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By Kon Joseph Leek, Juba, South Sudan

arusha agreement

key actors and institutions of the TGONU

June 13, 2016 (SSB) —- There is nothing basically wrong with South Sudan, whether its soil, climate, air or its people. The trouble merely reclines in the hands of its citizens’ deliberate ignorance to knowing their rights. Late Isaiah Abrahams once said in one of his articles that the government is much lucky to deal with the citizens who do not know their rights.

Another dreadful problem is the unwillingness or the inability of its leaders to rise to their responsibilities. Government’s self appeasement approach of blocking the citizens’ interests for their interests is also another problem.

Our problem is the sailing away of the State from being a possession of the people [citizens] to simply being a possession of its leaders. Citizens are not being given a right to choose which policies they should be governed. The leaders, for too long now are sluicing policies to what only benefits them.


By Kot Achol Thuc, Yirol, Eastern Lakes State


Gossip and Rumor-mongering among South Sudanese

June 13, 2016 (SSB) — Rumor, according to social psychology is described as information statements which are meant to be informative, and which are in circulation, for example if one has a conspiracy theory that the moon isn’t real and one keeps quiet with it, it’s not a rumor. A rumor should be unverified and instrumentally relevant. The psychology of rumor is the social science which aids at spreading messages which are either truthful or loathful. When the rumor is a lie, its spreads bombastically like a time bomb because there are few individuals who want to be the beneficiaries of the situation!  Rumor has been common ill-practice amongst South Sudanese communities today; this is due to redundancy, dependency, joblessness, upsurge of corruption, nepotism, and trend of tribalism or any other related vices.

 Rumor-mongering has been trending vastly too in our communities because of merits associated with it, most youth practice rumor-mongering because of gains of fame and fiscal funds associated with it earned from politicians possessed by the devil of myopathy who value rumors as source of rising to the echelons of leadership. Rumor-mongering should be harshly discouraged due to lack of beauty and brains in spade in it. Shannon L. Alder once said ‘’reputation is what others think of us, character is what God knows of us. When you have spent what feels like eternity trying to repair a few moments of time that destroyed the view others once had of you then you must ask yourself if you have the problem or is it really them? God doesn’t make us try so hard, only enemies do’’. It’s important that we all have the duty of protecting our reputations other than destroying them with an act of being a talebearer.


Can a reversed mechanism work for the case of Bor Municipality?

By Ayuen Kelei, Juba, South Sudan

Hakim Ajieth Bunny, mayor of Bor municipality

Mayor of Bor Municipality, Prof. Hakim Ajieth Bunny, addressing Jonglei state council of ministers during oath taking, June 10, 2016, picture by Mach Samuel

June 13, 2016 (SSB) — Despite the overtly right issues raised by the Former Minister of Local Government of the former Jonglei State in a meeting held in a hotel in Bor with regards to the status of Bor Town as a Municipality, it’s very late to table these concerns pertaining the status of The Historical Town of Bor as a Municipality. Mr. Diing Akol the Current State Advisor to H.E Phillip Aguer Panyang on Economic Affairs had a vivid criteria then to have challenged the Decree of the Governor that was creating the Municipality of Bor that he now tries to criticize the status. It’s dearly unchallengeable as it was responded to by Hon. Philip Thon Nyok in same meeting.

Leaving a hook of legacy of personality does not necessarily mean attaining the same on a Reversed means. Mr. Akol has been in the state government of Jonglei for all this while with such brilliant ideas but just remained silent. This arises to a number of questions such as what were his intentions then? What if the 28 states weren’t decreed? Amongst more others yet he knew this concrete Law that regulates the condition clauses, the population size of a town that qualifies to be a Municipality, Economic ability of the town to raise significant portions of its budgets and so forth.


“This article was published on the 7th of June in Juba, but was not posted here…….” by author

By Kon Joseph Leek, Juba, South Sudan

riek machar attends Emmanuel Jieng Parish

Riek Machar attends Emmanuel Jieng Parish, May 22 2016

June 13, 2016 (SSB) —- The use of Emmanuel Jieng Cathedral, renamed Emmanuel Cathedral as a forum by the disgruntled politicians who turns demagogue in their search for sympathy making the church turned in to a political ground is just ridiculous; it is spoiling the church values and the stand of the church to the congregation.

