Letter of Congratulations to Governors Philip Aguer Panyang Jot

Posted: December 29, 2015 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Letters, Press Release

Letter of Congratulations to HE. Col Philip Aguer Panyaang

December 28, 2015

Agwer panyang Jot

Governor Philip Agwer Panyang Jot of Jonglei

His Excellency Col. Philip Aguer Panyaang

Governor-Elect, Jonglei State

Federal Republic of South Sudan

Your Excellency,

December 29, 2015 (SSB) — On behalf of the Bor-based Twich East Youth Welfare Association (TEYWA), and the entire membership of the Twich East community in Jonglei State, we wish to congratulate you for a well-deserved appointment as the Governor of new Jonglei State.

The launch of this new paradigm of power devolution in South Sudanese politics comes at a very crucial time just at the implementation of the South Sudanese Compromise Peace Agreement and we are very happy to be able to rely on your stewardship, in particular with respect to peace and stability, safe return and recovery process of IDPs/refugees, health, Education and infrastructural development in Jonglei State.

While thanking God for his mercies and protection over you throughout the duration of your military tenure, we also pray to God to grant you the wisdom, knowledge and courage to continue to lead our dear state (Jonglei) to enviable heights. Your impressive pedigree and antecedents confirm you will always succeed in running Jonglei State.

We at the Twich East Youth Welfare Association (Bor) would like to seize this opportunity to inform Your Excellency about our support and willingness to partner with you to ensure the achievement of good Governance for all citizens in Jonglei State.

We wish you every success with your newly assumed responsibilities.

Long Live the Unity of Jonglei People!

Long Live SPLM Party!

Long Live the Unity of South Sudan People!

Yours Sincerely,

Undersigned by:

  1. Akuei Kuereng Awai-Chairperson, TEYWA
  2. Garang Deng Mabior-D/Chairperson-TEYWA
  3. Chol Deng Yol- Secretary General/Acting Chairperson (TEYWA)
  4. Anyar Dhieu Ngong (Legal Secretary-TEYWA)
  5. Garang Agou Deng (Information Secretary-TEYWA)
  6. Atem Biar Atem (Developmental affairs)
  7. Michael Atem Aleu (External affairs)
  8. Mabior Atem (information)
  9. Deng Kongor Ajak (Organizing secretary)
  10. Simon Piok Awai (Advisor)
  11. Duot Diing Duot (Advisor)
  12. Chol Deng Angui (Ajuong Payam leader)
  13. Dau Manyok (Pakeer Payam leader)
  14. Mayom Dit Deng (Kongor Payam leader)
  15. Atem Duot Atem (Lith Payam leader)
  16. Lual Mayen ( Dacuek Boma leader)
  17. Biar Atem Ajak (Awulian Boma)
  18. Deng Dau Juach ( Ayual Boma)

TWIC EAST YOUTH WELFARE ASSOCIATION, BORTOWN – JONGLEI STATE. Plot No. 02A Block P. Lekyak estate, Email address: choldengyol@yahoo.com

  1. jdaau says:

    Twich East Youth Welfare Association, while I appreciate your association just from the name, I wonder how you would succeed in welfare programs without representation of women among your team? It appears the list of officials of the welfare association is strictly men.


  2. atem atem says:

    They have connections with other Twic East welfare in abroad which is full with women. One is lead by strong woman in Australia one example. But thanks for concern.


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