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By Job Kiir Garang (Kiir-Agou), Edmonton, Canada

riek going to juba.jpgDecember 23, 2015 (SSB) When I look at South Sudan, I must admit that I am growing pessimistic day after day. The leadership is dwarfed to its very knees. There seems to be no hope insight. The way the country is being ran by the greedy few has led to the sort of sentiment that can only arise in a depressed society. People are fed up. Their outcry is there for everyone to see.

I do not, however, want to believe that there are no genuine leaders who can steer South Sudan to a better direction. Of course they are there. They are just obscured by the sort of power struggle that, more often than not, has delivered the sort of threat that has scared or threatened many in the political discourse in our country.

Is there a glimpse of hope out there for us to delve into? The answer is yes.


It is Christmas again!

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By Kon Joseph Leek

Here come the Christmas

Here come the Christmas again

Like the sun that rises and sets everyday

Like the river that flows to one direction all the times until it is dried up and picks the same trend when it is full again

Like the clouds that haphazardly roams the blue sky in search of the unknown

Like water Lilly that floats on the waters moving to unspecified directions all the times – so is the Christmas