The Community of Luacjang Dinka, Tonj, South Sudan

Posted: November 5, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By William Abur, Melbourne, Australia

November 5, 2016 (SSB) — Luanyjang community is one of the many sub-communities of Dinka which has served tirelessly during the struggle of Sudan people Liberation army/ movement (SPLA/M). It is a community which her Sons and daughters have lost their lives in each family for the sack of protecting and supporting the SPLA/M objectives. It is a community which made contributions of cows, goats, sheep and crops to feed the SPLA/M during struggle years.

It is a community which refused to join the rebellion because there is no benefit for pushing for conflict within South Sudan. It is a community in which one her sons mentored our President Kiir Mayaridit when he was a young boy after the Addis Ababa Agreement (1972). It is a larger community within Tonji and a larger community compared to Gok State and Twi State in South Sudan. It is a community which was well recongnised during Britain colonised with international airport known as a Wuncui international airport.

It is a community in which none of her sons or daughters been promoted to any ministerial position before the independent after independent of the South Sudan. It is a community of 12 sections of sub-communities namely. 1 Kuok Section, 2-Atek Section, 3-Lian Section, 4-Abuong Section, 5-Pariak Section, 6- Athor Section, 7-Akok Section, 8-Baar Section, 9-Nyarnhom Section, 10 –Wunadel Section, 11-Wunthuc Section, 12-Ariau Section.

 It is a community which shared the borders with Nuer Bul from the North, Rek in the south, Nuer Kuei, Nuer Adok and Nuer Adol from the East and Agar Pakam from the southeast. It is a community which protects a large of part of Tonji from their enemies.

It is a community with its own resources of fertile land, cows, goats, sheep as well as many other animals that are good for tourists such as elephants, buffalos, giraffes, and rhinos, antelopes, lions, tigers, hyenas and etcetera. It is a community in which her land has oil, copper, silver, ore and zinc.

What is a point of telling this story?

Well, the writer felt that the sons and daughters of South Sudan have right to know the history and contribution of this community. They also have rights to know the challenges facing this community in term of recognitions and support from the government of South Sudan.

Yes, other communities within South Sudan have made similar contributions, but they have chosen to tell their history in different ways such rebellion and violence. The second point is that many citizens of Luacjang community do feel they are badly neglected by the government of South Sudan, and therefore, they have right to tell their story to the people of South Sudan.

Luacjang community has requested or applied to be one of the independent states of South Sudan and their application is still under a future consideration. The sons and daughters of this community are also requesting for any position in government as their right to ask for peaceful means like other communities in which their sons and daughters are holding key positions in the current government.

Yes, the current government may not have resources to accommodate the damages and expectations of sub-communities in South Sudan. However, the issue of this community is a case special in many ways given the few issues which have been highlighted above.

William Abur is a Ph.D. candidate at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, finishing his Ph.D. research in areas of social work and sociology. He is also a social worker working in high school in student well-being area. You can reach via his email: William Abur

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address and the country you are writing.

  1. mawien Magol says:

    Dr. William Abur

    I would like to comment on your statement step by step before touching the national level of South Sudan. Well, considering you can disagree with your brother than not being disagreeable therefore, I have to staring by saying that, there is a few thing which is seem to be fragment in my view and the good example, you have mention a lot of Nuers are bordering your community of Luanyjang/ Aguer Adiel community. In fact, the lack of Geography on Environmental System is another problem in the young nation but the Bul Nuers communities are absolutely have no bordering with Luanyjang community however, they can traveled to attacked the Luanyjang community because this is what the whole Nuers communities does most of the time and there is no question on that.

    Yes, the Luanyjang community have borders with Agar Pakam, Gok Arol communities, also your community have borders with Leer county, Leer communities, Mayanidit county, Mayiandit communities and in addition to that, if you claimed your community is bordering with the Nuers Koch county, Nuers Koch communities perhaps, I wouldn’t mine because it is in the middle of Lou Pehar community and Apuk Padoch community. Yes, some communities within Tonj State are living freely from Nuers conflicts, because they are protected by those Dinka communities which have borders with Nuers communities and I think the Luanyjang community are facing same situations as the Tonj North communities do. It is also true that, Luanyjang community is one the largest Sub-communities in the newly created Tonj State following by Lou Mawien community which has about 8 sections Sub- communities with 8 Sub- chiefs communities leaders and four more others communities are the Top in term of population. Also It is true that, the Luanyjang community have had contributed in any thing whether the issue was about SPLA/SPLM nor the Dinka’s culture, it will never be deny and that is the fact on one hand, your neighbors communities are some time can back up your community if the conflict is over capacity of Luanyjang youths.

