South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Examination (SSCSE): Three of the top four students come from Jonglei state

Posted: October 4, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Junub Sudan, Mach Samuel Peter

By Mach Samuel Peter, Bor, Jonglei State

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October 4, 2016 (SSB) — Jonglei state despite being the most affected states during the past few years of South Sudan crisis is ranking the best all over the republic of South Sudan with Bor College winning the trophy of South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Examination (SSCSE).

The Ministry of General Education has released the results for the South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Education today with four top students from Jonglei State ranked top by John Ajak Tiit Ajak of Bor College with closely 100% win of 97.4%

Student ranking: The best ten students are

  1. John Ajak Tiit Ajak, Bor College in Jonglei;
  2. Thomas Mark Joseph Lako, Juba Diocesan in Jubek;
  3. Daniel Mathiang Thon Anuol, Alliance High in Jonglei;
  4. Chol John Deng Kuir, Bor College in Jonglei;
  5. Nathaniel Chol Gakeer Alier, Excel International in Yei River;
  6. Mathew Onen Terence Charles, Juba Diocesan in Jubek;
  7. Jacob Deng Bol Deng, Excel International Yei River;
  8. Simon Tut Chuol Nyuot, Juba Academy in Jubek;
  9. Kuot Emmanuel Madhuk Kuot, Dr. John Garang National in Jubek;
  10. Daniel Akech Riak Mach, Malek Academy Jonglei; and
  11. Zambako Gabriel Michael Mordecai, Bishop Abangite in Gbudwe.

School ranking: The top ten schools of SSCSE are:

  1. Standard Secondary School in Wau,
  2. Bishop Abangite College in Gbudwe,
  3. Juba Diocesan Model in Jubek,
  4. Yei Girls Secondary School in Yei River,
  5. Comboni SS in Jubek,
  6. Yapa National Secondary School in Jubek,
  7. Chukudum Secondary School in Namurnyang,
  8. Langbaar Modern School in Jonglei,
  9. Savana High School in Western Lakes and
  10. Malek Academy in Jonglei.

Out of almost 8,000 candidates who sat, roughly 6,000 passed, representing a passing rate of 77.9%. Last year, only 50 percent of the candidates passed. The results show that male candidates have consistently performed better than female candidates. 79.4 of male candidates passed the examination compared to 74.3% of females. However, the difference has reduced this year compared to last year, in which only 54.6% of male and 41 percent of female candidates passed.

Shared subjects between the South Sudan & the Sudan curriculum have dominated the well-performed subjects while Agriculture and General science have been poorly performed. An analysis of the results also shows that the candidature for South Sudan-based curriculum examinations has been systematically increasing for the last 5 years.

In a document signed by the Chairperson of South Sudan examination council also the minister for general education Hon. Deng Deng Hoc, The chairperson commend the cooperation between the South Sudan national examination council and the ministry of national security, CID and police administration who went a long way to ensure the security of examination materials as well as the security of the candidates during the examination.

The examinations were administered to 22,188 candidates in 177 centers across the country. 7870 candidates registered for the South Sudan based curriculum, 13,977 registered for Sudan based curriculum, 224 registered for commercial section, 111 registered for technical section and 10 registered for agriculture section.

The performance of the candidates in 2015/2016 SSCSE examination has greatly improved 77.9 percent as compared to the previous years. The male candidates have consistently performed better than female candidates 79.4% of male having passed the examinations compared to 74.3 female candidates.

Best Ten students in 2015/2016 SSCSE examination

No. Index Name in full Section Gender Percentage School State
1. 32459 John AJak Tiit Ajak Sciences M 97.4 Bor college


2. 29640 Thomas Mark Joseph Lako Arts M 92.2 Juba Diocese Jubek
3. 32405 Daniel Mathiang Thon Annuol Science M 92 Alliance High Jonglei
4. 32455 Chol John Deng Kuir Science M 92 Bor College Jonglei
5. 28723 Nathaniel Gakeer Chol Alier Science M 92 Excel International Yei River
6. 29457 Mathew Onen Torrence Charles Arts M 91.5 Juba Diocses Jubek
7. 28744 Jacob Deng Bol Deng Science M 91.4 Excel international Yei River
a.      6. 29027 Simon Tut Chuol Nyuot Science M 91.4 Juba Academy Jubek
8. 28496 Kuot Emmanuel Maduk Kuot Science M 91.1 Dr. John Garang National Juba Jubek
9. 32483 Daniel Akech Rak Mach Science M 91 Malek Academy Jonglei
10. 102383 Zambako Gabriel Michael Mordecai Science M 91 Bishop Abangite Gbudwe

