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Hunger can only be treated with food not politics! Is Agriculture the backbone of South Sudan Economy?

By Machiek Nhial Makeny, Eldoret, Kenya


Hunger can only be treated with food, not politics!

June 4, 2016 (SSB) — I am always tossed off from centre of Gravity by failure of the leaders to materialized promises as they nicely and decoratively spoken; in agog and hopes to witness them happening, I still end up in psychological torture when they are nowhere to be seen/implemented. on the other side, after successfully failing to deliver their pledges, they end up being adored and welcomed with more jubilations by the communities they originate from – a dilemma which brings a twist in matrix of who to be blamed, the communities or the leaders who are blindfolding? It’s mystifying to digest with ease unless we seek God’s intervention to reboot everything in this Country. It’s a nasty attitude and discernment which posed a great threat to our status quo as an independent South Sudan. As loudly spoken by the president and his 1st Vice president Dr. Riek Machar before he rebel that Agriculture is the backbone of South Sudan Economy, nothing had appeared to have been achieved despite good words and I am sure they are not the only leaders who have the idea of prioritizing Agro-sector as the main backbone of our economy.