Lessons of Political History in South Sudan: A Response to Uncle Aldo Ajoudit

Posted: December 7, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

Political History, Claims and Lessons Learned: A Response to Uncle Aldo Ajoudit Deng Akuey

By Junior William Deng, Juba, South Sudan


December 7, 2016 (SSB) — Forward! Irrespective of social media clamp down and specific responses made against Hon. Aldo Ajoudit, a lot more is desired not only to keep the debate in procession but also to educate him on a few missteps and misdeeds and raise assurance that history lives with people and forever.  Education in political history or political education is a spectacle the society uses to zoom individual or groups political and social background.

 However, I want to share my indebtedness for him, his family, Pajuou clan, the great Dinka chief Deng Akuei Ajou, his relatives, the greater Abiem people and the entire Dinka Malual: they are our relatives; in-laws and friends. Socially uncle made Jieng and entire country proud through is son, an NBA Star, Luol Deng, a gentleman I pride a lot. Besides, we are political and I take him on as an author and political person and his political party if any.

First, I welcome him back from intellectual coma he has endured for so long to free political discourses in the country. I commend him for taking this noble course to engage publicly with power of pen and not power of gun. If all his associates follow suit and adhere strictly to public political discourses, we can again dream of a country we want to have.

This is a virtue I cannot forget to acknowledge. His previous article or opinion is within the realms of politics and law thus it is subject to discussions and critiques. I begin to respond using his arguments, history and current political feud in the country.

“We tried to tell the truth and  state facts surrounding war in south Sudan and tried to explain off the rogues’ accusations and charges, but the brains of our enemies are block: “not allowed!” (Ajoudit, Nov 29, 2016).

 This is material evidence that can be labelled against the JCE; the selected few of an ethnic council that take political stage to explain the unfolding of war, peace and negotiations is beyond conventional and local practices. The Transitional Constitution of South Sudan doesn’t give local councils whether JCE, Kachipo, Nuer, Bari, and/ or Lotuho to act in the capacity of the representative government, if it happens, it is itself usurpation of public power and desire to orthodox public institutions of leadership.

Again, war or peace cannot be explained by an association that is not party or privy to how it started, fought and aimed to be resolved; it remains privy to the warring parties, government, international communities and media and by extension the civil societies, religious groups and national elders union.

The activities, claims and imposition of the JCE poised them against South Sudanese who are aware of how a country should work or govern not through “tribal outsourcing”, thus, JCE is an enemy of its expediency. They made enemies knowingly and willingly. So uncle Ajoudit claim of enemies is a reality; their encroachment into the affairs of free people needs national resistance and if their work remains unchanged there is need to criminalise or demobilise it completely from political scene.

“To attend to Gen. Majak Agot Atem (de Mayen) a nephew of Akuot Atem de Mayen and his close associates from Jonglei,” I state that “they are overwhelmingly in a mood to disregard and belittle the power of Jieng Elders”. “Some young social media contributors went as far as saying that the Dinka of Greater Bahr el Ghazallack leaders that can govern this country now and in the future to come.”(Ajoudit Nov 29, 2016).

Uncle Aldo’s effort to address Gen. Majak Agot didn’t come out clearly perhaps he did not have anything to put against his names, thus he mentioned him in the paragraph in order to punctuate his opinion and spice the taste of his readers or audience. I realised that in Juba, particularly with Dinka political power mill engineers, talking ill about Gen. Majak is leverage for tribal political relevance. This is so cool, he must live his dreams.

My concern is the tone in the last sentence, “Some young social media contributors went as far as saying that the Dinka of Greater Bhar el Ghazal lack leaders that can govern this country now and in the future to come.” This is an incitement against leaders of Jonglei Dinka and an impetus to arouse feelings of the Bahr el Ghazalyouths and political leaders as to be believed as a representative of his people. But then, he is a lone striker.

My uncle don’t know Jieng de Jonglei but I want to be direct and clear that Jonglei people respect people and leaders of Bhar el Ghazel. There is no evidence spoken or written against BEG people. It has not happened before or will it happen in future, we are one society.

However, South Sudanese cannot keep quiet when JCE is meddling itself in the affairs of the state, Jonglei people and other Junubiin can’t keep quiet because the President of the republic of South Sudan is a Jieng- thinking that way is medieval, it has no place in liberal world.

