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Riek Machar’s Hitmen are hunting to kill a Thinker.

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By David Aoloch Bion

‘’The Khomeini cry for the execution of Rushdie is an infantile  cry . From the beginning of time, we have seen that. To murder the thinker does not murder the thought ‘’ Arnold Wesker , British writer in 1989 after Ayatollah Khomeini called on Muslim to kill the British author Salmon Rushdie after publication of his book , The Satanic Verses 

The hitmen of the bloodcurdling rebel Riek Bloody Machar are hunting to kill me. The hitmen have been hired by Riek Machar Press teams as the part of their psychological warfare, these hitmen are being coordinated and directed by the three men here in Kampala. The three men are 1st Lt. John (not his real name) , he is  former SPLA Division 5th  intelligent officer , Lt .Col . James (not his real name ) , he is former South Sudan military attaché in  embassy .in Kampala  , Peter ( not his real name ) , he is  self –exiled businessman .

It happened last year 2014  ,  Peter told me , that there are my  friends in Nairobi who like my writings , when I asked him , who were those friends , he refused  to tell them to  me who they are .

On  January 28 ,  2015 , I met 1st Lt  John in Kabalagalgala , a Kampala suburb , he told me  that  he was looking for me and Peter was telling  him that I was still in Juba . he told me , he had something to discuss with me , I said alright , we went to nearby tea shop of Durfurian man . We sat. He told me to order some drinks, I ordered a soda.

Immediately,1st Lt  John called  Lt .Col James , they talked , I heard  Peter telling  him ‘’ David Aoloch  is a  good boy ‘’ in Juba Arabic , after they finished talking , he gave me the phone I greeted Lt Col  James .

After that Peter told me, he had a problem with SPLA Military intelligent officer Brigadier Akol Majok. He said Akol is telling people in Juba that he is in Pagak while he is in Kampala.

He said he wrote a press statement to Sudan Tribune and Nyamilepaedia but they have not published it . So he said he wanted to give me his press statement so that I can go and post on Paanluel Wel. I told him, give me, I would go and post, he said he left it at home. He told that he would give it to  me at 5 pm at Paradiso Restaurant.

At 5 pm, I went to Paradiso, I found him there.  He told to order food, I asked him what about you, he said he had eaten. I ordered the food.

As I was eating , he called someone, and he told him in low soft voice ‘’ tia  wan ne ‘’ in  Nuer  Language . This phrase ‘’ tia wanne ‘’ means. ‘’ He is here with me ‘’

The suspension . In our afternoon, conversation 1st Lt Peter  told  Lt . Col .  James, ‘’David Aoloch is good boy “” now he told any person ‘’ he is here with me ‘’.

So the questions are ‘’David Aoloch  is a good boy , Why am I good boy? ‘’  he is here with me. Who is he telling  he is with me and Why  he is  telling him ? .  And we are the only two South Sudanese in restaurant

That evening, I went and post message on facebook that ‘’ I outwit rebels in Paradiso ‘’

Lt Col James , was the first to call me and  said  ‘’what  happen again between you  and Peter , he said , Peter is good man  , he is working with Government in Juba , he is the one who gather information  from rebels and he pass these information to Juba .

this month , Two days ago , a friend of mine who is also a friend to the three men told  me that ‘’ am in danger from hitmen’’  , Rebels are sending hitmen from Nairobi to kill me.  .  .

In fact the three men are not the hitmen; their mission  is to show me  to the hitmen because the hitmen do not know me personally.

My friend who is a friend to these three men also said that ‘’they will either  knock  you down on the road or the kidnap you and throw in bush’’.

My message to Riek Bloody Machar and his dollar hired  hitmen is whether you shoot   me or knock me or kidnap me you will not be the President of South Sudan.

I am from Anyidi Payam of Bor County, Riek Machar killed our Chief Nai Achol Deng in 1991 in his attempt to overthrow John Garang, Riek did not overthrow John Garang despite the killing of Chief Nai and many others

Therefore, Riek’s Press Team can kill me through their  money but their man will  not be the President of South Sudan . I swear!!!!and I bet!!!

Riek Machar is the failure in summary. Riek attempted the coup , he failed . Riek tried the armed rebellion to overthrow the govt , he failed . Riek tried to bring UN to rule South Sudan , he failed .

I swear!!! I bet Riek Violent Machar will not rule South Sudan.

Endnote Riek’s  hitmen are hunting to kill me , David Aoloch .

