Breaking News: Names of the 14 County Commissioners in Jonglei State

Posted: September 15, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

Jonglei state governor H.E. Philip Aguer Panyang appoints 14 county commissioners

By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State

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September 15, 2016 (SSB) —- The governor of Jonglei State H.E. Philip Aguer Panyang Jot has relief county commissioners of former Jonglei State in gubernatorial decree No 16/2016

The governor of Jonglei State H.E. Philip Aguer Panyang Jot has issued gubernatorial decree No 19/2016 for the appointment of 14 new county commissioners to Jonglei state new counties including county name and headquarters

 S/No. County Commissioner Name of county County headquarters Communities
1. Deng Mabior Deng Bor South County Chuikeer Abii, Nyara, Awan, Gol
2. William Majier Alier Bor Gok County Kolnyang Adol, Gwala, Abang, Dala
3. Mading Akol Biar Bor East County Anyidi Palek
4. Nhial Awan Deng Anyidi-Makuach County Makuach Ater, Adumuor
5. Deng Garang Deng Bor Central County Werkok Deer, Koch
6. Simon Thon Ayuen Bor West County Baidit Angakuei, Biong
7. Kuot Jok Lual Athooch County Kactong/Yomciir Alian, Pathuyith
8. Luis Garang Apiu Bor North County Jalle Juet, Abodit
9. Deng Mabany Kuot Twic North County Panyagoor Kongor, Adhiok, Abek
10. Dau Akoi Jurkuch Twic Central County Wangulei Ayual, Dachuek, Awulian
11. Daniel Deng Manyok Twic South County Adubaar Ajuong, Pakeer
12. Deng Achiek Jok Duk Payuel County Payuel Nyarweng
13. Michael Malual Wuor Duk Padiet County Padiet Hol
14. Peter Latjor Chol Duk Panyang County Pajut Aborom

Decree No. 16/2016 for the appointment of deputy Mayors

S/NO. Name in full Position Headquarters
1. Hakim Ajith Buny Mayor Bor Municipality
2. Abraham Ayom Ajith


Deputy mayor for land and survey Bor Municipality
3. Machar Machol Deng Yuot


Deputy mayor for administration and finance Bor Municipality
4. Deng Garang Thuch


Deputy Mayor for public utilities and sanitation Bor Municipality

In decree No. 18/2016 he relieves deputy chairperson of peace commission and reconciliation, Simon Thon Ayuen, the new commissioner for Bor West County.

  1. Atem says:

    Congratulations to Jonglei State for her new 14 heads of counties. Next step are selaries of these fourteen commissions, employees counties with 3,000 plus employees in payroll. No budgets for development. Good luck folks.


  2. David says:

    This is pathetic and stupid to have these too many counties, some are given the head quarters just the name of places that are not even exist. I agreed with you Atem I will say it again good luck with with your own county people, but shame to the state officials who approved this creation of too many counties. you are just yes people who just agreed to whatever come to your table without looking into. This is serious mistake you guys have ever made.Thank you officials for setting up our lovely state to failure.


  3. Mr. David it is not a stupid idea to have more counties in Jonglei state. All of us have to work hard for the development of our counties. It is new strategy in South Sudan to have more counties as possible as payams are concern. Bro God will not send his angels from Heaven to work for you if you fear failure for social development, because government is nothing. As you want to aim at money, you want to tell us salaries and budget of those counties but we cannot tied our hands all for government. This is a song everybody is singing in South Sudan. we cannot rely on government, and if we are weak, we represent weak government but if we are strong, we represent a strong government. It is your sole responsibility to at least turn what you think as failure in the state into success. There is no other option than joining hands with your colleagues and build Jonglei state to be better state in South Sudan through development. I recommended you to text in Paanluelwel website and type A PROPOSAL FOR ADDITIONAL TEN NEW COUNTIES IN JONGLEI STATE, and get acquainted yourself with that articles so there you get the meaning of social and community development through our rural small towns and simple capacity to do something than criticism.


