11 years later: Who killed Dr. John Garang and what does the black-box reveal about it?

Posted: August 21, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Featured Articles, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Ariik Atekdit, Juba, South Sudan

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August 21, 2016 (SSB) —- South Sudan leadership has been shaking since the disappearance of Dr John Garang de Mabior, the former Rebel Leader who was successfully anointed as the First Vice President in the Sudanese government of 2005. Garang was believed to be a good friend to the West and being a man of his own principles. He had established South Sudan’s bush military administration in the name of democracy but maintained it only to his principles of New Sudan and secularism opposed to the dictated Arabized and Islamized Khartoum administrations.

In the beginning Garang’s rebel movement of the Sudan People Liberation Movement and army (SPLM/A) seemed to be opposed to the Western Administrations and ideologies until when Dr John Garang switched from his socialistic ideology to Capitalism in order to get support from United States of America and the European Countries; a business that was made successful in order to weaken the Khartoum regimes or change it in totality.

When this popular man known as Dr Garang de Mabior signed a peace agreement in Nairobi that has given him the position of First Vice President in Khartoum and a President of Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) in Juba, he was made to shortly die in a plane crash before establishing an office for the autonomous government of then Southern Sudan.

Until today no person is made to get accurate information of how this leader disappeared. Eleven years have since elapsed without any person talking about him. The said friends of South Sudan have abandoned the investigation as the whole world went in silence. President Kiir’s administration has found the topic uninteresting to the world leaders and public. Nobody cares much to unearth the untimely departure of this fearful man. Even Garang’s own family has been made to fight another war for the West before realizing the reason behind the untimely departure of Garang.

Would we accuse Khartoum of having killed Dr John? Had the East Africa Community through Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni executed their homework on the innocent South Sudan to eradicate Garang? Had the Arab world hunted down Mr. Garang for being a South Sudanese eye-opener? Can we hold western countries accountable for Garang’s death? Most of our today’s common citizens would charge Khartoum for the death of Garang but I beg to go further. The West must be responsible and the target of Garang’s death is our today’s experience on South Sudan.

The foreign and national planners of the current South Sudanese war did not only emerge in 2013. They had been there even during the bush days. The West whether being European Union or United States of America has been only demanding the separation of South Sudan from the North Sudan in their silent hearts. British Administration had made it clear when they wanted to grant Sudan the independence and remained with the resourceful South Sudan to colonize.

If for instance the 1947 Juba Conference had resulted into South Sudan breakaway from the remaining Sudan then British would continue to colonize the South as a new colony. That would have suit their primary interest and this is the situation being pursued until today.  The intention was to make their administrations remain strong in holding the affairs of South Sudan. Carelessly the west through Britain refused to avail us education because they feared and never wanted the South Sudanese to face them in anyway because our traditional chiefs were so difficult to deal with and almost making the British administrators to be unable to colonize the South.

It was the same Western Countries that mull over the South Sudanese as their fellow Christians but went ahead and allied with the Northern Muslim Arabs against the South in the Sudanese Administration to punish us because our forefathers did not easily give up to British Administrations of colonialism during the days. So all in all we suffered through Khartoum suppressions under western instructions until when they were able to fuel and fund for us a war of South Sudan’s Liberation Struggle under the SPLM/A.

Our First enemy is the British who colonized us and planned to leave us unlearned and created a new administrator, the Arabs who equally inherited enmity from the colonizers against the black Sudanese. When our second enemy, the Arabs became a bad friend to the West; the very west help us to fight Arabs in order to set us out of the Arab’s Administration but to be controlled by the West. Some South Sudanese thought that America and Europe were so humanistic to have pitied and sympathized on South Sudanese sufferings and helped them get their independence in 2011 nevertheless they were fighting their proxy war so as to control us.

The British became unhappy and continue to be jealousy at all for having left Sudan without thoroughly colonizing South Sudan and its people. The western Countries with United States in lead celebrated the Independence of South Sudan because they were happy of having created a new colony in Africa, just South of the Sudan and in the north of Uganda.

In order to have this new colony created they have to cooperatively killed Dr John Garang early in 2005 to die with his New Sudan ideology because a new colony was not possible under the New Sudan that makes an inclusive Democratic Sudan. To them, they thought that President Salva Kiir, a separatist would help them make an administration in Juba which would be totally relying on Washington or London without caring the nation’s sovereignty as the new colonialism resumes in East Africa beginning in South Sudan.

If a black box was to be read and interpreted we would correctly find that European Union and the United States were responsible of Garang disappearance in Sudan. When the West feared that President Kiir administration was gaining momentum through his long standing general amnesty, they have to incite Khartoum to drag its legs on Abyei protocol, a point which was observed and went violated & unquestioned by the said witnesses of the CPA agreement.

