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Press statement from Emmanuel Jieng Parish

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Statement from Emmanuel Parish Church Council over the raw by Unknown Group of Youth during the Church Service

Bishop Garang Anyieth Jakdit

Bishop Nathaniel Garang Anyieth: The Spiritual Leader of our Time

May 29, 2016 (SSB) — The Parochial Church Council regret over the raw initiated by non-congregants during the church service at Emmanuel on Sunday, the 29/05/2016. The raw-group were dressed in black T-shirts holding pictures of Late Generals Abraham Jongroor Deng and Kuol Malith Reech and also indicated the name of Ajak Yen who were killed in the recent war. Their intention was to provoke the church into chaos, which did not happen.

The group claimed to be disappointed by the visit of the First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny last Sunday, the 22nd May 2016, accusing the church to have allowed him to pray and addressed the congregation, because they termed the church to be tribal while the church is the body of Christ where everybody has right to exercise his Christian rites.


Confronting realities of identity politics is the effective means of solving problems in South Sudan

By Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala, Uganda

hate speech

May 29, 2016 (SSB)  —  Identifying problems and deal with them as they are without pretending that they are not there is the best way of ending unending problems.

In South Sudan, leaders and some of the “educated citizens” are living in self-denial that the country and politics is not defined by tribes, which is not true. In actual sense, all intellectuals and leaders’ actions are defined by tribal influences.

However, there is hypocrisy as these bunches of intellectuals consider nationalists only in speaking.  This is why they condemn leaders speaking their own mother tongues in public or on National TV or when they closely associate with their own tribe-mates.

I came to realize this hypocrisy when President Kiir spoke in Dinka language in Rumbek in 2014 or so. He was telling the truth as to why people continued to kill each other yet there was a war going on.


This Sunday, while searching for God in the Holy Book, I found instead a sexist primitive preachers of disrespect and chauvinistic teachings against women

By Amer Mayen Dhieu, Brisbane, Australia


May 29, 2016 (SSB)  —  I was baptized without my due permission. My religion is a choice from my parents. A perfect choice of course because I have come to like being a Christian, more or less just like how we all like our various religions. However, as I became a grown up, mature Christian and started dating an atheist, I was urged to validate my religion especially the existence of Super Being who I, along with many Christians, believe to be my creator. The quest for the fundamental answers was to tame my doubts, reaffirm my convictions and more importantly to be able to preach what I know confidently to whoever question me about my religion.

I started meditating after I got involved with many personal commitments that demand my full attendance and participation on Sundays. From this time onward, I didn’t have enough time at hand for Church prayers; thus, my only avenue to stay connected to my faith was through meditation. Each morning, I would wake up, and took five to ten minutes of meditation, most often, depending on how much time I have before starting driving to work. This ad hoc routine became my culture of faith and the biggest way of finding pure answers I needed to conceal all the doubts and curiosity then swelling within me. In search for my spiritual answers, I ended up discovering, appreciating and believing there is something special and spiritual “right there” that none of us knows not his or her exact name.


By David Mayen Ayarbior, Juba, South Sudan

swearing in of dr. riek machar

The swearing in of Dr. Riek Machar as 1st vice president of South Sudan under the TGoNU

May 29, 2016 (SSB)  —-  In my last article I proposed that let the lifespan of TGoNU be extended to five years instead of two. I based my proposal on at least two grounds. First, the current peace agreement has brought a much needed halt to what was going to be a total state collapse. It would take more than Somali’s over two decades without fixing.

The people who became the primary victims of the brinkmanship of our revolutionaries need this peace for as long as possible. To them, it does not really matter whether the President is a Dinka, Nuer, Bari or Shilluk. What matters to the people is being able to take their children to school safely without getting caught in crossfire or, worse still, gang rapped by manipulated young men who do not fully appreciate what the term nation-state means. Those who care about the Presidency are the ones who want elections in 2018, but not for the people’s sake.


Mading Ngor: Why we stormed Emmanuel Jieng Parish today

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Mading Ngor

“There comes a time when the nation is more important than an individual,” said former vice president of Kenya, Professor George Saitoti.

By Pal Chol Nyan, Juba, South Sudan

Interns helping the wounded at Juba Teaching Hospital

May 29, 2016 (SSB)  —-  In a surprise move and according to a well-placed source, the Health Authority circulated a strongly worded letter to all the Heads of Departments in Juba Teaching Hospital directing them, with threats of a carrot and stick policy in case of non-compliance, not to allow the interns to practice in Juba Teaching Hospital. To quote it verbatim, the letter reads” The house officers are not allowed to practice in Juba Teaching Hospital until further notice”. The house-officers or interns by definition are the fresh graduates from the medical school or college of Medicine who are therefore required by law to do a rotational training in the hospitals under the supervision of a senior medical officer or a consultant for a specified period of time to qualify them to become medical officers or competent medical practitioners.