By Simon Yel Yel, Juba
UN Sanction

UN Sanction

“Is it a football match between the US and the UK where it should be played for 90 minutes, where on the earth can you time peace”. Says Baranaba Marial Benjamin, south Sudan minister for foreign affairs.
March 20, 2015 (SSB)  –  Sanctions, sanctions and more sanctions! Every day we wake up in the morning holding breath to hear the psychotic Samantha Power speaking on the behalf of Us( the UK, US and the UN )announcing what the so-called targeted sanctions on south Sudan government. Everyone wonders what the US are really up to, is it oil or they want to expand their empire?. The items in the proposed modus vivendi by IGAD are awaiting atomic bombs and even US can’t allow the Iraqi government to have such a band-aid solution signed with ISIL. Can US persuade Iraqi government to have a power sharing with ISIL and for ISIL to have its own independent army within Iraq for a period of evening 6 months leave alone the proposed 24 months by IGAD? .The velocity with which the US wants the south government to concede the impossible and unbecoming demands of the rebels is inversely proportional to the mass of hypocrisy of drone attacks by US in Pakistan and airstrikes in Iraq against ISIL.
It was early march this year when we saw the US ambassador to UN Mrs Power presiding over the UN Security Council creating sanction regime on south Sudan. The resolutions adopted the travel bans and assets frozen of south Sudan government officials who are branded by Power to be the ones blocking peace. I don’t know who will be the causalities of Mrs Power’s sanction, will it be Hon. Nhial Deng, Hon Micheal Makuei and Hon James Kok Ruai for rejecting the rebels’ proposal to make Riek Machar to be a ceremonial prime minster, or Hon.Dr. Gai Yoi ,Hon. Akol Paul Kordit and Hon. Daniel Awet for signing the Arusha agreement to reunite the SPLM again and maintain Salva Kiir as chairman of the SPLM? Is south Sudan government blocking peace? Really Mrs Power! Methinks not, unless you want the rebels to implement their failed coup on the negotiation table. Are you really call Power? , As English dictionary defines power to be the ability to do work? Am seriously doubting your reasoning capacity. Why your mind is lacking ability to think? I thought whatever you think should reflect the English meaning of “POWER” as your name carries but naïve me! You don’t have ability to think and differentiate the truth from imaginary, no doubt you are suffering from psychosis.
No wonder what the US wants is oil and to get it, it is prerequisite to install their puppet. The installation of the puppet democratically requires a lot of things to do, like economics sanctions to angry the populations to go on the street and talk trash about the government, overstepping their freedom of expressions asking the elected president to step down and occupying the government premises. When the government intervenes, the US and UN will come in angrily and talk authoritatively that “He (president) is a man who has killed the pro-democracy Protestants and hence, he crossed the red line and lost his legitimacy “. From there, the military humanitarian intervention follows in the name of human right abuses and famine control.
From the literate to the illiterate, everyone is wondering what the US thinks the sanction is and does it make sense to sanction south Sudan when the government rejected the rebels’ unbecoming demands? The government officials have done nothing wrong to be sanctioned unless US want them to abandon the government and join Riek’s rebellion . Sanctions are political tools that stands between diplomacy and guns, the midway between negotiations and soldiers. They begin where diplomacy ends, and often they come soon after the futility of diplomatic dress down and feasibility studies are done to know which side doesn’t want peace, something mrs. Power knowsnot. The failure of the IGAD to bring both parties to the agreement is due to unbecoming demands from the rebels side but still IGAD is not despair to bring peace to south Sudanese. How many years did the Sudan government and SPLA take to sign CPA? Did the USA sanction government of the Sudan or SPLA for taking long time to agree? where on the earth can you time peace like a football match ?we all know that after travel ban and asset forzen , the economic sanction will soon follow to angry the population for the US to find way to intervene militarily . Economic sanctions are third option used when military intervention is deemed to be either inappropriate or impossible. They are a default policy option, which according to Simon Chesterman and Beatrice Pouligmy “reflect the seriousness of the problem rather than the seriousness of engaging with it.” The political pundits and scientists suggest that economics sanctions and embargo will soon follow this travel ban and asset frozen and finally military humanitarian intervention follows to install Riek Machar like what had happened in Libya, Iraq and other countries invaded by the US.
The first step against a “target” country is usually the imposition of sanctions- meant to destroy the country’ economy and soften it up for a possible military attack at a later date. Cuba has been sanctioned since 1962. Libya was hit by sanctions from the early 1970s onwards. Afghanistan was sanctioned in 1999. In the 1990s, the rump Yugoslavia was sanctioned. Further draconian sanctions were imposed on Iran (which had already been subjected to sanctions since 1979) on account of a totally unproven nuclear weapons program- with the powerful pro-Israel lobby in America at the forefront of the Iran sanctions campaign. Sudan has been sanctioned since 1997, and there’s been what the US describes as “targeted” sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe since 2003. Syria has been repeatedly sanctioned- even before the ongoing civil war it was sanctioned for being one of the “state sponsors of terrorism.” Sanctions on non-NATO and non-EU member like Belarus were extended earlier this year- and of course we now have US sanctions on Russia.
Various reasons were given for the imposition of sanctions on these states in different parts of the world, but the real reason is never openly stated – namely that they are, or were, all countries independent of the US and their leaders refused to show enough deference to the empire builders of Washington. The countries targeted in this way can of course expect their leaders to be demonized, and more often than not labeled “The New Hitler,” with Vladimir Putin only the latest in a long line of bogeyman. Washington relies on a cravenly pro-US media elite to make sure that the leaders in question get the full-on “boo-hiss” pantomime villain treatment like what Sudantribune is doing everyday. Even if the leader in question has won regular democratic election victories, he can still expect to be referred to as a “dictator” as Yugoslav President Milosevic, Museveni of Uganda and Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He can also be fairly sure to be regularly branded a “war criminal” and “mass murdering tyrant” -labels rarely, if ever, used to describe the US allies such as President Suharto of Indonesia, who presided over the bloodbath in East Timor, in which around 200,000 people were killed or died of hunger, the brutal Chilean dictator General Augusto Pinochet, or indeed Spain’s General Franco or this joker of Euqatorial Guinea mr. Teodoro Obiang who ousted his own uncle in 1978 mr. Fracisco Macias and was sentenced to death on 29.9.1978, executed by firing squad. In july 2003, state-operated radio declared him “ the country’god” and have “ all power over men and things” it also added that the president is in “permanent contact with Almighty “ he can decide to kill without anyone holding me to account and without going to hell.He appointed his son mr.Teodoro Nguema Obiang in 2012 to be a second vice president up to date and possibly he will succeed him. These are kind of presidents the US called “ darlings of democracy”. The “Almighty” is the US , he ( Teodoro) can kill as much as he wants because the oil is flowing to the US and that is what the US wants .
There is an issue which bothers me and other people alot , why Mrs Power didn’t brand the Israeli president Benjamin Nyatenyahu as “ war criminal” for killing thousands of Palestinians or even rise a motion in the UNSC to send peacekeepers to the West Bank to protect the dying Palestinians from Israeli daily bombardment? This is not even double standard ; this is amazing, primitive and misanthropic. One should not crudely try to make everything suit their interest, calling the same thing black today and white tomorrow. All the Western powers , led by US prefer not to be guided by international law on their practical policies, but by the rule of gun shadowed by economics sanctions and travel ban, they sometimes come out openly invading countries and dishonoring the UNSC resolutions like in Libya , when instead of imposing the so-called non-fly zone over it they started bombing and invading it too. They have come to believe in their exclusivity and exceptionalism, that they can decide the destinies of the world, that only they can be right.They act as they please; here and there, they use force against sovereign states, building coalitions based on the principle” if you are not with us ,you are against us.” To make this psychosis aggression look legitimate, they force necessary resolutions from international organisations , and if for some reasons this didn’t work, they simply tend to ignore the UNSC and the UN overall if there is little resistance within coming from Russia and China.
