Dear UNMISS, IGAD and AU: Don’t bring back Riek Machar to Juba AGAIN: Keep him in exile

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By Manyang David Mayar, Juba, South Sudan

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August 19, 2016 (SSB) — Although the United Nations could not protect a number of unarmed foreign nationals from rape, torture and killing of a South Sudanese journalist in Juba last July, the organization has carried out a successful evacuation of a South Sudanese armed opposition leader Riek Machar on Wednesday.

The news of the evacuation was both a great joy to supporters of Riek and also a heartbreaking and shocking story to millions of South Sudanese who would want to see this nation stay in peace and stability. Personally, I was hit by two emotions when I heard the news.

At first I celebrated the fact that Dr. Riek Machar was alive and breathing just like the rest of us would love to stay alive for as long as the creator allows. But a short while later, a sense of fear for the future took control over me. I couldn’t comprehend what the future holds for my wife, our one and half year old daughter and me.

Because the presence of Riek and Kiir in the same city simply means more mayhem and chaos, which usually involve lost of lives, raping of women, looting and mass displacement of innocent people from their homes.

At the time I received the news, I was playing with my one and half year old daughter in Juba. And with all the thinking going around in my mind, she suddenly became the focus of my thoughts. Watching her play happily on the sand, I could see the degree of innocence in her eyes. I can’t afford to see her life change simply because Riek wants power.

While I commended the good job done by the United Nations mission in Congo in bringing Riek Machar to light and live, I would like to recommend that the UN don’t try to bring him back to South Sudan.

Although my lone voice may not make any sound, it is my sole responsibility to register my concern to the United Nations, Transitional Government of National Unity and the leadership of SPLM IO. PLEASE, DON’T BRING RIEK BACK. His third attempt to climb to the throne has just failed. And it is irresponsible to subject the whole nation to unrest every time just because of him.

It is time the regime change group think of another methodology that is peaceful and bloodless. In this case, I have a reason to believe that SPLM-IO under the leadership of Taban Deng Gai is a good alternative.

Just within one month, Taban and Kiir have done a lot on the implementation of the peace agreement. Among others a move to form and open the Transitional National Legislative Assembly was indeed a good sign of progress. The lawmaking house will now deliberate on how they can lead this nation to election. Taban and Kiir are working on the cantonment areas for the IO forces, which will pave a way for the integration of IO forces. This is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Instead of thinking about Riek’s next violent attempt, I am appealing to the United Nations and the government of United States, to put aside their interest for now and support Taban Deng Gai and President Kiir in their move to continue with the implementation of ARCISS in a fair and honest manner. It is only through them that we can reach a peaceful journey to election in this nation.

The UN can than bring in its electoral experts to help the nation move forward toward the directions of election. And only then, can Riek Machar and his political supporters come and campaign and only then we, the people, will decide either to give him or deny him a chance to rule. A power in the hands of the people is the most powerful.

We need that power back in our hands. It is only then that politicians will respect us and make the people their friends. The UN should support this unless they are driving toward to different agenda – an agenda to make this country fail and loot its minerals. We say a big NO to that agenda.

The author is a South Sudanese citizen living in Juba and you can reach him through his email address at

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  1. Mr. Manyang, in the case of South Sudan , UN is no more the UN we know before, UN had turned a different colors and gone wild madden into South Sudan’s crisis. UN is no more on his way to solve South Sudan ‘s problem that led to calamity. It looks like UN could be used for economic’s interest nowadays. let ‘s pray to God in order to help South Sudan in his own way, and not the way of world body [UNITED NATIONS] that had failed South Sudan right now.


    • I am wondering why the Government of South Sudan is shifting their stance ever time the UN play fault with them. The U.N., USA, IGAD, Ethiopia, Kenya have already declared themselves as Agents of Regime Change in South Sudan. Why doesn’t the Government ask the UNIMISS to leave South Sudan as it was done to them by Omer Bashir of Sudan? Show them the door and call out to the 28 states to mobilize resources to face the intervention forces of Ethiopia and Kenya. We can tackle these two countries inspite of their American backing.


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