Aldo Ajou: I joined Dr. John Garang in 1992, the time the Jieng you despise were left alone to fight the war

Posted: December 6, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey, Juba, South Sudan

John Garang

John Garang’s prophecy

November 6, 2016 (SSB) — The writer, Majak Kuany Alier, assaulted me with article he said, was a reply to my article on the “root cause” of the ongoing war. I dismissed the allegations raised by a young man from Bor in which he blamed the JCE to have caused the 2013 violence.

He added further by blaming Greater Bahr el Ghazal and lack of leadership now and in the future. He went as far as saying that I, Aldo Ajou Deng Akuey, was not a member of SPLM and I must be dissociated. I was surprised and astonished on such gross accusations.

I decided to answer. An answer which I categorically confined to the root causes of recent 15 December 2013’s coup, violence and rebellion. To prove my determination of the causation of the 2013 violence, I had to cite “the SPLM leadership”. To trace the origin of violence, I found that violence and killings of children, women and elderly is foreign to our cultures and traditions.

I found that this culture of violence and Killings started 1983 following the war between Anya Nya two and the SPLM. If one recalls, many of our youth members died on the way to Ethiopia, They were killed indiscriminately by South Sudanese in the Anya Nya two.

I cited further the events of 1991 coup, the reconciliation between Nyandeeng and Riek in 2012, on behalf of the 2000 citizens who were intentionally massacred in 1991/1992. And finally the division of the SPLM, in 2013, which amounted to the present violence and war.

Am I abrasive, destructive, divisive and a tribalist, simply because I have related the root cause with SPLM? These people who think that South Sudan is their inheritance, must revise their attitudes towards others. They must know that history cannot be rewritten, but it is a self-recorded literature.

Please note that I joined Dr. John Garang de Mabior in 1992. I left from Bashir’s Assembly and went to London. I resigned my post as a Deputy Speaker of the Sudan National Assembly while in London and sought asylum.

I Joined Dr. John when things were not good, after the defections of senior SPLA officers in 1991-1993. The time the Jieng you despise, were left alone at Nimule to fight the war.

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  1. Deng Deng says:

    I want ask you a question uncle Aldo Ajou.

    1. Why do you joined Dr.Garang and stayed in london instead of joining the war in south Sudan to fight Khartoum government along with your age-mate?

    2. Why do you joined Dr.Garang late in 1992 while we rebelled against Khartoum government in 1983? What were you doing? were you not came across the fact that southerners have rebelled the government?

    You are known for betrayal like what you have done to late Hon.William Deng Nhial whom you have murdered with your colleagues in the government government. Also, you were the one mobilizing maraam to attack Bhargazal villages so that you get position.


  2. Part man Part Machine says:

    Aldo Ajou Deng, The Man Who conspired With Kiir, NCP and Killed Dr. John Garang.

    Mr. Aldo,
    We know you as the enemy and betrayer of our party, the SPLM. You killed our hopes to install this illiterate Kiir Mayardit who doubled as a punishment to our country from God.
    Those stories of joining SPLM are not valid and your current attitudes display how some of you as JCE are planning to make sure SPLM fail The people you hate spent much of their times fighting unlike you who was in London waiting like the generation Dr. John Garang predicted as greedy who will our land for a bottle of beer.
    Time will come where we will conduct further investigation on who killed Dr. John Garang.


    • Gatdak says:

      If you are not stupid enough, can you blame killing on Kiir and Aldou Ajou? Was Garang not killed by Nyandeng thinking that she would take over the leadership or Garang Post.

      Now you are trying to blame Kiir. Do you know what illiteracy mean? You called Kiir illiterate! Do you read or write for him? Illiteracy means not able to read, write and speak formal education. Kiiir knows how to write and read before even you saw the door of the classroom.

      You are dead minded human. You must respect elders!


  3. David says:

    Uncle Ajou, you should respect yourself and not to response to the take of today young generation. but to my brother Deng bear in mind that not all people who join Garang were in front line, some were playing very vital roll aboard so please don’t blame Mr. Ajou for not being in front line, he played his roll where he was. respect for elderly guys you don’t to exchange word for word with elderly, because respect for elders is our of culture values.