The War of Panthou/Heglig in 2012 was another scenario that seemed to have its masters outside Sudan and South Sudan, planned to weaken the two new countries in order to find a political windows in the region. The United States after realizing that South Sudan doesn’t allow Western interference they secretly gave back Panthou/Heglig in order to please them and say sorry for having help South Sudan breakaway from Sudan. It was under US and UN request that SPLA forces withdrew from Panthou and until now the very UN and US never talk about that area again while Sudan remains holding.

Late President Maumur Gadaffi of Libya once said, “We must close all doors to stop America and any other people from Europe from interference. Africa’s problems must be solved by Africans themselves. America creates the problem and claim to solve it in order to interfere.” This is what Africa leaders have failed to observe for years and it will continue to hunt them down singly.

Consequently Sudan’s Administration was incited by the potential colonialists to bomb our region in order to fashion a situation of returning to war so that South Sudan would only be gazing on United States and European Union for support as they sketch and continue to loot South Sudan. When reports of international aggressions were sent to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) no move was taken until today. President Salva Kiir with his soft heart refused to fight Khartoum and continued to find other alternatives to persuade the nation to hold on for peace.

As if it was not enough, the United Nations, the United States and the whole West decided to dissect the 2013 cabinet making Dr Riek Machar to mount up his head for the Presidency before elections arrive. It has never happened on earth where you find Vice Presidents made to debate down their own incumbent presidents they are deputizing before tendering resignations.

The truth is that the West are making Dr Machar as a tool for regime change while Machar is making use of Nuer innocent active youth and Generals to fight for America in order to re-colonize South Sudan. In the end the whole South Sudan including the different SPLM factions will later on fight against the UN and US which they are now trying to bring about into South Sudan.

South Sudan independence was not the change the West needs; it is the chance to make that change. If there were to be anything good to come from the West they would have not killed Dr Garang. The question is why should a regime change in Juba needs active voices in the West to pronounce it? The West should only tell us who killed Dr Garang and what does the black-box say about his death before claiming for any regime change or UN Trusteeship.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to paanluel2011@gmail.com. SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing.

  1. Khalid says:

    Yes, it is true. the West is the enemy, but note that we all , Arab and other nations in Africa had been trapped by the West.


  2. Mr. Arrik, according to my own analysis, it’s Dr. Riek Machar Who brought in Britain’s girl to South Sudan and eventually lost her life in the middle of nowhere. This made British and his allies to be so negative about South Sudan where she was married to, and working there as a non governmental organization. I believe to be the genesis of what killing John Garang by unknown elements. Therefore, Dr. Riek’s mess killed John Garang direct and indirect.


  3. You are right mr. Ariik! in some circumstances but the death of Dr. John Garang on my analysis has to be blamed on Khartoum. If USA and UK have a hand on it, then they acted as third party. To me the real orchestrators are the Arabs from the northern as u can see now that killing of Garang is not enoughto them, they continue to de-stabilize South Sudan to approve their claims of Southerners can not manage themselves just have chance of encroaching on to oil fields!


    • Clement Mariing Samuel says:

      Questions: 1) Why do we made ourselves stooges of the west? 2) And why did we allow splits among us in-order for them to find slits to divide us?


  4. Gai Riak says:

    you are right, but should south Sudanese leaders still associate with west leaders leaving behind the heart of revenge??????


  5. jadis says:

    Just non sense why blame someone for your own house mess? you like living in Kampala, Nairobi, Addis, Khartoum and even the west by looting your own country is it the West? You just dont have vision to build a nation!!! Everything has gone tribal and it is the SPLM/A of Garang, Kiir, Machar etc… not the West. you created the situation that invited them to rebuke you.


  6. Marial-akol says:

    Jadis, you must be in the west if you really failed to understand Atekdit article. you have a mental problem if not this is undeniable truth. Garang was killed by US in hope that they will make south sudan to be Ivory Coast whereby they removed someone they don’t want and put in someone they wanted. unfortunately, Salva Kiir becomes another John Garang in South sudan and they wanted Machar to take over because under Machar they will be able to access resources.


  7. musa says:

    in order to know how that happen or who was the killer of Dr Garang it is really too deep and the hunter was very secret game my question what about the black box soon or later the generation will going to know the reality


  8. kailoor says:

    Many thanks Clement, we create a rift within our self and point our fingers to somebody who seem to be getting advantage of our division. who care if you don’t care of yourself. Yes of course that prophet and hero could have not laid his mighty gun down that way without a hand from selfish white whom I am using their own fucking language as a medium of communication. an individuals who had seek weakness of this country through mentally ill and arrogant person known Dr. Reckless Maliel and some other greedy men watch out brothers and sisters!!!!!!


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