Battle for the soul of the SPLM-DC: The scrambling for the party chairmanship

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Party Constitution of the SPLM-DC: democratic-change-party-constitution-2016-official-copy

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November 14, 2016 (SSB) — In reference to the Secretary General of the Democratic Change Party (DCP) Mr. Deng Bior Deng; in this Day News Paper dated 11th/11/2016 Vol. 2, issue No. 289, the Secretary  General condemned Hon. Onyoti Adigo as not the DC party Chairman.

  1. First and foremost, Hon. Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec is the legally Chairman of the Democratic Change Party (DCP) based on the following reasons:
  1. Ø Onyoti Adigo came to the seat through electoral process conducted by the National Leadership Council (NLC) in its extra ordinary meeting held at Yam Hotel on the 5th/11/2016.
  1. Ø The members of the National Leadership Council meeting comprised of all the representative of all the states present in Juba thus leading to Hon. Onyoti Adigo election and success in to the DC party Chairmanship. Not only that but also; the state’s Chairpersons present in the meeting includes:  Jongles Chairperson, Upper Nile Chairperson, Unity state Chairperson and Central Equatorial Chairperson.
  1. Ø Further still, the state Chairperson who did not attend the Council Meeting based on some reason; did send their position letters standing with the new Chairman elected and the states include: Lakes state, Western bar –el gazelle state and Western Equatorial state.
  1. Ø In Article 12 (1) regulation for the conduct of business of the National Leadership Council of DC party and also in Article 14(6); Hon. Onyoti Adigo was nominated and seconded  by the Members of the NLC thus he went an opposed.
  1. Ø In article 11 (3 & 5)of the conduct of business of the National Leadership Council; after the nomination procedural, all members of the NLC in the meeting hall voted for Hon. Onyoti Adigo as the DC party Chairman

Now in regards to all the above mentioned articles, which constitution is Mr. Deng Bior Deng basing is argument? May be another DC party Constitution known to him alone or may be Deng Doesn’t understands what was written in the constitution or he thought he was just reading a novel not a constitution.

So in article 7 (5 & 8) the quorum of the meeting was by a simple Majority of the National Leadership Council Members thus leading to the final result of the Election and Hon. Onyoti Adigo won by simple Majority.

The National Leadership Council Extra Ordinary Meeting was been called by the Acting Chairman of the Democratic Change Party (DCP) Eng. Donald Gideon as indicated in article 7 (2) of the conduct of business for the NLC Meeting not by the Secretary General or not in consultation of the Secretary General; now who is Deng Bior Deng to be consulted for the fixing of the NLC meeting?

The Decision for calling the National Leadership Council extra ordinary Meeting was determined by the National Executive Committee (NEC) in its meeting when adopting the resignation of the former Chairman of the party and also approving the proposal for Eng. Donald Gideon to act as the Chairman of the party. In that, NEC decided Donald to act within 60 days as per the constitution of the DCP then call for the National leadership Council extra ordinary meeting which took place accordingly and constitutionally.

After the decision was adopted by NEC as resolution; the Secretary General Mr. Deng Bior Deng formed an Adhoc Committee for the fundraising of funds to conduct the NLC extra Ordinary meeting. The committee went Ahead with its work and reported back to the Secretary General by also submitting the cash into the party’s accounts where by the so called Secretary General used the money for his own use and his gang group. Not if it is UN constitutional, why did the S.G form that Adhoc Committee for fund raising, why did he use the money for his own use. That’s a clear sign of Corruption.

The only reason why the Secretary General Mr. Deng Bior Deng formed his gang group was the issue of the money for the NLC extra ordinary meeting not been deposited into the party’s accounts such that he uses it for his own use and to work towards the cancelation of the NLC meeting and he was not given the Chance to form the preparatory Committee for the NLC meeting due to his Corrupt ways but instead the preparatory Committee was formed by the Acting Chairman and did not deposit the money into the Party’s  Account and went ahead with its function thus leading to the success of the NLC extra ordinary Meeting. That angered the Secretary General Mr. Deng Bior Deng.

The Secretary General Claimed that; the Democratic Change Party Chairman Hon. Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec sends the National Security Services with heavy artilleries mounted in a Toyota Pick Up to distort their meeting at the office was not true; if it happens then they invited it for themselves. Because the Security services were aware about the NLC extra Ordinary meeting taking place that day in Yam Hotel; now which one are there’s in the office?

Secondly; Deng and His Gang group such as Lydia Nhial Bok, William Akec Aleu, Andrew Okony Ayom and Kerubino Pow.

Not only that and also, Deng Bior Deng himself does not follow channel of office administration he is just used to skirting procedure thus he went ahead by writing some letters without the knowledge of the Acting Chairman Donald Gideon to the political parties Council demanding again the cancelation of the NLA meeting but failed.

Mr. Deng Bior Deng and his Ganged group went ahead by violating the constitution of the party by holding a separate meeting of only 4 members of NEC and 1 member of NLC deciding to nominate another Acting Chairman Ustaz. Mark Atem and all these in the absence of the deputy Chairman Mark Atem and minus the all members of the NEC present in Juba, in which article of the DCP said only 4 of NEC can hold a separate meeting then appoint a party’s Chairman?

Furthermore; the Secretary General also violated the constitution by appointing another secretary for information (spoke person) Mr. William Akec Aleu minus the approval of the NEC as stipulated in article­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 22 (9) of the party’s constitution.

Now since he was the Secretary General of the Democratic Change Party (DCP) why is he operating outside the office premises issuing unsatisfactory and baseless statement rather than being in his office at the general secretariat that’s shows very clear sign of lack of leadership skill in him as the Secretary General.

The preparatory Committee for the NLC Extra Ordinary Meeting drafted an invitation Letters to the political parties council, Chairman of the Alliance, civil society representative, diplomatic corps and other political parties but the political parties council did not send their representatives and also the alliance. Is it the problem of the party or their own problem?

In all the claims written by the Secretary General Mr. Deng Bior Deng, on behalf of the information Desk, we came to know that it was a statement from their father who will come from heaven but not known when??????

Based on all the above; who is constitutional and who is not constitutional as claimed by Deng Bior Deng the so called Secretary General.

Finally; through the new leadership of Hon. Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec as the Democratic Change Party Chairman, the party is ready for dialogue with the ganged group led by Deng Bior Deng if they were interested and if they were not, then the NEC takes decision upon them as stipulated in article 55 (1,2,8,9 &10) in DCP constitution


Yeka Peter Hillary

Spoke Person, Democratic Change Party (DCP)

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Party Constitution of the SPLM-DC: democratic-change-party-constitution-2016-official-copy


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