There are numerous write-ups on the debate of whether or not sanctions work; on what sanctions are intended to achieve, and if sanctions-imposers really want sanctions to work the way they declare through their public utterances. Whether sanctions are declared or imposed through individual countries, regional bodies, or through the United Nations, there is always a political context to every sanctions regime. There is always something behind the curtain when US talk of humanitarian interventions, human right abuses and sanctions but one day the world will say enough is enough. US has records of foreign regimes changes for decades either by supporting the rebels, militarily humanitarian intervention ,organizing the popular uprising and fund it through USAID or organizing coups. If these ways fail, they resort to invasion.From Yugoslavia to Somalia, from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Yemen to Libya, and now in Ukraine, the US has intervened under various false pretexts and the result is always the same, destroyed states and massive casualties.For each of these countries the US should have been sanctioned and stopped but the world is passive, subservient or just plain scared that they will be next. But one day the world will say enough is enough to imperialism.Russia and China stopped the US invasion of Syria and what they did to Ukraine is the answer to that but who will really stop the US invasion in south Sudan, Russia or China? I personally don’t know yet because their stand is not clear to me on south Sudan.
The US can not tolerate any power challenging them in their doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance and any possible challenger must be destroyed. Like what they are doing now to Iran and Russia .The US, in their self-anointed role as “masters of the world”, deluded by their own belief in their own exceptionalism, continue to commit atrocities and destroy peoples and states worldwide, and they remain unchallenged. They sell their aggressive wars to the people as “humanitarian interventions” or “democracy” operations, but the reality is that all of the recent US aggressive wars have been and continue to be illegal acts and crimes against humanity and peace but no a single country stood up to challenge their evil acts. I would like to tell the people of US,the people who,since the foundation of their nation and adoption of the Declaration of Independence, have been proud to hold democracy above all else; south Sudan will never go silent if you want to walk on us proudly and unchallengeably as” masters of the world”, you ought to know that we are “ masters of our own”.
If you aggressively invade a country for territory or any other reason it is illegal, if you do the same for ideological reasons or because you are against the president or government it is also illegal. And that is exactly what the US has been engaged in time and time again to expand their empire and promote their interest. Can anyone imagine Guem , an island neighboring Philippine to be under US administration? Do you know how far is the US with Guem? They are not neighbors at all .But the worse of all is that, the people in this island are not allowed to vote in the US presidential elections nor even allow by the US constitution to elect their own local administration. US just hand-pick a typical American not from Guem to be the governor .How do you call that , it is democracy or colonization ? This is what mrs. Power wants, turning the independent country ( south Sudan)to be a territory of the US. The following is a list of countries where the US has organized coup d’états, supported revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders. Again all of these “interventions” were illegal. Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Hawaii, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, USSR, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo) and south Sudan soon will follow.
Funding “popular” anti-government protests movements like in Venezuela and Ukraine before the overthrow of viktor Yanukovych and now funding and training of what the so-called “moderate syrian rebels “against president Assad. The toppling of the governments by their(US) puppets can be portrayed as a “democratic revolution” like in Ukraine and other countries while condemning and killing the same democratic revolution to take place in other countries like Tunisa where the former France president mr. Nicolas Sarkozy sent in troops to crush the protestants but unluckily the troops got Zine El Abidine Bin Ali had flew out of the country to Saudia Arabia two hours ago before they arrive. The same democratic revolution happened in Jordan and Saudia Arabia but it all died down because the US is friend to the governments. Terrorist proxies, described of course as “rebels” and “pro-democracy freedom fighters,” are also used to foment civil war with the aim of destabilizing independently-minded governments -and providing a pretext for a US-led “humanitarian” military intervention. In Yugoslavia, Washington backed the Kosovo Liberation Army in their campaign against the state authorities- while in Syria, in the name of“democracy”, they’ve been actively supporting “rebels” to violently overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad- a government which clearly has more popular support than the rebels.
All what had happened in many countries invaded by US are likely to happen in south Sudan , Imagine Susan Page saying that the rebels in south Sudan are fighting “ a just war”. It is just a matter of time and the US will declare officially their support to Riek’s rebellion and called it “pro-democracy fighters” to fight illegitimate president. If the rebels of Riek need further support, and the supply of arms, equipment and money is not enough, then of course there’s the option of direct military intervention to help them defeat the government- as occurred in Libya in 2011- and which very nearly took place against Syria in the summer of 2013. Full scale boots-on-the-ground invasion- as occurred in Iraq in 2003, is the very last resort- and only used if the other options outlined above like travel ban, assets frozen and economics sanctions didn’t work to their advantage. we were told the invasion of Iraq was due to existent of weapons of mass destruction which threatened us all. A blatant neocon lie-and up to 1m people have lost their lives in Iraq since the mendaciously labeled “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” Mendacity is indeed the hallmark of modern US imperialism.
The current US Empire is a more dishonest project than the British Empire- because at least then the British openly acknowledged having an empire. But the US never acknowledges its empire building- not only that, imperial propagandists have the chutzpah to falsely accuse others of territorial expansionism and of trying to build their own empires- e.g. claiming that the Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic who wanted to build a “Greater Serbia” or that Russia has “invaded” Ukraine. It is clear that by any objective assessment US imperialism is the biggest cause of instability in the world today and has been for many years now. The most serious threat to global peace most certainly wasn’t Milosevic, Putin,Ahmadinejad, Assad, or any of the other ‘New Hitlers’ to emerge in the past thirty years- but the serial aggressor that was targeting their countries. The rise of ISIL and the growth of jihadist groups generally is directly caused by US’s hegemonic aspirations in the Middle East- and its decision to target secular, independently- minded governments such as the ones of Saddam in Iraq, Gadaffi in Libya and Assad in Syria, which were bulwarks against Islamic fundamentalism.
Sometimes it seems to be an almost useless fight to try to bring the truth to the American people and the world given the way they have been lied to and convinced of their own exceptionalism but the truth must be known and in the end it is only the truth that will set us all free from tyranny. Even simple readers from the West and West sympathizers in Africa have been conditioned to attack the messenger for the message and try to discredit anyone who shows them the illegality of their leaders, I am sure I will be attacked for what I have written here but if one person sees the truth then the effort was worth it.
To conclude, I want to make it very crystal clear, as they(US) always say , to the US, UK , UN and their sympathizers that your days are numbered and the war you are trying to weigh on south Sudan is very expensive and I want to assure you that south Sudan can’t and will never be like Libya and Iraq that you have easily invaded, you will never get away without this time.
The writer is south Sudan citizen and can be reached at

