Gates to breathe

Posted: June 14, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Poems.

By Riak Marial Riak, Juba, South Sudan

Then aghast they loose the ground

when morrow they’ll go comes

Their liards won the spur

Them may meet half-way the unwitting error

For manie were received in open arms

That makest the singer be on his mettle

When so harsh for him to settle

I ”agreed” a dreadful eyes far there

Waiting beside while turning to outcries the deaf ear

Thinking sharply his worthy salt

salt that remained to piece bitterness

Men began winning their laurels

when their voices deep in quarrels (for the falsest life) we play

fast and loose

when trembled by storm breathed

When manie hang together (our life was brought to light) and mine eyes

seen beside the gates of breathe a lost and found love

I regret the breathe did not meet the both ends

For me-albeit was beside myself (that I gave my self airs)

Lastly ” I touched my foot down”

and believe the bright gates

 (sonnets-V) @KUSHPOETICS-2016

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