Sunday de John breached the medical ethics to become a kickbacks mouthpiece to nincompoops

Posted: June 14, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Lino Lual Lual, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Lino Lual Lual, Juba, South Sudan

Makiir Gai giving out 100k SSP to South Sudan national team

South Sudan Business tycoon, Hon. Makiir Gai, giving out 100K to South Sudan national team

June 14, 2016 (SSB) —- Yirol will always remain to be academically respected place despite Sunday’s attempts to distort the rich academic history of Yirol to the credits of renowned academics; Professor Machar Kachuol, Professor Isaac Ciir Riak, Professor Abednego Dr. Telar and Dr. Achol Marial just to mention the few. If these profound academics were of similar behavior of Emmanuel Sunday De John, they would not be respected across South Sudan and beyond the way they are being accorded their intellectual creditability and integrity now.

Notwithstanding Sunday’s encroachment into my innocent reputation to defend Makiir Gai and Akot Abiem, the LCs dollar exchange Business tycoon is still not legitimately recognized as Aguok Kuei Community Leader up to this moment. While Akot Abiem remains a scarcely literate dude and perpetrator of the two communities conflict to which he was and still preoccupied by his maternal influence and interest, Sunday De John will not still be part of the peace and reconciliation processes and rather a just hired mouthpiece to maintain himself and the Nairobi medical school tuition fees.

Makiir Gai financial investment on physically recognized Yirol man and tripled Christian named street kid, is widely perceived as a good money allocation to bring back quality medical knowledge to serve the population of South Sudan but Sunday insisted that he is not hired and that he is doing it as an international writer to which we have not seen any written defendable piece in Rumbek Community conflict. Can Sunday accept to defend Monydiäär in Western Lake conflict to justify his claims about Makiir and Akot? He will not because Monydiäär has no any single dollar to send to Nairobi but the duo can do so!

What Sunday did not put into consideration when he agreed with Makiir and Akot for this dubious job, was his medical ethics and trust of his future creditability of medical services now that he started racketeering before sitting in medical office. I as the near future patient to Emmanuel Sunday’s Clinic in Juba or anywhere else questioned the sets of the moral principles in his field of Medicine to which, we the paramedics are vulnerable.

The psychology professor once said that “do not take the course that you and family cannot afford, that poverty leads to behavioral change” This is the exact scenario happening with my future Doctor to be, Emmanuel Sunday De John who has just opted to be used by people who cannot write for themselves but to just buy cheap medical student desperate for money to complete the protracted profession.

To reserve some brotherhood and my love for academics especially that one of medical profession, I wish Emmanuel Sunday De John could have accepted to write and publish his words on behalf of Makiir Gai and Akot Abiem branded by their names; to save his reputation, but the uncertainty would be the wives of the two nincompoops cannot believe that their counterparts managed to compose any readable articles in the newspaper, leave alone those who knew their concocted profiles from the top to bottom in Aguok, Apuk and across the nation.

Even other Yirol intellectuals who valued their reputations more than dirty ways of acquiring wealth and who do not want their characters tarnished over kickbacks deals, have been equally disturbed by articles published by Sunday De John in the defense of Makiir Gai and Akot Abiem affairs with Aguok Kuei Community leadership in the whims of Aguok and Apuk traditional conflicts.

The kickbacks mouthpiece with no hope of his future without Makiir Gai, continued to defame me with both medical and literature terminologies calling me lunatic, pathetic liar and bloviator but all these insults will not destruct me from helping my community out of hands soaked in bloody businesses of the calibers of Makiir Gai and masquerader Akot Abiem ridding on the paternal-maternal conflict records since the start of the sisterly communities’ tension.

Emmanuel Sunday de John interference with Aguok leadership affairs all the way from Yirol doesn’t justify that there are no capable writers to defend Makiir from Aguok, Apuk or Gogrial State but Makiir had to recruit Sunday in exchange for kickbacks to guarantee him out of the retarded completion of his medical school that has gone over dead years from three consecutive cities of Khartoum, Juba and Nairobi with no end. So my brother Sunday should not regard me as a block to his dollar hub but instead should understand that not only me in Gogrial State is disappointed about how Makiir Gai and Akot Abiem have confiscated Aguok Community Leadership to clean themselves from Apuk-Aguok post conflict allegations.

As matter of facts, it is not healthy for Sunday medical ethics and credibility to praise Makiir Gai as a successful businessman without citing the assets and business history. It is also contradictory and shameful for a medical doctor to be allured by illiterate businessman to accept and take part in portraying the two culprits as celebrities to get away with it. My last word to Dr. Emmanuel Sunday De John is, the sound and well informed readers are our sole judges for your intruding, but do it at your own risk, for your own medical reputation and your own illegal accumulation of wealth. Not emotional

The author is a master of strategic studies at Centre for Peace and Development Studies University of Juba, He can be reached via

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  1. You are right lino, Makiir Gai is on the brink of trial just like those evicted culprits in the office of president. Makiir has to explain these huge funds, womanizing, polygamy, mismanagement coupled with extravagancy from business with exports and imports!


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