The Election of President Donald Trump: What does it mean for South Sudan?

Posted: November 9, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Contributing Writers, Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

The US Presidential Election Final results in favor of President Kiir’s presumptive choice, Donald Trump! Does it mean anything to South Sudan?

By Emmanuel Ariech Deng, Juba, South Sudan

 Obama’s Statement on US Recognition of the Republic of South Sudan, July 9, 2011.

November 9, 2016 (SSB) —- The western democracy has constantly remained a concern for the rest of the globe with US elections drawing attention from all the corners of the political world and their interests on Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidates in the race for the White House.

In considering the burdens of exposition, the conventional wisdom of those foreign head of states that openly engaged in taking sides, should have been just containing their support position neutral or confidential to themselves on any of the candidates until the absolute majority of the American people vetoed with the stack choice to determine their future of the race, the decision American people have just executed today.

Notwithstanding some leaders pledging of allegiance to Trump and Hillary, it has always been hard to correctly predict the presidential winner of the US elections. As luckily as the President interest on Trump became a reality, there seems a glimpse of hope in South Sudan-US relations. Now that Salva Kiir earlier phone call has just materialized, this should be followed by an influential congratulatory message to the President Elect, H.E Donald J. Trump acknowledging the esteemed efforts exerted by the great people of United States of America and their transparent democratic systems in choosing their leader.

As early as the primary campaigns intensified, the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit without diplomatic hesitation, burst out with a call to Donald Trump and praised him of winning the republican presidential nomination to the White House, a stereotype seen as a disappointment over Obama administration and its imperceptible foreign policies towards South Sudan in the recent leadership conflict of 2013 and 2016 relatively contrasted.

The Republican Presidential Nominee and President Elect, Donald Trump was extremely excited for the phone conversation to the extent of narrating the story in one of the rallies on how he was being vividly preferred to become the next US President by the President of the newest and poorest country in Africa- South Sudan, roared Trump, with a positive mood that suggests true partnership with Kiir in his white House tenure track.

Although President Kiir open partisanship to Donald J. Trump during the campaign trials could be viewed as a political blunder in another camp, still the President Elect Donald Trump would be spiritually and internally cohesive with President Kiir for his bold position towards the race to secure the U.S forty-fifth Presidential seat. For some other Presidents who had publically declared their support to Hillary Clinton, should understand that now is the time to swallow these political blunders and forge new co-operations with the world’s well-planned super-powering nation.

However, the position of our President Salva Kiir to wish Trump success in his bid to become US President was his choice and did not represent the general opinion of South Sudanese in 2016 American elections, because we at some instances, we were also divided along the lines of Republicans, Democrats and associated foreign policies towards weak nations such as South Sudan where some political and economic compromises are direly needed to pave way for the development of basic infrastructure.

The author of this article rated the two US presidential candidates of 2016 as not the prominent leaders to satisfactorily spearhead the increasing terrorism and insurgency at its peak of orchestration in the Middle East and some parts in Africa. The consequence of that triggered mass and suicidal migrations to Europe across Mediterranean Sea in the recent years. Therefore, I during the campaigns trails, only admired how the two names have sweetly resonated in my ears as BBC reported about them.

Let us accept and respect the outcome of the elections to the credit of the American electoral systems and its people, that they have questioned Obama utterances that “I do not think Trump will be my successor” have questioned the doubting Thomas, because the strength and power of US isn’t built on individual but the robust institutions established by the founding fathers of American history, power and heritage.

Today, American power still stands firmly on the spirit of nationalism empowered by strong institutions that have overwhelmingly and continuously contributed to the unshakable foundation of the American people and their supervision on democratic principles within the US and around the world to mark the end of political malpractices.

The outstanding respect to the Bill of Rights, rule of law and choices based on one’s ideas on how to run the country and protection of its citizens, rather than one’s interest on the country wealth and impoverishment of citizens made the US elections popular. Lack of this quality, disenfranchised some African democracies for centuries and plunged the continent over the years into a persistent political conflict and underdevelopment with huge wealth and mineral resources becoming a curse instead of blessing to the lands and its people.

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  1. Sympathizer says:

    Emmanuel! Your analysis is one of the bests and u are also being honest to mention that u do not support any of the two contenders for today America with increased terrism and conspiacies! Let’s wait see the Trump America and the two fierce rivals-Russia & China!


  2. Gokthoon Dau says:

    US policy on South Sudan is usually a bipartisan efforts from both Republican and Democratic politicians in Congress. So Donald Trump, winning the prior election last Tuesday should not be received with huge celebration by leaders in South Sudan because there will be nothing good for them. President elect Donald Trump will be tougher than President Obama when it comes to policy ideas toward South Sudan. Wait and you will see roads for our country of South Sudan.
    The era of blackmailing and bullying is almost winding down with the election of Mr. Trump in the White house. Mr. Trump is a very unpredictable individual whose most South Sudanese are not aware that personality. I am talking with the first experience of being a citizen of this great nation, and knows exactly how policy is being mulled and come to light as a final decision.
    Therefore, I am urging fellow citizens not to count on Republican alone, comprehensive peace agreement came from different from persuasion in America and that included both Republican and Democratic parties as well. Republican has no special in South Sudan than their Democratic countpart- it is based on American strategic interest in the region and currently there is no at stake in South Sudan. Don’t be surprised to see President elect Donald Trump step up pressure on long serving African leaders .He said it on the campaign trail and I believe he will pursue that agenda if he takes the oath of office in January.
    In short, let be care on what we are wishing and expecting at this premature time in his tenure. A lot of thing will come to the spotlight when he assumes in January.
    Good luck and we live here to see in practical life to experience it. He could also be unfriendly to homeland; let hope he isn’t.


  3. Panda Yentueng says:

    @Gokthoon. Nobody strongly believe that Trump would change a situation in south sudan but his foreign policies can never be uniform. With God’s help let us wait and see what happens.


  4. Intellectual says:

    World and regional leaders are investing in science and technology Kiir mayardit is investing in looting, killing and destruction of South Sudanese properties, they boosting their economic for the common good of their citizens Kiir mayardit is wasting our resources by killing vocal voices, and using our very resources to betrayed our resourceful human being of like Gatdet Dak was simply deported by kenyan in return for 1.5 millions $which could have been used to feed and resettle exedousing and hungry malual Giernyang in Awiel. Who took refugee in trouble Darfur region. Regional leaders much concern of the welfare their citizens but Kiir is proud of seeing his citizens killing themselves on tribal basis, I may recalled in 2007 Kiir mayardit reacted and responded by trying to contribute a troops for Somalia mission, now mogadisu had come to his back yard Juba, citizens are dying on daily basis, Kiir mayardit have no saying on the mass killing of his citizens and migration in to more dangerous region of Darfur where Omar Bishite is using chemical weapons. Kiir mayardit will be remembered for destruction and backwardness of South Sudan nothing else.


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