The best female students in 2015/2016 SSCSE Examinations

S/No. Index Name in full Percentage School State
29447 Viola Poni Scopas Mogga 90.2 Juba Diocese Jubek
29438 Hiba Gabriel Lado Bilal 89.9 Juba Diocese Jubek
29442 Manuela Chandia Antonny Duku 89.4 Juba Diocese Jubek
29398 Christine Sumure Michale Loke 89.3 Juba Diocese Jubek
29400 Elizabeth Liz Isaac Gideon 89.3 Juba Diocese Jubek
29414 Victoria Muding Duku Manaseh 89.1 Juba Diocese Jubek
28683 Mira Musa Nimir Abdulgadir 88.7 Excel International Yei River
29441 Joy Kiden Eliaba Loro 88.7 Juba Diocese Jubek
29408 Sarah Kaku Santino Lou 88.6 Juba Diocese Jubek
29392 Anna Jotto Ambrose Pati 88.3 Juba Diocese Jubek
29439 Jerisa Gyinisia Samuel Amuzai 88.3 Juba Diocese Jubek

The 2015/2015 SSCSE examinations were administered by approximately 2500 personnel who included SSNEC’s staff, staff from the ministry of general education and county education.

The candidates can collect their official results from examination centers or state Ministry of education and instruction offices

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  1. David says:

    We dominate well in term of education and smartness, but we fail in presenting one common voice to the whole wide world. Anyway I am very proud for those kids performance. I hope the government will encourage them by sponsoring them


  2. 888888 says:

    Jubek vs Jonglei exams !


  3. Bor Shepherd says:

    Dinka Domination everywhere walai!. Last month all those who qualified for international chess competition were Dinkas. wrestling is dominated by them.What will we do with this people ya Jamaa..

    This is why we are targeting them along the measure roads in South Sudan’s Equatoria region..


    • Yak Yak Bol says:

      Dear Bor Shepherd, you have forgot to mentioned the domination of dinka during struggle and sacrifices they has paid during the war with Jalaba even if you are targeting dinka on roadsides, will never stop dinka to dominate the all social life in South Sudan, please stop targeting us otherwise when we accept this game, please do not blame us. very soon you will see onnyuor own eye.


  4. marko Anguei says:

    congratulation to them!


  5. Monykong chan says:

    Congrulation ma brothers and sisters, 4 passing exam, so keep it up!!!


  6. Richard yatta morris says:

    The year 2016/17 candidates is un predictable. If any student passed in any school of yei, that must be a real pass. Those guys didn’t cheat walai. I was there supervising. Instead we hear from friends in juba about leakage hahaa. Lets see


  7. I thank you all brothers and sisters for your commitment of passing south Sudan certificate of secondary education.


  8. Alam says:

    Very encouraging. Kids trying against all odds


  9. Bor Shepherd says:

    Yaak. Think big my friend.. Try to analyze my comment and you will surely comprehend what I meant with that post..Bor shepherd


  10. Levi Khemis Steward Yata says:

    Thanks alot for the best performance.
    All i want to know now is my results too.i sat in Supiri(Rokon)Sec school-jubek with index 0103019.
    I would be grateful when you consider my request,Thanks.


  11. Yuel says:

    am absolutely proud to our 2016 student ,that show our cleverness as South Sudanese ,wish all successful candidates to keep that spirit to change the current situation and illiterates in South Sudan


  12. Abah de Chan says:

    Billions Congrutilations for them Wishing you the best ma dear brothers and sisters,
    ya jamana we be response to those people.
    Thanks u so@@@


  13. philip spit says:

    Brothers and sisters work hard; make our society better


  14. philip spit says:

    my comment is about biology question and answers


  15. Ghai John Anyieth Akuei says:

    I hope candidate of this year 2018 will do best in SSNEC. And i expected that the best top ten students will be in Bor


  16. Adam juma says:

    What percentage did Adam Juma Haruun of Mahad Juma SS with seat no 103085 get?
    I mean 2017/2018 south sudan national SS exams.


  17. Yuol Mabor Kuc says:



  18. Education is the first priority.


  19. Dr. Anyieth says:

    Dear commentators,

    Let all of us join hands in appreciating and encouraging our kids for their excellence performances regardless of whether they are Mundri, Kakwa, Acholi, Maban, Zande, Dinkas, Nuer, Bari, Taposea or any other ethnic groups in our country. Remember!! Brothers fight and at the end of the day, they reconcile and rebuild their lives. No doubt we fought the most idiotic and senseless war in our history as people, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will soon emerge from the ashes and rebuild our country. Let put aside preemptive politics and embark on reconciliation and peace building in order to reclaim our lost glory. We are great people with exceptional cultures and traditions and we should hold on to our true selves.


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