An open letter to the Equatorian Community: Why are you turning your region into the Greater Upper Nile?

Posted: October 4, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Bior Raad, Juba, South Sudan

targeted killing of Dinkas


October 4, 2016 (SSB) —- It is absolutely indisputable that Equatorians are delighted in or feeling pleasure from inhumane slaying of Dinka. It is unclear whether these sporadic killings came out of the meeting as a resolution to wipe Dinka out of South Sudan or could it be deliberately done to provoke Dinka to horrifically retaliate. Our silence all this long was to maintain a good relationship in order to live in a society where we are never strangers to our fellow brothers and to each other. We may have differences and quarrels, but these are brotherly quarrels that cannot divide us and destroy our togetherness.

What do you think if Dinka take part in flashing out sons and daughters of Equatoria working in their areas? Not only that, also organise the armed youth groups to be stationed on various roads, charged with duties to kill other non-Dinka tribesmen. By the way, Dinka has the capacity to turn this country into anarchy and cleanse elements that support terrorism. It is sad to receive hourly report that the dear ones have been murdered on their way to Uganda, Kenya and even within territories of Equatoria.

Dinka are always nervous when travelling on road simply because of those people who set up barricades on trunk roads instructed by their chiefs and politicians to search for ‘MTN’ as they referred to Dinka. No one in this ruthless time can risk to sleep in the car. Everyone is alert keeping a close watch at next seated Equatorian passenger. Most of them are the ones setting up cars to fall into ambush.

Seeing this happen evokes anguish and anger in someone like me who lost relatives and friends few days ago in Kajo-Keji road ambush that claimed the life of eleven innocent civilians.

Sudan by then has been in a long devastating civil war aimed at secession but such barbaric actions have never been reported. Khartoum, our great enemy by then did not devised such inhumane killing to war captives. I have never heard Equatoria elders and leaders coming out publicly to denounce these ethnics’ targeted killings as well as urging their communities to cease this behaviour. It means that they are in support of it.

It troubles my mind to understand what we have done to Equatorians and the rest of South Sudanese who hate Dinka for no reason. There is nowhere in Equatoria or elsewhere that you will never spot bones of Dinka’ son who sacrificed his life for the sake of this country. Where were those who today say they don’t want Dinka in their areas?

Matter of fact, We the youth of Jieng are tired of this act and as per now, we urged all Equatorians and other tribes who have declared war against us to leave our areas before designated dateline elapses because we will not fold our hands, seat back and watch our relatives being slaughtered every day.

This is just to inform everyone that Dinka has a culture of war where people confront themselves in the broad daylight. Come out and declare it as a war against Dinka.

We have refused to lend our ears to this matter for long and it has been used against us as our cowardice. Enough is enough. This time, we will not tolerate nonsense. If we can take vengeance among ourselves, how hard is it to let innocent Equatorians pay for the action of their brothers. The rest of the communities who are happy with this tribal killings will also test the bitterness of their actions. Whoever is found will be consume by the wrath of angry avengers the day it will start though still remain concealed.

This is the time for eye for an eye. If the state of social disorder is what you want, we have declared it and we shall see who will desert this country to who? Most of you who have never conducted funerals of gunshot deceased, will this time conduct multiples of them. It is absolutely a fool of ourselves to treat enemies of peace with white teeth exposed and subsequently, they turn out to be the pain in ass.

Why would you scapegoat your grievances that need government attention to the innocent travellers? Your complaint of Dinka cattle destroying your farms was exceptional and government acted immediately to drive back cattle to their original places. What happened again that you are killing Dinka travellers? Are they also trespassing your farms?

Jieng youth is totally disappointed with this inhumane behaviour. To be honest, we have come up with the resolution that we have to embark on such inhumane killings. We will also target enemies of peace in and beyond our areas. We know some tribes in Equatoria who have involved in these killings and we are not going to spare them, our action will be enormous.

Innocent civilians who fled their homes to refugees’ camps because of food insecurity narrates senseless and false stories that Dinka want to kill us.  A story that implicate Dinka and the UNHCR get interested in these fabricated life stories. Isn’t this selling out? If we don’t learn to be honest to ourselves, this country will not accommodate us. Change your negative attitudes towards Dinka otherwise we will not wait to be kill in the same way.

The write is the Senior Member of Jieng Youth Union in Juba and can be reached on

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  1. mawien Magol says:

    To: All those Dinkas posting their articles most of the time while, ignored others opinions. I had send my opinion article recently unfortunately, it had been ignored by those who thinks they got good Ideas than others which is considering arrogant. I am very surprised to see some of these authors are writing to Equatorians and the president Salve Kiir Thiik Atem while undermining the concern which I want the Dinkas people to be aware and that was the stabbing back by the Equatorians within Equatoria regions.

