The role of Civil Society Organizations in supporting security stability in South Sudan

Posted: November 10, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Michael Chol Tor, Juba, South Sudan


The Jonglei Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development – JIPDD

November 10, 2016 (SSB) — I would like to define civil society organization is the aggregate or collective non-governmental Organization and institution that manifest interests and will of citizens. Civil society includes the family, clan, community and the private sphere or area, referred to as the third sector of society, district from government and business.

Civil society Organization is used in the sense of the aggregate of non-governmental Organization and institution the manifest interests and will of citizens. Individuals and organizations is a society which are independent of the government

Civil society Organizations is used in the more general sense of the elements such as freedom of speech, an independent judiciary that make up a democratic society. Institutions composing civil society may be for-profit or non-profit. From a historical perspective, the actual meaning of the concept of civil has changed twice from change occurred after the French revolution, the second during the fall of communism in Europe.

Civil society Organizations can play an important role in enhancing security situation and good governance in no developing counties by contributing to increased public debate on issues surrounding the formulation or put together and implementation of government systems as well as in supporting greater transparency or clearness of public speech.

This article reviews some result measures to improve security stability in Eastern Nile as well as counties in general, highlights the role played by (CSOs), and identifies possible strategies which CSOs and senior government official in various Eastern Nile counties may adopt in order to promote more respects and peaceful dialogue on security management issues. The role of civil society Organizations in supporting security stability in Eastern Nile as well as counties is absent.

 When Melut County thumps by discriminators whose job to segment Melut County into two Counties unfortunately, on 8th October, 2016 the shocked incidents occurred at Yei Juba Road and Melut Rohm village, leaving 13 people dead, 9 people were killed on Yei Juba road incident while 4 people were killed in Melut Rohm village. It was very sad indeed, for instance when we got divided our enemies took it as a positive advantage to bypass his evil agenda. Afterward, one of the civil societies Organization reacted with shallow words impossible condemning 8th October’s incidents 2016.

Melut’s Sons and Daughters body as a civil society Organization who was established to unite our people in Melut County and predictably to express disapproval of Melut’s sons and daughters’ segmentation as mentioned in first chapter of his constitution the unity of Melut’s sons and daughters as prioritized. They all kept silent and silent meant scenario’s acceptance and to support the scenario is a violation of constitution.

What civil society Organizations can do to develop stability and promote peace and reconciliation in County? I want to speak to you briefly today about the role that civil society Organization plays in the building and strengthening unity of motherland sons and daughters to live in harmony. You are all civil society leaders, who are engaged in this effort in various ways, so I am very pleased to be able to share these ideas with you.

By civil society I mean the entire range of organized groups and institutions that are independent of the state, voluntary, and at least to some extent self-governing and self-reliant. This of course includes non-governmental Organizations like the ones in this county, but also mass media, think tanks, universities unions, and social groups.

To be part of civil society, groups must meet some other conditions as well. In a democracy, civil society leaders have respect for the law, for the right of other groups to express their opinions. Part of what the word “civil” implies is tolerance and the accommodation of pluralism and diversity.

Civil society groups may establish ties to political parties and the state, but they must retain their independence, and they done not use assembly power for them to demolish community solidarity as well as cohesion. Often in changeovers, groups within may arise that seek to monopolize the men who serve people with synchronization and thinking of their interests. These groups do not tolerate when the evil rights are dissent, and they do not respect other groups that disagree with them. Some of these groups may merely be fronts for political groups or portion of politicians that seek to win control of the state. These groups are not part of civil society and they do not contribute to building a unity of motherland sons and daughters.

What, then, can the independent, voluntary, law-building, tolerant and pluralistic organizations of civil society do to build and maintain unity? The first and most basic role of civil society is to limit and control the hatred athletes within the state. Of course, any unity needs a well-functioning and authoritative state. But when an organization is emerging by shallow minds members from decades of despotism, it also needs to find ways to check, monitor, and restrain the unity from clannish leaders and community discriminator officials.

Civil society members should watch how clannish leaders use their short term vision of powers. They should raise public concern about any abuse of power. They should lobby for access of power, including freedom of tribalism words to convince poor minded members, and drives the institution to control power.

This constitutes a second important function of civil society to expose the tribalism conduct of public officials and lobby to weaken strong relationship and promote hatred. Even where anti-discriminatory laws and unite bodies exist; they cannot function effectively without the active support from wrong groups and participation of civil society off beam leaders.

A third function of civil society is to promote unity, harmony, cohesion and togetherness of societies as observed. CSOs can do this by training people about solidarity rights and society unity obligations as democratic citizens, and encouraging them to live together and share their ideas together as one people and one community.

Melut civil society organizations leaders or members have a vital role to play in monitoring the conduct of discriminations. This requires a broad coalition of organizations, unconnected to politicians or dirty minded candidates, that deploys non-neutral ideas at all different polling stations to ensure that the segmentation calls and segmentation votes  is entirely block, fairly avoided to allow people live  peacefully, and lovely. It is very hard to have credible and fair claims in a new democracy unless civil society groups play this role.

 Finally, it is my stressed that Melut’s sons and daughters civil society body and community leader is simply in tension with their dishonest of self-interests. Because civil society Organization is dependent from false ideas, doesn’t mean that it must always criticize unity and support incoherence among the societies in Melut. In fact, by making the organization at all levels more accountable, responsive, inclusive, ineffective, and hence more illegitimate of a vigorous civil society strengthens citizen’s lack of respect for the state and promotes their negative engagement within the community entirely.

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  1. Dengda says:

    I totally agreed you and the way defined Civil Society Organisation(CSO and it roles. I also concurred with you, on notion that, some of the civil society organisation are partial and not independent to it core and tend to be government supporters, E.g. Red Army Foundation and JCE suppose to be an inclusive organisation and non-partisan to the government. However, it not the case with Red Army Foundation and JCE. Instead to enshrined it mandate and policies as organisation at national level and adhere to it founding principles, the organisations tended to be government supporter and lobbyist. Perhaps it leaders may want to appease the government for reward of government positions. I believes, if any registered civil society organisation act in away that consider partial or as government agents, then that organisation need to be de-registered and dismantle completely. Moreover, the point I may not agree with you is this, you write from one perspective and that is Melut Civil Society Organisation. Your idea are helpful and you should focuses generally at role of all CSO at national level. Otherwise, you cleared the mist and confusion and perception of CSO and their roles of which many are quickly to brand and associated CSO with rebels.


  2. Mach Samuel Peter says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Michael Chol Tor for the analysis, the Jonglei Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (JIPDD) is a civil society organization based in Bor, Jonglei state. JIPDD aims to strengthen good governance, social accountability, democratic transformation, economic development and respect for the bill of rights in activities that engage citizens in the peace building, promote local resilience, conflict reduction, and democratic transition in South Sudan. we encourage the people of South Sudan, the peace partners, NGOs, humanitarian community and government to support us in our quest for peace, democracy and development for the South Sudanese people.


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