  4. David says:

    Hey guys, you are going too far with Garang death now so please zipped up and let talk about of how we can come out of this crisis we are in, leave death out of today talk.


  5. Panda Yentueng says:

    Make your comments confined to what he said. Deviating from the topic of arguement make you lose the debate. And infact Aldo Ajoudit is gaining enough points and wining the debate. It would have remained decisive on head to head of the likes Maketh Achiek and Aldo but the emergence of shallow and cheap writers has blocked other eloquent and explicit writers into this writing symposiums. Aldo has challenged with the people you are rallying behind! You can now cease from there Ajoudit bcoz these folks are dragging you unconfirmed meadow.


  6. james Juma says:

    ajou must be specific, were jieng left alone fighting for south sudan freedom in 1992/3….were there the word jieng council of elders,,,community,,,,SPLM….etc…JCE must be acounted for destroying RSS….begining with aldo ajou and his group not dinkas…


  7. Part man Part Machine says:

    Aldodit need to get serious,

    I when through the article of Majak Alier and I had not seen any mentioning of Greater Bhargazal unless Aldodit is reading different scripts.
    Please Mzee, stop misleading young generation with wrong make up stories and please read very well and intentionalized the article before writing.


  8. Thon says:

    Uncle Aldo:
    JCE is victimised by those who could not ascend to by the bullets and massacres. Now, they want to power on the back of UN/AU.


  9. Intellectual says:

    Aldo Ajou dit, u have no point completely, John Garang quotes, even a devil is talking of democracy, if Aldo Ajou could say he contributed to the liberation struggle by joining Garang in 1992, that mean soon Bashier will lament that if was not him liberation struggle of South Sudan wouldn’t have been successful, JCE is a curse to South Sudan as well as Kiir mayardit,


    • Yokwe Lomude says:

      Like many south Sudanese Dinka are good people. Kiir himself is a great leader who fought for many year to free South Sudanese from the tranny of Khartoum government. He fought so that South Sudanese from every corner of the nation and earth will walk with their heads high. But it is the Jeing and the like of Aldo Ajou who destroyed Kiir’s vision for the RSS and derailed the intigrity of Dinka people. If Kiir and Dinka people of “good will” do not dismantle the Jieng council of elder and send people in the like of Aldo to hell, South Sudan will continue to be a doom nation. By the way where on earth, the leadership of sovereign nation is advised by one tribal council of elders? Where on earth the president of a sovereign nation can’t make any decision without an endorsement by a foe of one tribal council of elder? Why we continue blame every Dinka person when our nation has been destroyed by a handful of Aldo like or the Jieng Council of elders?


  10. Malith Alier says:

    Nothing wrong with JCE, it is only those driven by anti-Dinka, anti-majoritarian who hate JCE and anything perceived to be related to Jieng. Please whoever you may be, never lodge a wedge among Jieng at this perilous time.


  11. Kur Wel Kur says:

    Dear My fellow citizens,

    I have read articles and comments generated by Uncle Aldo’s article, and I have discovered that the actual war has just begun among the Mony Jang, Mony Jang, the ones who think the war begun with them.

    There’s something amazing with the articles and comments; they come from predominately young men from Jonglei region, the Jonglei after the creation of 28 states. However, the elders of these young people are ghost-quiet. So, why bother? I am not calling for all-out-war of words from these elders to Uncle Aldo, but any mischief from an elder must be refuted by an elder. I know these elders, they are rarely involved with childish and petty accusations.

    To the young people are keeping up with Uncle Aldo, the battles are easy to win or lose, but to win a war is hard. Kiir-Riek’s battles are winding up, and what has begun is a real war. The war is an economic war.Recession. Hunger. The war of hunger is the real war. Uncle Aldo knows this war is hard for him and his likes to fight.


  12. Deng Deng says:

    Brother Gatdak you behind the truth.

    Salva Kiir could manage to write and understand english, Hon. Majok Majok Mading is the one writing for Kiir. Kiir is the one who is little wise but He is being cultured by their foolish majority to mess up the country. We believe South Sudan will never be the same when Kiir is removed out n replaced with some one not from Bar-el-ghazal.