    Well, until the Dinkas people have to calls for general conference to address the issue otherwise, the president and general Kuol Manyang Juuk are not care any more about lives of Dinkas civilians in the Equatoria regions. I wish if all Dinka people listening to me then, we need to denounced the people who are supporting rebellion, this is the first step we must have to do it. The Dinkas members from Bor communities must come up openly to denouncing the Son of founder Mabior Garang and general, former Deputy Defense Dr. Majak D. Agot for supporting criminals people who are now doing terrorist style in Equatoria regions. Personal, I thanks those general David Dau Aturjong and his 2000 fighters that have finally returned with them.

    General speaking, the Dinkas people must calls from all walks Dinka communities to address the killing in Equatoria regions and if it need manpower perhaps, the communities leaders and Dinka Officials in the SPLA must calls on 1 million young men to takes guns and come to Equatoria regions. We all know the whole Equatoria because we have been there during the 21st plus the years of civil war so there is nothing difficult for Dinka to returned back to Equatoria and deal with these bad guys. We have to calls young men Dinkas to come to Equatoria and hunt down these militias which were being coaching by some of Nuers militias.

    I would calls the Dinkas conference to be held without delaying because that killing innocents Dinkas civilians is absolutely a waked up called to all Dinkas people and we must find them. The killing on Dinkas civilians have been going for a while but the president and others corruptions Dinkas are not cares.The Dinkas have paid a big price during the civil war and after the independence of South Sudan and I think we can not rewards militias for killing our own innocents civilians. Also the Dinkas people must tells president Salve Kiir Mayardit to step down and let the people decides who they can put to lead South Sudan nation.

    The president will do nothing about Dinka protection, because he doesn’t care about lives of innocents people but he does care only for his poor leadership which had driven us in to this mess and continues looting $700 million for his own families. We have to gets written off him and then, we have to find the qualified person to lead South Sudan nation because he is failing us any way.General and Defense Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk is so weak even the general chief of Staff is better than him. Juuk has been palling around the world instead, focusing on defense and protecting citizens from internal conflicts. These Old people have an Old Ideas but clearly, they are running out of Ideas and I think we have to be frank by telling them to get out in the office and let the young educated take lead.

    I am also proposed the relocation of displacements to their homes States, the ID, are not willing to returned back to their homes lands, they are the one attacking at the roads block in the Equatoria. I had never seen a refugees being brought to capital city but only the South Sudan allowed displacements to lived near city while, they are rebels at the same time on one hand, they gets ration from UN, this is young country is completely running by low IQ people. The ID, from Upper Nile regions must be taken there and let the UN feed them. The ID, from Bhar El Ghazal regions must be taken to their States and let the UN feed them if they wanted. Same thing to ID, within Equatoria regions must be taken to theirs States and let the UN feeding them and let the government deal with these road block killing and Juba unknown killing. The UN must be told to cuts rations so that, they can be thinking about going back to their homes to farms otherwise, the more UN is giving them enough food, the more times they would like to stayed in the camps and they will continues aiding rebels at the road block.


  2. Mr. Bior , your question or title of your article make no sense to those group. They have already declared the war , and you are talking and they are killing . They declared the victory because they are carrying out action and nobody is condemning or responding to them. My question is that where the UNITED Nations which uses to run their mouths in the issues of South Sudan ! ! ! ! ! . It’s time for action.


  3. dengdit1 says:

    It is really time for ACTION, Not talking!


  4. ugil says:

    My simple message to Jieng youth and not to bother elderly one, this barbaric act of terror does not need Government intervention simply because those who are killing innocent in the name of regime change got arms where Jieng youth could also get. By the way, am really fed up regardless of my being doubted, Christian. I may not declare war but what I would like to say is this, kindly let all equatoria working in Jieng land be a business person or traitors working humanitarian ground evacuate our land without delay.


  5. Thon says:

    Action now Monyjieng no more talk, if not I will do my part alone good bye.


  6. Thon says:

    Action now Monyjieng no more talking, if not I will do my part alone good bye


  7. David says:

    I think folks the really action we should take at this point is to humbly talk to our president to step aside from his position and let somebody else from other community take over so that our innocent people have a breathing room, it has been too long for killing of dinka civilians who have nothing to do with higher position. It was like that during Garang time and the same thing is still continuing as speak under our current president. It doesn’t mean surendering to the other groups who have different ideologies but to save innocent lives. if president step aside and the killing of civilians still continue and then your choices of action will be justified otherwise the kind of actions some of you are considering now aren’t good idea at point.


  8. Gatwich S. says:

    Dont jump into conclusion my brothers jieng youth. You will be not different than those barbaric youth of equatoria who dont represent all equatorians in the same way that the jieng memebrs of SPLA in upper nile who rapped my own sisters to death did not represent all jieng. They are criminals who want to destroy South Sudan. Calm down and call for unity of all likeminded Southerners to come together.


  9. Yak Yak Bol says:

    Equatoriain, must stop target roadsides killing of dinka innocent people, am totally disappointed of the Saturday killing along road between Yei – Lanyna – Juba. otherwise there will be no south Sudan. i knew only some tribes from Equatoria are responsible for this current action against dinka, not all Equatorian but they will regret for their action soon or later.


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