    Let me come to touch just a little a bit the new government of Tonj State.Put in mind that, the reforms will be needed even the State level, because the people who runs the Local government and the State’s government are using same dictatorship system, nepotism, favoritism, alluding policy and all kinds of bad system. I will give you another good example, if you look the two people which have been appointed as the national Ministers thus, they are all relatives to those Top under pew of dictatorship. The current president Salve Kiir Thiik Atem or Mayardit is the man of nepotism, trade policy, favoritism, alluding policy and yes, he is discriminating others Dinkas. In Tonj State, we have been giving two national which sound good to hear that but in reality, the president is appointed people who favor him. Deny Mayiik Ayii is the uncle Son of hon, Nhial Deng Nhial from the side of his mother Ayendit Ayii. Same thing the guy which came from Tonj South/center county. The dictator man doesn’t go far to appointed the people who have no relatives working in his government this is absolutely a government own by few individuals.

    Neglected is not merely on Luanyjang people but instead to say, the whole Tonj have been abused by the currently government of Salve Kiir Mayardit. I want to be specific about systemically use by the president Salve Kiir Mayardit and his Gogrialian in the government. At first, the capital of former Warrap State was in Warrp Town unfortunately, the capital was transfer to Kacjok area and the main reason was to built foundation in the Gogrial communities while knowing that, they will kick out the people of Tonjes at any time as they did exactly now. All government’s building and the business have left Kacjok town meanwhile, the people of Tonj and Twic Mayardit are running their poor administrations under the Trees. There was a speeches given by Mr, Tor Deng Mawien in Kacjok town, he was addressing youths of former Warrap State and he said, the people of Tonj must waited their chance but now this is our time we people of Gogrial to good or bad and no one will questions us he said. The members of Tonj communities were not only left shocked about such a statement made the special advisor to president but also they were deepen concerning that, the Gogrialans who came from Khartoum maybe giving a wrong advice to the president. Some failure maybe attributed to Khartoums people within Gogrial and other failure may resulting on poor strategy and disengagement. The current governor of Tonj State major general Akec Tong Aleu has warning Tonjes citizens early saying, we must not taken the culture of Upper Nile people meaning by using violence as a tool to resolving the problems but following peaceful mean yes. Therefore, the government of president Salve Kiir is against Tonjes will this is why the above mention happened on people of Tonj.

    Finally, although many people have welcome the creation of New 28 States perhaps, the proposed was a political supports and not the real one. The Northern Bhar El Ghazal State should have been giving two separated States, the twic Mayardit county, Gogrial West county and the Gogrial East county should have been combined all together as one State. The Western Bhar El Ghazal State should be qualified to have two separated States, the Tonj North county, the Tonj East county and Tonj South county should be one State as it is. The former Lake State is also qualified to have two separately States and not three States. Same thing should have been applied to others regions to shown the truth and trustworthy. One can wondering why created one county as a State, two counties as a State while combining three counties as one State. I belief the dictatorship was trying to please those Idiocy who are diehard supporting his worn policies otherwise, the whole system is breaking indeed and need new leader to clean up a big messed.


    • Kur Wel Kur says:

      Hello Mawien,

      Thanks for nice comments because they show a sincere dialogue. However, the comments were too long so next time you have a lot of points to dispute or appreciate from the writer, you can write a rebuttal in an independent article(responding to the writer).

      If you agree, the moderator and managing director of this Blog will post this it.

      Kur Wel Kur


      • mawien Magol says:

        Thanks you back Dr. William Abur and Kur Wel Kur

        I take advice seriously when someone made a point. I understand there are people repeated saying that, my comments is too long and it is true but put in mind that, short cut and long term are workable. Yes, I had been sending opinion article about asking president to step down and and let smart politician take lead unfortunate, it has been deny and this is why I am making my comments too long and meaningful. I appreciate your concern and thanks once again for your kindness.


  2. William Abur says:

    Brother Mawien, I agree with you in your many points in relation to how Tonj community has been neglected in the national government. Second, I have to acknowledge that some of my people within Tonj may be carrying some questions in their minds that why William choose write about Luacjang instead of Tonj as general? I respect their concerns and I’m happy to write any reflection on behalf of our Tonj community in future. However, this article was focusing on Luacjang community in term of their contributions and how they feel about community representation in the national government.

    I’m glad that brother Mawien Magol has managed to raise general concerns on behalf of Tonj community. It is now up to government to listen to people or not to listen to the community.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t agree to disagree with you the writer. Luanyjang Community as said has never defected to join rebellion but what of Luka Lual Madhang who when relieved from the post of minister of Youth culture and sports of former Warrap state decided to join rebels? I would agree with you if would have mentioned little defection. I am also from Tonj state and there are many of Tonj citizens who have joined the defection. My observation is that people are fighting for the positions. when told to rest and allow someone to exercise his skills and knowledge of leadership, they sought to rebel.


    • mawienmawienmagol says:

      Why not making your appear if you belief on your statement?
      I will not wasting my time to commenting unproductive statement. Tonj State is the heartland of Bhar El Ghazal regions and the whole Dinka a cross Upper Nile and the people of Tonj are great known in the history of William Deng Nhial. If we joins rebellion perhaps, the dictatorship will fall for sure but we have no any reason to supports the rebellion of destruction and killing innocents people.


  4. William Abur says:

    Often, I don’t response or deal with rebels brother anonymous above. Those who may have defected they were not supported my community, you must know this. Continue your rebel behaviours and you will be a loser in many ways.


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