The Power Matrix analysis within Equatoria region for the executive branch of the TGoNU

Posted: June 18, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers

By Duluma SK’Maker, Juba, South Sudan

john garang

June 18, 2016 (SSB) — The four honourable members nominated through secret ballots by the Equatoria SPLM members of Parliament for the position of the Speaker are all highly qualified and senior members of the SPLM Party and government.  All of them served in Executive positions in the National government before.

Hon David Mayo as the Chairperson of the Reconstruction Fund Commission, Hon Betty Ogwaro as the Minister of Agriculture, Hon Anthony Makana as National Minister of Commerce and Industry then Minister of Transport also was responsible for the airport construction and Hon Luka Manoja as the Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Minister of Health.

However, power matrix in Equatoria shows that: The Defunct Central Equatoria State where Dr. Luka Monoja comes from, is about 42% of the total population within Equatoria region and 13% of the national population.  Currently, Vice President James Wani Igga, and Interior Minister Alfred Ladu Gore both Bari come from this state besides Two other National Minsters and an Advisor are also from the defunct CES although from other tribes.

 Dr. Monoja, happens to be from Bari section.  Therefore, appointing another Bari to the most powerful position in the Transitional Government of National Unity is tilting Equatoria’s power balance to Central Equatoria

The Defunct Western Equatoria State where Dr. Anthony Makana comes from, is 24% of the total population within Equatoria region and 7% of the national pouplation.  Hon. Makana, happens to be from Zande Tribe where Jemma Nunu Kumba who doubles as the National Minister of Wildlife and Tourism, Acting  and the Deputy Secretary General of the ruling party SPLM in the TGoNU. Again appointing another Zande to the most powerful position is yet another of power tilting.

The Defunct Eastern Equatoria is about 34% of the total population within Equatoria region and 11% of the national population. The Namurinyang, which is a new state on the basis of 28 states and where David Mayo comes from and a Didinga by tribe is having one Didinga already as a National Minister in TGoNU (Mary Alphonse Lodira), and another National Minster Ms Josephine Napon, the Minister of

Environment and Forestry: Imatong State state where Hon. Betty comes from, has one Minister in the Office of the President and 2 Deputy Ministers All three belong to the Lotuho Tribe.

South Sudan have long fought for Justice and fairness, therefore since all the four candidates are highly qualified and senior and committed members of the SPLM, position of Speakership of the TNLA should go to Imatong state in the person of Hon Betty Achan Ogwaro and to the

Acholi tribes who are currently absent in the power matrix and are not represented in the TGoNU.   Furthermore she will be a representation of women in the power matrix of the government too.

N.B. The percentages used here are obtained from 2008 census and I am not against any other Tribe but for the sake of inclusiveness of all South Sudanese people in the TGoNU.

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  1. Awei-ngok says:

    I am contended with your analysis. The Speaker-ship seat should go that if indeed other South Sudanese segments have relinquish the seat to the Equatoria region.


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