When you graduate from the college of medicine, you have got to do, as an obligation, a clinical training for you to efficiently attain skills in the basics of medicine, paediatric, obstetrics/ gynaecology and surgery. After finishing all the shifts, in principle, you sit for exams and once you pass, you are thereafter registered as a qualified and a proficient medical officer or General Medical Practitioner (GP)/Clinician. Therefore, you can decide whether or not, you want to go and specialize after having acquired enough knowledge or experiences. You cannot be called a medical officer once you just graduate and have not gone through this channel.



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By Ayuen Kelei, Nairobi, Kenya

Oh My Motherland,
Rise and shine
Although conquered by corruption,
Ordained quest for Wealth,  calls for greed
Own stomach being the religion
they embrace
As they osculate the sweat of others
Our national resources for self-interests.

Oh land of Patriots,
Opulently, the origin of world civilization
Oops!  Liberated on purpose
Oligarchy could have been the plan
Oh! They are a mixed group of people,
Obviously perturbed by the occidental occult
Oh motherland rise and revenge
For Liberty Justice and prosperity.

©® Buongjok Clei’s Alith

By Sunday de John, Nairobi, Kenya

riek machar attends Emmanuel Jieng Parish

Riek Machar attends Emmanuel Jieng Parish, May 22 2016

May 29, 2016 (SSB)  — Despite heterogeneity of the Church and the Politics, it is inevitable that in South Sudan the separability of the two is too complex, a probability that generates sweat. The funerals, marriages, birthday parties, and the church sermon gatherings have convertibly on many occasions became centers for homogeneous political sanctification.

Whenever a small gathering has been constituted, even if it means a gathering for reconciliation between a dissent wife and a husband, politicians would have guts to flock there, fight for a chance and enhance their political cause shamelessly.

This is not a case for only South Sudan, rather it is nowadays a common practice in African societies.


By Peter Okello, Nairobi – Kenya

Tribute to Isaiah Abraham

Tribute to Isaiah Abraham: The Dark Ages of South Sudan Liberation

May 29, 2016 (SSB) — The chronological arrest, intimidation, threatening and harassment of journalist in South Sudan is a clear indication of violation of freedom of press, publications, access to internet and other media frontiers. On many occasions, Journalists live in the fear of being killed and indeed it is. Before the conflict erupted in Dec -15th 2013, media environments had been spoiled beyond imagination. Indisputably, journalists are at the forefront of political, economic and social transformation as well as in the struggle for transparency and accountability in our democratic process.

Little did our government know that media’s brings out what goes beneath the ground to light. Media is harmless and has an immense role to represent voiceless in the society. In this process, some journalists have disappeared mysteriously while others have been intimidated, jailed or killed in the course of their efforts to serve the public.


The constitution-making process must remain wedded to the public interest in the peace process, and not simply the narrow interests of political elites.


pray for peace in south sudan

May 29, 2016 (SSB) —- Constitutions comprise the rules, principles, and laws that define relations between the government and people. Edmund Burke, a noted statesman and thinker of the eighteenth century, regarded the constitution as “an evolving contract between the past and present”, one that required constraint to control revolutionary passions for liberty. He of course railed against those who used it for revolutionary purposes, which included Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine. Yet it was precisely this passionate aspiration that has sustained the US constitution and helped drive efforts to assert its influence overseas.


By Deng M. Kulang, Juba, South Sudan

unknown gunman

new joke doing rounds in Juba: when attacked by burglars, call the police at your own risk.

May 29, 2016 (SSB) — First and foremost, I would like to pass my condolence massage to the families of Victims who lost their beloved sons and daughters into the hands of bad people in this Country usually known to be unknown gunmen in the Country.

We know very well, the killers are not from distant but within the country who are actually evilly derived by wrong thinking of their innermost hearts which always making them killed innocence people with the aimed of getting money which is Unreasonable.

However, Unknown gunmen has not been approved exactly where did they come from? We know clearly the work Unknown gunmen has been a common term used in the city for sometimes with in the nation, and the government has not been working to resolves the issue of this threat move against it position.


By Gordon Buay Malek, Juba, South Sudan

Arusha accord

President Kiir receiving the advance team of the G-10 in Juba, South Sudan

Dear all,

May 29, 2016 (SSB) — There are members of the Diaspora who want me to brief them about the status of the Arusha Agreement following the visit of South Africa delegation. Indeed, South African ruling party leaders visited Juba 20 days ago to speed up the implementation of the Arusha Agreement. In fact, the implementation of Arusha Agreement commenced in early January this year when the unified SPLM conducted an extraordinary Convention to pass the basic documents of the party.

What was supposed to follow the adoption of the SPLM Constitution and other documents, was the arrival of Dr. Riek Machar in Juba to assume his party position as the 1st Chairman of the unified SPLM. Until then, the SPLM leadership is waiting for Dr. Riek Machar to write a formal letter to the chairman of the SPLM expressing his willingness to assume his party role. Afterwards, the chairman of the party would issue a party Decree reinstating him to his previous position before the war.


The Misbegotten Town

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By Ayuen Kelei, Nairobi, Kenya

In the mortal town of Inu,

the living don’t count, rather

the dead, so festoon them!

for their burden up on us

Gone is the responsibility.