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EULOGY TO GEN. KUOL MALITH: You founded my family and my nation!

Posted: December 9, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan



Dear fellow citizens,

Please, join me with Isaiah Kuot Kuol, Malith Reech’s Family, Paggol Clan, Aboudit Section, Jalle Payam, Bor Community, Jonglei State and the Republic of South Sudan in eulogizing our son, our father, our leader, the liberator; Gen. Kuol Malith Reech, who — after battling a fatal bullet wound and cancer — passed on a few hours ago….!

Dear Uncle Kuol,

The Late Gen. Kuol Malith being decorated with an additional rank of a major general, just a few weeks after he got out of a deadly wound from the Hospital.The Late Gen. Kuol Malith saluting Gen. Malong Awant after being decorated with new pips of the rank of a major general, just a few weeks after he got out of a deadly wound from the Hospital.

I hate choice for one thing: it is a random tool used by rampant death! This is where my democracy stops. If we were asked, Uncle, we would vote someone else to go that destiny, not you this round!

You dodged several bullets, but the most fatal one, in defence of…

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How Khartoum Regime is using her political returnees to mess up the SPLM as a party along with South Sudan with series of scams, spams and blackmail conspiracies successful plots

By Simon Garang, Kampala, Uganda

G-10 at garang graves

G-10 praying at John Garang’s grave in Juba

December 9, 2015 (SSB)  —  Those who returned from Khartoum are not known for knowing any rule of law as you alleged, but are known to be cowards, professional scammers, spammers and blackmail cone artists.

Since they are dumping, deportation and expulsion from Khartoum by their masters to whom they have been selling the interests of the Dinka and South Sudan for food of plates, they blamed their master and demi-god Al Beshir for betraying their loyalties and services to him and handed them over to the SPLM/A liberated South Sudan.

They demanded that Al Beshir lobby Salva Kiir for their employment and feeding, Kiir accepted to receive them as South Sudanese regardless of their historical disloyalty and betrayal to the Dinka and South Sudanese cause. Kiir didn’t recalled that this people were sworn enemies of South Sudan and the Dinka. He thought they had realized the realities and abandoned their treacheries to the Dinka and South Sudanese.


By Majok Arol Dhieu, Rumbek, South Sudan

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December 9, 2015 (SSB)  —  Lakes state was an agrarian state but conflict make no way through and therefore the majority malevolent youths have opted to get their food by looting. If there were no manufacturers of cars, airplanes, goods etc. still we could keep alive but without farmers, we should die of hunger.

South Sudanese even before the conflict erupted have chosen politics as the source of getting money and feed families with that ill-gotten wealth. Therefore, the idea of farming becomes as hard as peace between Dr. Riak and President Kiir.