I wrote against the chances that are given to the politicians on Sundays in August 2014 under the title; church and politics; what puts one in to the other? Because when the politician talks, the church only divides itself into antagonistic forces; where others claps for whatever the politician says while the rest ridicules it!

Between November 2015 to May 2016 [less than a year], three dramas happened in that church. The first one was the attack against Mama Nyandeng Choldit [Dr. Garang’s widow] by certain woman who thought that Nyandeng was the one who destroyed Bor and has killed many people and therefore couldn’t have been given a chance to speak, she called her a rebel, an IO, a killer and many other words of discourtesy. This attracted public debates between “she [attacker] was wrong” and “she was right” groups but the dust subsidized thereafter.


Sixteen officials from the office of the president sentenced to life in prison

16 officials sentenced to life in prison

Sixteen officials from the office of the president sentenced to life in prison

Below are the names of 16 individuals from the office of the president sentenced to life in prison by the High Court Judge Ladu Armenio for using the signature (presidential seal) of the president to steal more than 14 million US dollars and 30 million South Sudanese pounds from the office of the president, with the help of 14 officials from the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance.

life in prison

  1. Mayen Wol (executive director, office of the president)
  2. Yel Luol (chief administrator, office of the president)
  3. John Agou Wuoi
  4. Anyieth Chaat Paul
  5. Chaat Paul
  6. Diing Ajieng
  7. Nhumot Agot
  8. Anna Kalisto
  9. Kur Ayuen
  10. Garang Aguer
  11. Francis Yata
  12. Anyang Majok Ayuen
  13. Anthony Madimo
  14. Anthony Dia
  15. Raphini Jadada
  16. Lisiuma (second name unclear)

SBS Radio: Two South Sudanese Australian sentenced to life imprisonment in South Sudan— The high profile case came to light after Agou John Wuoi Chuit as security officer attached to the office of the President was arrested on charges of misappropriation of public funds, forgery that involved the signature of the president, embezzlement, money laundry and various other charges on 29/5/2015. Further investigation after Agou was arrested led the security officials to arrest almost the entire officials in the office of President Kiir. Among senior officials arrested after Agou was investigated were Mayen Wol the executive director in the office of the President, managers. account controllers and those who were accused as accomplices. The network of those associated were also arrested and these includes his father in law to Agou and official in the office of President Chat Paul, Agou’s wife Wife Susan Anyieth Chat. The two South Sudanese Australian were later accused as accomplice’s base on the wired taped information between John Agou and Kur Ayuen Kou. Anyang Majok Ayuen who was working as banker but he was also implicated for making illegal transfer from the money connected to Agou John.  The 16 people in which four Kenyans and 10 Sudanese national and the two Australians were official sentenced to life imprisonment on 13/06/2016 at county court in Juba South Sudan. The 16 people were prosecuted by a team of four prosecutors from the Ministry of Justice and the judge leading judge Lado Armino sentenced the case. The lawyers for the 16 once complained of being intimidated by the Government but the remaining defending lawyers are promising to appeal the sentence in weeks. 

seal of president

Sample of stamps and seal for president and chief of general staffs found in click company

Government calls for active participation of civil society organizations

Posted: June 13, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei state

Gen Peter Wal Athieu Madol

Gen Peter Wal Athieu Madol, Jonglei state Deputy Governor adressing interlectuals at South Sudan Hotel picture by Mach Samuel

June 13, 2016 (SSB) — The government of Jonglei state has called for active participation of civil society organizations in nation building and implementation of Agreement on the Resolution of conflict in South Sudan.

Gen. Peter Wal Athiu Madol, Jonglei state deputy governor made the remarks while addressing state intellectuals on the demarcation of borders for Bor Municipality on Saturday South Sudan Hotel in Bor.

“This country cannot move forward without active participation of civil society organization. I call upon the civil society organizations in South Sudan and Jonglei state in particular to play their role of nation building,” Gen Wal Athiu told the gathering.