    • David says:

      Easy to say the word development, but without resources then that development you are all hoping to get will fail. Division into sections will not bring development as you said but it will lead to unsuccess. Misunderstanding of taking town to people will cause undevelopment in our country , you can not start development from the scratch it won’t work, development begins from one to the next and then you divide and start a new development. that’s how development work folks. I’m not against the creations of counties. I’m against too many like 14 counties. what was wrong with the 11 that were proposed before even though they are still too many? People keep talking about development while the can’t even feed themselves. some people will take it as insult but that’s a really deal we have to dealt with first, that’s why I called it stupid idea from the beginning, development begins from the stomach to outside world, we depend on other people feeding our people and we the people who communicate with those people feeding us made ourselves busy by creating more administrations so that we can be employed , having title of being a commissioner or whatever position you can have will not bring development at all. In my opinion it would have been better to keep the three counties or make five as maximum and then down the road we can add more counties if we sign of progress. Some of you said we don’t have depend on government, why don’t we depend on government and yet we are the roots of the government? My advice to anyone who thinks having many administrative centers will bring development is to develop yourself first rather than thinking development will come from that set up center. Also God help those who help themselves. Feed your people first before thinking of development. Let wait for few days to come. There will be augment over the division of old county properties to new one , which will take some time to resolve it or some will demand for more administrations by summitting their demanding letter to the government some of the people said we don’t have to depend on. That will create more chaos. So therefore the more you allow plorization to dig deeper in your society the harder the development you will get and that’s what I am seeing. That’s opinion and we will all be there to see our new development.


  4. There is no division here. These counties are basing on what had already existing. First able, we begin with individuals, families, sub-clans, clans, and so forth but those comprised greater Bor community, why is it not a division right the begin than counties being our division? To answer you short, God is helping you by sending rain, then why don’t you help yourself since you know God help those who help themselves? The matter is very simple, when Bor Town announced as capital of Jonglei Province, citizens contributed their animals to build commissioner office, and other buildings within Bor Town, why shouldn’t happen now while entire country has oil resources?


  5. deng says:

    nyara and wan are clans within abii as a tribe of bor community. division based on clans will be more problematic to jonglei state. they shouldn’t have divided baidit and jalle. biong, angakuei and pathuyith are happy being together as is alian, aboudit and juet. gok should bring their division to athooc. only alian and pathuyith are athooc now -pathetic!!


  6. Dengda says:

    @Tonggaid551, David has a point and you locked yourself into denial. What you take of 6 July Malek incident? David mean, more commissioners with their high salaries and directors, will not spare single pound for Road, Hospital and schools. These social amenities are central for development. Do you think contributing cows to construct new commissioner offices or buying his/her cars will be support by citizens who virtually have nothing or by donors like Diasporas? Ok, Idea of having more counties is there and was welcome, but do we have feasibility study in place to have 14 counties? I appreciate Duk and Twic for they settled for less than having for more.


  7. Why Bor county is divided into eight counties and Twice East plus Duk country are divided in six counties and this two counties Twice plus Duk are even bigger than bor country for example Ajoung and Pakeer were already having ten communities and the are now in one country which is very badly to the people of Ajoung and Pakeer and here in bor counties two communities are giving country such as Ater and Adumwuor but this two communities are smaller in population, Oh leader can you think this again correctly to fullfill all the people of Jonglei to lives in good way, Even wangulei having big communities such as Dachuek ,Awulian and Ayual and the are in county which is too bad to us, Thank you!!! By Nyadoli Gee(Gai Lual Deng).


  8. john Bol aguer says:

    Congratulations to Jonglei State but for Twic South the Communities are Ciir, Bere, Anok, Akochok, Hol, Ayollian, Abiong, Nyapiny, Adhiang and kuac. Twic Central & Twic north are correct but Duk Padiet County are Patheel, Angaac, Duoor and Nyiel. Panyang county & Duk-Payuel are correct


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