Africa and the ICC

Posted: June 16, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël in Africa, Commentary, Contributing Writers

By Natale Ngong

June 16, 2015 (SSB)  —  Bashir has evaded justice again in South Africa! There is no hope left that an African country can execute international arrest warrant because of the propaganda to which the ICC itself has been subjected. It is now clear that African heads of states and governments are pushing to form cartel of criminals who support themselves from range of threats, from domestic dissent to international sanctions.

They have common problems and interests topped by need to remain in power indefinitely. Their common problem is dissent within which at times involve, rebellion, uprising among others.

Democracy or human rights is almost becoming a taboo to mention as they are believed to be western terminologies which a true African should loath. The leaders on this continent are moving towards something very selfish and the citizens should not give them that opportunity!

The argument which always feature and used by many as a justification for antagonizing ICC is that it is targeting African. Really? Do we want the court to allocate number of culprits equally and proportionally to the rest of the world regardless of who did what?

It is laughable that Africans leaders instead asking why they fall victims of crimes against humanity, have decided to brand ICC as negative institution.

The ICC seems to target Africans in my opinion just because you don’t understand what human rights are and this is the part of the world where human suffering is unimaginable. Your weak, partial judicial system does provide justice to victims and the only remedy is ICC!

By the way, cases are dealt with individually and the question should always be whether you are guilty or not. Not why Bush or Netanyau is not issue a warrant too as if to say you ordered Janjaweed militia to attack Darfur women and children together with them.

The innocent citizens in Africa need ICC to protect them from ruthless regimes that care only for political loyalists. What is happening is not in the best interest of the Africans as people but a decision of those who have formed a cartel to fend themselves off from haunting ICC.

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