By Peter Ngor Atem, Kenya

Kuol Manyang Juuk, current South Sudan Minister for Defense and former governor of Jonglei state

Kuol Manyang Juuk, current South Sudan Minister for Defense and former governor of Jonglei state

March 20, 2015 (SSB)  –  “Where there is an elder, they say, things hardly go astray”. I have read from many African literature books. Sources within Bor of 3 counties are peculiarly vocal tellers of this. In the past, an elderly person is regarded an embodiment of any body of knowledge. He’s possessed with sufficient knowledge, wisdom, logics and insightful judgment. That when he speaks, everybody else lends a keen ear.

And after a long narration, the thoughtful questions follow from the attentive audience. They would want to know how things came to being. For example, the reason as to why witches die if they happen to be married in so and so lineage. And why people from that sub-clan are tall, ‘red’ and baby-faced. All sorts of questions. All ‘W,H’ questions are allowable.

In light of the aforementioned, the adage was put that ” ke ye raandit ting ke reer ace meth ting ke kac ni rel nhom” (what an elderly person sees while seated, a young person cannot see it while standing atop the molehill). It is also echoed that ‘old age is gold’.

The elders reflect the past to chart their way to the future. They act as a think tank of the communities. When they roar, everyone else keeps lip-tied. It is impermissible to air an idea in contradiction with their declared position.

Charity, they say, begins at home. Hon. Eng. Kuoldit, we earnestly need you to return home and expose the content of your head to us. We, Bor: Bor, Twic, Nyarweng, Hol- are all dependent upon you in as far as the application of above stated body of knowledge is concerned. You’re a moral campus of Bor community. Unlike many others, you’re well read, exposed and consumed with knowledge and wisdom on the roles of elderly persons in the society.

Your utterances and deeds are always insightful. Tell the hatemongers within our community that we’re the children of the same soil. Tell them that the house divided within itself cannot stand.

We only hold you in high profile because the rest of Bor elders have breached the undertaking of confidence and trust we had in them in one way or another.

They easily take sides in petty issues in which a wise elder worth his salt can turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to. They run loose lips. They are shadows of their own selves. They spit venom, which poisons people’s unity.

Many years ago, when one died we all bereaved. When one achieved, we all rejoiced in their achievement. Generally, we acted as collaboratively as one people held by strong bonds.

Typical example of our past brotherhood (sisterhood?) is this. When my uncle in the name of Malual Aweng Chol untimely demised in 1970s,the sad news echoed to the edges of the Bor land. From Abii to Hol were, with the same magnitude as Pakeer, shaken by the news. Everybody from Cuei-Keer to Cuei-Thon shared in the bereavement and the grief, which engulfed Pakeer Soil.

It was not because they were too idle as to beat boredom in shedding crocodile tears. They were indeed shedding genuine tears ignited by the great loss, which visited upon the people of Pakeer Payam whom they considered their blood brothers and sisters.

