Dear Lino Lual Lual and Sunday de John

Posted: June 18, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers

Dear Lino Lual Lual and Sunday de John, my brothers who differs on the issue of Makiir Gai Thiep, the business man, and Santino Akot Abiem, the deputy governor of Gogrial state

By Jacob Ngong Ngong, Nairobi- Kenya

Makiir Gai giving out 100k SSP to South Sudan national team

South Sudan Business tycoon, Hon. Makiir Gai, giving out 100K to South Sudan national team

June 18, 2016 (SSB) — Young men have a passion for regarding their elders as a senile. As human beings we value the experience that comes with age. We are reminded over and over again with the statement like older and wiser respect your elders promoting age as something to be cherished and respected. We don’t need to share opinion as others but we need to be respectful.

Coming to the point of my brothers who differed on the issue of Makiir Gai and Akot Abiem, all of them are my people. It was early last month when I read the article written by Lino Lual Lual publish particular website, defaming Mr. Akot Abiem and Makiir Gai in his article Mr. Lino he accused Makiir of being a governor in hiding apart from Abraham Gum the governor we know in Gogrial state, he further added that Makiir is campaigning for his supporters to be in government.

Akot Abiem was as well accused of being involved in conflicts  between Apuk Giir thiik and Aguok kueidit that had been there for good number of years Sunday de John response that article in his response  Mr. Sunday he stated it clearly that Makiir Gai is the only business man in South Sudan who love is country, he donate 100,000 ssp to South Sudan national  team (bright stars) he mention a lot of charity work done by Makiir Gai for the love of his people that has regarded him as a national figure.

In south Sudan we have thousands of tycoon but Makiir is the only person who decided to do a charity work for his nation. As I followed the conversation between the two brothers of mine I thought it was going to end peacefully. Lastly I was disappointed by last response of Lino Lual for having ran away from the discussion and attacks Mr. Sunday saying he was hired to write on behalf of Makiir Gai and a lot of things which I may not mention here.

While Sunday de john did not even know Makiir Gai in person he responded because:

  1. Makiir did a lot of charity work to south Sudan of which every knows him
  2. Lino Lual publish it on south Sudanese bloggers that had drawn the attention of the south Sudanese. If Lino Lual didn’t want people to respond on that article that defames Makiir and Akot Abiem he would have published it on Apuk and

My conclusion is that let that case rest  there my brothers and let us talks of what we can do for the nation we all know some years to come people will talks of what you did to the nation not what you did to Makiir Gai and the  other leaders and elders. Correction to Lino Lual the father of Sunday de john is willing to his school fee and beyond.

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