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Mastering the art of assigning roles to Scapegoats Mastering the art of assigning roles to Scapegoats

In summary of this open letter, you, the politicians who have christened yourselves ‘Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders (JCE)’, are responsible for the reputation of the community and the safety of witnesses and critics under the ‘politics of escapism and hypocrisy’ you are fanning in South Sudan. This is evidenced in your widespread public and media campaigns, which have even spilled over to international forums.

The first thing that struck my mind the very day I saw the so-called leaked version of the AUCISS Report was: “O my God, how will the witnesses survive in the hands of this regime!” Given the reports and records we know about the reactions of the government towards dissents, and the prediction to what will happen to the people whose names have been inadvertently or intentionally exposed in that pullout version of the Obasanjo Report…

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