Taking cognizance of the foregoing, where has that love lost? What incited Bor people against each other? Are political betrayals, if there are, responsible for sibling rivalry hovering over the land of Bor people? Are we a soft target through which the political bigwigs from other communities ride their agendas? Are we mere punch bags to other people? It is only your answers, which can satisfactorily be musical to my ear and entire readership, Eng. Kuoldit.

Eng. Kuol Manyang, you’re more than an important person in Bor community. Your importance is unquantifiable. Your contributions to SPLA/M, South Sudan and by extension Bor community are immeasurable.

Your track record before, during and after the struggle for self-determination is consistent and straightforward. It is unfettered with anything.

Rebellion, power greed, cowardice, leader-worship among other factors, which acted, as an impediment in the struggle for independence, are aliens to you. A few people would frequently go to Khartoum and come back. Some would go to their villages and mobilise their people against SPLA/M but you steadfastly remained devoted to the good cause: struggle for freedom.

You stood neck to neck with Dr. John Garang Mabior. You, inter alia, gave Dr. John Garang a lion’s heart in toughest times in the history of struggle for independence. You only aired diverse and hotly contested views in private from which Dr. John Garang would formulate his wise and effective decisions. You used to read from the same script with Dr. John Garang in public. You were never accused of any form of insubordination or infighting.

More often than not, you gave Dr. John Garang a shoulder to lean on whenever he was emotionally, psychologically down while in the bushes of South Sudan.

Hon. Eng. Kuoldit, do you know you’re an unrivalled moral campus, a wheel on which our political future rotates now? The consistent loyalty you pledged to your seniors culminated into the country we have today from repressive and oppressive successive Khartoum’s governments.

Hon. Eng. Kuoldit, people are eager to know why we’re too fragile and prone to political risks in south Sudan. For example, a Non-Dinka Bor bugger may decide to take up arms against the government, and ironically it is your people who finally bear the brunt of that rebellion. We get attacked from left, right and centre either man-made or natural causes.

Unapologetically, we are indeed the endangered species in South Sudan. And that’s why our very existence is constantly under threat. Best moment is now when we must come together and strategize on our tomorrow.

Eng. Kuol, people fear you. They say you’re a hawk-eyed person. You don’t suffer fools gladly. A tall, brown and brave-faced man whose looks spark both fear and respect. You’re not too quick in answering things before meaningful digestion. Again, you don’t run loose lips on sensitive issues. That the decisions you make in military and political positions you have ever held are always or nearly Solomonic.

Owing to that truism, I urge you Engineer to rise up to the occasion and rekindle the desires, orientation and aspirations of Bor people, which are interminably shattering. The end has actually begun in Bor soil. And hope is fast losing its very essence. Everything good is virtually fading away.

The people of Bor are fully aware of the fact that they’re joined at the hip in more ways than one: geographically, linguistically, culturally, agriculturally and politically. They eat together. Elders inflate their daughters’ dowries with the same proportions. Elders jointly drink traditional liquors under shades.

Youths talk politics. They marry from each other. Women gossip together. Men play games: chess, domino, 14,tok-ku-rou etc, with same playing pattern.

They ridicule themselves in songs. Generally, similarities substantially outweigh dissimilarities as far as Bor community is concerned.

Funnily, they’re now acting in theatre art. They are hiding behind the smokescreen that everything is okay while in actuality people are badly divided due to current political dynamics in the country. This animosity is gaining currency on each passing day. They feign ignorance in regard to this underlying animosity.

Hon. Eng. Kuoldit, this doesn’t call for kids’ gloves. It needs a man of your caliber, who is well endowed with wealth of knowledge in all issues touching on Bor people either politically or socially or economically, to address it forthwith. This brewing misunderstanding must be nipped at the buds once and for all! Now, Sir!

Gen. Eng. Kuoldit, tell them that you’re not reinventing the wheel. But for the sake of prosperity of Bor community, they must accept each other. There’s a dire need to speak in one voice so that we don’t fail prey to our hovering enemies: Murle, flood, wildlife, and rebellion among others.

Eng. Kuol, your people are hungry, frustrated and despondent. They lack food, open to constant attacks from thorn-like Murle neighbours. And now, white army of Dr. Riek Machar. If they get settled after one tragedy, the other starts.

As I pen down this piece, there’s fear of Murle moving towards Bor land to ‘express their unhappiness’ with the government’s decision of suspending Juba-Pibor road construction. Are we the government? Is Bor a government’s headquarters? Are we the producer of the country’s CEO? What is wrong with this small-minded tribe whose minds are always preoccupied with making Bor restless and unstable!

Think about your people, Eng. Kuoldit. Search your conscience! Tell your people elected MPs of Bor to think about their constituents. Sorry, I mean people who vote them into their fame, wealth, power and prestige. Sometimes, they feel left out in getting sumptuous government positions.

For example, GOSS, in its wisdom, can decide to give three ministerial positions to Twic East County and leave other two counties, Bor and Duk, empty-handed. Our government, wallahi, is wise! Did I say wisdom? This pits them against themselves.

The obvious reaction from the two counties is that Twic East County portrayed us in bad light to the government. That they smeared us with mud and that’s why the government is keeping us at bay in its appointments. Of course, the two counties will become disenfranchised. They will start squabbles among themselves. This automatically can open them to foreign bodies: abuse, mockery, ridicule etc.

