowing from Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson book “why the nations fail” it is apparent in this book that nations fail because of lack of good functioning institutions. We are also mindful that good institutions are build by good leaders.

However, for the mean time let support South Sudan current leaders to establish competence institutions for this nation to be stable and peaceful. If we will not build competence institutions that promote rule of laws and respect to human rights then let prepare ourselves for the worst in this country.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing from.