    • Yak Yak Bol says:

      For your information, Kiir will rule whether you like it or not when time comes for his replacement, the next president must comes also from Bhar El Ghazal and nobody else, come what might.


  13. Deng Deng says:

    Brother Gatdak you are behind the truth.

    Salva Kiir could manage to write and understand English, Hon. Majok Majok Mading is the one writing for Kiir. Kiir is the one who is little wise from Foolish majority community but He is being cultured by their foolish majority to mess up the country. We believe South Sudan will never be the same when Kiir is removed out of power and replaced with some one not from Bar-el-ghazal.


    • Bullen Budish Bol says:

      Deng Deng don’t abuse whole community, what do you mean by foolish majority community? weight your words otherwise you are not listening to yourself. Your concerns are always being noted. don’t get surprise one day when the boat tilted.


  14. God de Kuei says:

    MZEE Aldo! you are completely out mind, I do agreed with many young people whom you are competing with on the media. You should not deny the failure of Rek leadership, since the independence of south Sudan. what you always after is Dollars and sex. you are weak and wicked community without vision. How come you do not acknowledge the suffering of the people while always dwell on 1991 and past? foolish elder with no vision… it was said by commission of inquiry that there was no coup. why are you not manage to implement peace? we will disarmy and prison you as times goes. mark my word


  15. Truthhurt says:

    Can someone advise him to apologise to Jieng/Dinka community and in aprticular his own section of Jieng/Dinka for the shame he brought to them through his wreckless writing? Whatever promped him to behave this way will still comes out sooner or later because if his recent outragous writing was/is meant for the defend of undefendable JCE then he could have done that earlier than now!


  16. chok says:

    how i wish we discuss and come up with ways of restoring the economic sovereignty of south Sudan instead of discussing history which is not beneficial now.Remember every great country must have a strong financial muscle


  17. Folks , in the civil issues like this, if you don’t have any case in your mind to say for the argument against the opposing side of the debate , you don’t have entered the public discussion . Insanity and drunkard ‘s speech could not help here in this forum, South Sudan needs patriots , not bunch of traitors, not liars and not those who lack or ignorant of the fact of historical events in the country. Ajou-dit has given you a lot of inside of the truths of what is going on in South Sudan since 1983 , and it seemed that you locked up your senses of understanding. The current war in South Sudan was inherited by President Kiir from John Garang. This is a continuation of the war of 1983 triggered by Akuot Atem and Samuel Gai Tut who turned their weapons against fellow South Sudanese.


  18. Daniel says:

    I think in my own view that, our first destructive motive to our own poor country South Sudan is deemed to our outside education. nevertheless, if we, or otherwise educated in our own country Sudan in general, we would not talk on the social media like stupid without even thought of who said something. an elder, women, boy or young girl. there was alwau a category of who to respond to what and to who. now it is just general. this just simply a luck of manners from respondents. my comment is that, religion as a modern make-up of modernity has indeed spoiled the new nation south Sudan. the Dinka-Bor are modernised through new religion to adhere with not only harmony but also humanity and that is why Dr John Garang was the best envisioned leader contrary to that of Barel gazel who lack this modernity and hold back to the Beny ke bith or spear masters. This means they are unethical. Bad luck to Nuers and the rest of the S. Sudanese tribes who really need to rule. unfortunately, Dinka-Bor are unnoticeable in the current situation because they are real vulnerable minority in the country. Therefore, they must remain scare and continue to survive on Barel gzal left-overs or else few must literates join Nuer for impossible change in the entire country.

    I would recommendation is that, please my academics , do not just respond to anything up there on the web ,but you be patient for your academic time if needed in South Sudan in the long future.


    • Mr. Daniel watch out with your manners too , you don’t need to generalize Bar el ghazal region, there are opposition individuals in Bar el ghazal who are not pleasant with the governance and services under current administration of President Kiir Mayardit. So, it is a mistake to everyone who admire the use of pluralism in case of Dinka as well as South Sudan. President Kiir ‘s administration is not composed of Bar el ghazal personals only, as you know it ! ! ! ! ! .


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