Metaphorically saying, there’s enough food for everyone in Bor community but people don’t know how to ration it. The tragedy is that there’s no one who can make a good distributor. Everybody wants to get it all or a lion’s share of the same. Tragedy of the commons is at its peak here. They tear it into parts and by the end of it all they resort to war of words which later graduate to war of fists.

Since they fear your stature, come to their midst and share it on 50-50 basis. If it is limited, then invest it in one person who’s seemingly selfless, unifying, resilient and considerate in Bor land.

It is only you who can pinpoint who’s capable of doing what in Bor land. You can best vet military, organizational and academic capabilities of Bor sons and daughters. This is because you’ve known them each day and night. You have tendered some of them militarily.

You mentored many of them: Gen. Ruei Phot, Lt. Gen. Jok Riak among others. Your courage, consistency and commitment got integrated into their DNA.

Hon. Eng. Kuoldit, your people: the young, the old, women and men, are embroiled in war of name-calling. Most of them are reduced to political power wielders’ flunkies. They are fighting themselves tooth and nail to prove who fits more, in the eyes of the power wielders, than other.

They feign blindness to the fact that regimes come and go and people remain. They’ve taken the alleged attempted Coup to tear them aside.

Tell them that the ongoing war pitted the Government on one side against Dr. Riek and disciplines on the other; not Bor community against itself. Nor is it G-11 who were exonerated of Treason Charges by High Courts of South Sudan. They have entirely owned this to heighten hatred and tension, which, before then, were inconsequential.

In Nairobi, some of the students of Universities and Colleges from Bor Counties congregate in coffee lounges to tell off each other’s community. Instead of discussing academic related issues, some are reduced into small souls whose agenda are gossiping which, in my community, are synonymous with women. They say student X shook hands with big person Y, so student X is a rebel.

Others would take it to the extreme levels as follows. “Amol Mayen, move out of here! We don’t share table with people who’re subsisting on the blood of their own people. You’re a disgrace- a disappointment to the community of Bor. Our people were mindlessly massacred. Your people were advertently bypassed by Wen Adit aka Gatwic Dual by reason that your sons and daughters are two faces of the same coin with the rebels”. Michael Mading would lecture.

After a five-minute recovery from a shock occasioned by Michael Mading’s poisoned statement, Amol Mayen would hit back, “thiooo, ayuur, look at you! While we were fighting Arabs in the bushes of Sudan, many of your guys were enjoying beacons and butter in Khartoum. Now you’re trying to divert the blame onto us.

Do you think I don’t know so and so of your community had a big bungalow with a five-meter parameter wall in Khartoum when gunshots were raining and reigning Junub Sudan. Most of your bigwigs blindly followed Dr Riek in 1991 and the then massacre became a bread-winning project to them.

It slowly but surely graduates from friendly verbal brawl to a full-blown physical war. Obviously, they will fight it out physically. You see how cheap we’ve become! Hon. Eng. Kuoldit, this debate is replicated in many avenues-bars, eateries, social gatherings, Facebook, Sport clubs etc, and it is increasingly escalating .

It is a commonplace agenda of discussion in Junub Sudan, neighboring countries and overseas. This debate must be castigated! It only deserves to be treated infantile at best and at worst as an expression of express nothing.

As a man well schooled with left-brain engineering skills, it is doable. Uniting them is doable. Apply your engineering prowess. Just as a father does to his kids, put us on the right footing, which serves the interest of Bor people. Bor’s political interest can only be realized if we peg it on peace, love and harmony.

My analytical inference from these mindless accusations and counter-accusations is that, our people are nearly off the cliff. Someone somewhere is pushing them off the cliff with intent to make them lock horns.

What is waiting is over and above what we are seeing now, Sir. What we see now is basically a mere tip of an iceberg. Unless the situation is arrested and sanity restored, endless conflict is on the offing, Eng. Kuoldit!

In light of the aforesaid brewing division, Eng. Kuoldit, we want to constantly see you vocal and articulate on this Unity of Bor in its three counties. This is no tongue-in-the-cheek moment as it is your culture. Eng. Kuoldit, you will be doing injustice if you keep silence at this hour of need! Stand on your feet and talk!

Send your peace commissars to preach peace and unity across the globe especially Nairobi. Advise them in the local dailies. Frequently seek audience on the SSTV and radios. Hold exclusive Bor community meetings with them. Tell them the principle underpinning the story of an old man with his ten sons and bundle of sticks. Tell them to forgive each other and move on!

In conclusion, J.K Rowling once asserted, “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”.   We have no other choice other than unite or else we perish together.

Long live United Bor people! Long live United Jonglei State! Long live United South Sudan!

The writer, Peter Ngor Atem, is a South Sudanese student of Law at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. He can be reached at

By Zechariah James Machar, EGYPT

March 20, 2015 (SSB)  –  Dear Patriot citizens and nationals of South Sudan, I dedicated this letter in order to educate the people who were less-informed about South Sudan’s conflict and how we shamefully disgraced ourselves when we chose to be led by the deceiver Salva Kiir.

In this Open letter, I will demonstrate why Salva Kiir does not deserve to continue being the country’s president. The self-claim president Salva kiir Mayardit gave a deceitful speech on Saturday, March 14/2015 at a political function at which he briefed members of his government on the outcome of the last round of talk in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. On his speech he said;

I did not kill anybody to become president.

It is widely believed that in every society there must be a leader who is mandated to take care of the community concerns. Salva Kiir being the representative of South Sudan means he must accept responsibility for every action occurred in the country. A leader is a person who takes the leads in blame situation rather than credit.

Mr. President you don’t have to be physically involved in the killing of Nuer or the shooting of Wau demonstrators to be a murderer. It is about sitting and watching your men discriminately killing the citizens they supposed to protect.

In 2012 you willingly instructed General Paul Malong Awan to recruit militias known by the name “Gelweng” from greater Bhar El Ghazal states. This particular militia group was the leading actors of Juba’s Nuer Massacre in December 15th /2013.

Before Nuer Genocide was the event in which your men fire live bullets at a demonstration held by Wau’s residents in December 2012; the reason for the killing was because Wau locals protested your proposal to relocate Wau town to Bagari.

Nor did I impose myself.

Mr. President you had been forcing yourself on South Sudanese since 2004 when you were jail by Dr. John Garang. It was Dr. Machar who convinced the movement chairperson to drop his accusation for peace’s sake; it was him who persuaded Dr. John Garang that you did not intent to defect by conducting a series of consultation that resulted in Rumbek conference.

Recalling back May 9th 2014 agreement, you! Mr. President officially broadcasted an unforgettable statement solidly saying; “I’m the president of South Sudan and I must always remain in that position as the president; the leader of that country.” Click on this link to see the video:

Mr. President how can you rectify a wide spread statement that is witnessed by a millions of people? It is simple you just helped the World to accurately interpret your desire to remain in power. It has been a common habit of African’s leaders to leave the Presidential Palace to coffin but unfortunately we apologize that South Sudan will never be rule by a dictator.

People Voted for me to become their president.

How could Sudan’s vice president claim presidency of an independent state of South Sudan? When was the independency of South Sudan? And when was the latest election held in South Sudan?

I would have answered all of these questions but I will leave my friend Mr. Riang Yer Zuor Nyak to lecture you the details on how Salva Kiir attacked on his own Legitimacy claim.

Link for Riang’s Article:

But as a tip, Salva kiir occupied the presidency by chance and he wrote his resignation letter to the people of South Sudan in the night of December 15th/2013.

I am not power hungry and not interested in power acquired through killing and destruction.

Mr. President It was because of your love of power that you frequently postponed to convene a meeting of the Sudan’s people liberation movement (SPLM) party’s highest executive organ, the Political Bureau in fear of losing the candidacy of the party in the country’s 2015 general election.

Mr. President the civil population noticed that the former SPLM secretary general Pagan Amum and his deputy Anne Itto had spent time trying to persuade you to accept the call for SPLM Political Bureau meeting. Mr. President if you are not after power why did you draw redlines to any proposal that interrogate your position as the president of South Sudan in June 2014.

Mr. President if you are not for killing and destruction, why you did invited Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF), JEM, and SPLM-N to exterminate your people and demolish your own country?

Many People among you know that.

Mr. President, after going through your previous speeches, I personally found it strenuous to accept the fact that you are sincere in every speech you give whether it was in the past, present or future.

Mr. President, it is obvious that there was no veracity on your latest briefing to the members of your government when you blamelessly said; “I did not kill anybody to become the president nor did I impose myself. People voted for me to become their president. I am not power hungry and not interested in power acquired through killing and destruction. Many people among you know that.”

Link to confirm:

Dear compatriot South Sudanese, as you can see how deceitful Salva kiir is what is going to be your TAKEAWAY MESSAGE to your community and friends?

Are you going to ignore this Open letter because of your tribal domination? or you are going to help spreading this message to aware the world about Salva Kiir’s behavior in South Sudan.

It’s up to you to decide. Sometime people die rectifying national issues when other dies on the fact that they are isolated from community due to their person searching (Selfishness).

South Sudan is for all and All for South Sudan!

Long live South Sudan.!

Long live citizens and nationals of South Sudan.!

Zechariah James Machar, is a political activist and the SPLM Youth League Chapter Secretary General in Egypt you can reach him through The view expressed in this Open letter does not reflect my political position as the Chapter Secretary of SPLM-YL in Egypt but my personal view.

Better Sanctions Than Signing a Bad Peace

Posted: March 20, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Taban Abel Aguek, Rumbek

UN Sanction

UN Sanction

March 20, 2015 (SSB)  –  The efforts for peace in South Sudan by IGAD and the International Community since the conflict broke out in December 2013 indicate how the world cares about South Sudan.

Much as the coup did fail in Juba, the carnage that has been precipitated by its overflow in places like Bor, Malakal and Bentiu remains the worst. It resulted in a piece of shame that we will never erase in the history of South Sudan.

For more than fourteen months now IGAD, TROIKA and the UN have been exerting tireless efforts for peace in South Sudan. However, it is important to note that availing a wrong peace is worse than war itself. It is a serious waste to place on table a peace agreement that will never stay.

It may be in the best interest of South Sudan and the region to expedite peace; but signing peace is one thing but keeping it is another. That is why peace negotiations cannot be given a fixed time. And that is why peace is being negotiated between Palestine and Israel for years now. Maybe Kenyans are right in their saying, “haraka haraka haina baraka”, (hurrying up with things carry no blessing).

So, why rush with negotiations when tangible issues are not agreed? Human lives continue to be lost but that is due to the fact that Riek and his group fail to respect the cessation of hostilities agreement.

When making peace, it must be efforts of both the mediators and the negotiators to ensure a complete remedy is availed. All in all, peace can never be designed in a way that it serves the interests of one tribe in a country inhabited by more than 60 tribes. Otherwise, it would result in another endless conflict.

The war in South Sudan is indeed a senseless war. But should not make it deserve senseless solution as well. Rather, it must be matched with solutions that are realistic and acceptable to all people of South Sudan. If IGAD and TROIKA representatives have the same feelings as we do and try to put themselves in our shoes today, they could certainly see these useless demands by Dr. Riek Machar quite differently.

Dr. Riek’s demands at the peace talks are not only impossible but they also show the world that Riek does not want peace in South Sudan. The Government of South Sudan has conceded a lot of issues at the talks just for the sake of peace; but that has been badly abused by the opposition. The opposition needed to have reciprocated the Government’s faithful concessions at the talks instead of using the same as the point of weakness to exploit.


The argument by the opposition to keep two armies in the country does not indicate any readiness for peace. Riek as reported in the media claimed that seventy percent of the army defected with him at the start at the conflict. But there is no baseline from which it can truly be placed. The Nuer tribe prior to the conflict had a big representation in the army but still it could not reach the claimed 70%.

It also happened because of the reintegration of several Nuer based militia groups that were aligned to Sudan before the South – South Dialogue. Dr Riek should be made to drop the argument about the two armies or anything like amalgamation and go for the reintegration of the two armies under one command to ensure trust and togetherness in the SPLA ones and for all. Amalgamation of the two armies may plant in the SPLA the white army that was mobilized and armed without proper training.

And the admission of white army may amount to call for ‘gelweng’ of Dinka and the ‘arrow boys’ of Equatoria to be included in the army. To allow this to happen may render the national army not only fragile and fragmented but also inflated and bloated.

Federalism has been a call by a section of South Sudanese. But it has no recorded public backing since it has not been put on a referendum. Still, even if all South Sudanese agree on federalism, there can be no way it can be applied straight away after the war. It is necessary to have census conducted prior to re-division of states into 21 or more federal states.

There are more important things to do before we can embark on federalism. South Sudanese deserve a just peace and national reconciliation first before anything else. It should be the transitional government to undertake issues that are deemed “firsts” before we embark on federalism now.

The wealth sharing is another issue that got many of us baffled. It is difficult to comprehend why in the first place was wealth sharing included in the talks. The demand for wealth sharing under the ratios the opposition has suggested is a straight call for war. Dr. Riek and his group must tell us all what did they do in this country to earn them the right to sit and tell us how they want to share out wealth?

It seems the opposition wants to argue for a CPA-like agreement but the first thing they ought to know is that South Sudan was an entity that had existed like a country for decades. South Sudan was granted semi autonomy and that enhanced for a model that was to suit a two states solution. It can never be applied here now and there is no a single justification for it in solving South Sudan crisis.

Countries like Kenya did experience violence over power in the recent past. And Uhuru Kenyatta should have an insight into what a tribal conflict is since he was accused of supporting his tribe, Kikuyu and in particular a sect of outlaws called ‘Mungiki’ in the fight against the Kalenjin tribe during the 2007 post election violence. There was sense in sharing power in Kenya because the elections were contested by two parties, ODM and PNU.

But in our case, a former VP sacked under the constitutional jurisdictions of the President, that power be shared is a way to accept peace; otherwise, Dr Riek should have been asked to drop guns and come contest elections either in the party, SPLM or General elections.

South Sudanese are not ready to give away the country in the name of reforms. Reforms cannot be guessed in the faces of negotiators. Riek is not a reformist; rather he is a disgruntled opportunist who is just trying to cling at every floating straw. His reforms agenda is a hoax. He didn’t rebel because of reforms either. If Riek’s demands are the perceived reforms then there is no need for peace at all.

I believe that African dictators are made. And for sure, if Kiir becomes a dictator and South Sudan becomes a hostile state it will be blamed only frustrations. Mugabe and Zimbabwe may have been frustrated to choose to stand against the West after the realities presented by Zimbabweans were neglected by some external powers.

The West and USA, in particular, stepped into Kenyans issues prior to 2013 general elections and declared that “choices have consequences” in an attempt to sway Kenyans from voting-in both Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. This made Kenyans to become even more defiant. They chose to look no other way than to point in the eye of the US, voting in what Kenyans wanted and not what the external forces wanted them to.

The ICC was meant to intimidate and dictate what path Kenya should take, but it turned out to haunt its own proprietors. ICC became the launch pad from which the 2013 Kenyan Elections were based as tribal sympathies override the real issues that affect a common Kenyan citizen.

The threats of sanctions on South Sudan could serve the same purpose the ICC was for Kenya: to pressurize the government so as to hurriedly sign peace. Yet, signing a wrong peace agreement means a return to war.

South Sudan cannot manage the situation that happened in Egypt where leadership was swung all around like a pendulum. The talks in Addis Ababa can possibly produce a good agreement but only if the mediators keep away from external influence and stop condoning Dr. Riek’s impossible demands.

It is my belief that IGAD knows South Sudan very well. It is in the expectation of South Sudanese that IGAD and whoever that stands behind it – TROIKA or EU – be bold enough to ask Riek to shove or shelf all his impossible demands.

The circumstances under which the current war broke out are not comparable with those of the last North – South War. Therefore, there is no way whatsoever the same CPA mechanisms can be applied in the case of the current war. Peace is all South Sudanese need but it must be a genuine one. For signing a wrong peace is signing a return to war.

Better sanctions than sign a wrong peace!

Taban Abel Aguek works in Rumbek – South Sudan. He can be reached at

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