Secondly, I believe uncle Ajoudit has not learned his political history though he claimed Jonglei youth or people never got education in our political history, I would love to give him short course of himself to understand that Jongleians are much in history than their counterparts. Jongleians are not wrong and have never skipped political history and I discern from this statement below.

“Their knowledge of political history of Southern Sudan is low or never had a primary knowledge about Dinka heroism from the Turkish invaders 1820 to the end of war with Khartoum in 2005.”(Ajoudit Nov 29, 2016). 

Hon. Ajoudit, since he left Rumbek secondary school has never identified himself with any single progressive political ideology even when he was handpicked by one national federalist William Deng Nhial (RIP). In 1964 Aldodit abandoned Southern Sudanese armed struggle for politics in Khartoum. He quickly became experience in political opportunism and run one of the longest dark political businesses in the Sudanese history spanning for almost half a century serving his interest with Sudanese masters and bourgeoisie class: Nimeiri, Sadiq, Bashir and now with President Kiir.

In 1974, when Kiir Adim was massacred, the regional government of Hon. Abel Alier mounted pressure on Nimeiri to compensate the victims killed by Rezeigats, Uncle Ajou was charged to handle the case. Indeed, Neimeri government responded and paid compensation but the compensation had been alleged to have been diverted.

This brought chaos, so, Gen. Kawac Makuei, late Lualdit Ding Wol and late Dr. Benjamin Bol Akook, asked Aldodit to solve the problem but he didn’t cooperate and branded his patriots as rebels and they almost lost their lives. Unfortunately, Hon. Deng Deng Akot was shot dead by the military in Aweil Town, a case that is highly linked to his leadership.

At the time Intifadha brought down Nimeiri, he didn’t waste time; he endeared himself to Sadiq, something he used to boast at his peers and displaced Junubiin. He became a deputy Prime Minister. Again, in his reign as a deputy Prime Minister, another massacre happened, the massacre of Daein or Dein which his help was sought but he never intervened and instead he denied everything.

After the overthrow of Sadiq, Ajoudit found new pastures and became a deputy to Al Turabi of unelected parliament. Al Turabi is the main man behind slavery in the South, islamisation of Sudanese people and monolithicisation of Sudanese State into Arab Monolithic State grounded on sharia law and jihadism.

When National Democratic Alliance was formed (NDA) in 1995 in Asmara, Eriteria, and the Northern regime began weakening, Aldodit shifted interests and went to Cairo and London where he privileged and went to college. This was good part; he enrolled at the one of British red brick universities, the University of Leicester and studied Law. So when the movement gained military and political leverage over his former bosses and friends in Khartoum, he courted John Garang and he was assigned to Geneva as an SPLM representative.

His relationship with Dr. Garang got soured when he was alleged of being part and parcel of slave redemption scam in Northern Bahr el Ghazalthat hit headlines in 2000s.When Dr. Garang blocked it, Aldodit joined the crusade against him- Garang later referred to him and his colleagues as London Four (4). This was the second genesis of what is transformed today as JCE.

Unfortunately when our leader was killed in helicopter crush on an official duty, the London Four began courting President Kiir every day, every night and begun to organise Bahr el Ghazalconferences- the birth of ethnic politics in South Sudan. Irrespective of many warnings and stern cautions they received from President Kiir, JCE never listened and are still going about their businesses.

As we are speaking, he is not in unity with the President, he is trying to lobby for Gen. Malong Awan to take power from President Kiir, something Gen. Malong is not willing to do and that Gen. Malong is not cooperating, he is now scapegoating to readjust or reposition himself around President Kiir. That is why he is attacking Jonglei Dinka, persons of Dr. Majak, Gen. Hoth Mai and the plethora of those he called “retired” generals.

This is education in our political history; we are not wrong and never skipped any political, social and economic history. I am much aware that politics doesn’t have specific time to retire, but it will always take an intellectual to observe both political and social waves and retire to allow new generation. You can’t be a political saboteur since 1964 and you are the same political saboteur in 2016; if it happens as it is now, then you are against mores and ethos and laws of politics, you simply become irrelevant or demagoguery.

So, the liberation he talked about is not traceable other than his honeymoon days with our fierce enemy in Khartoum. Knowing this fact, however, the revolutionaries don’t pay back or purge, we welcome him home with open hearts and hands and minds. This is the trust some of them misused and began to divide masses along ethnic lines.

As I conclude, the blood & material paid by members of Bahr el Ghazalin the wars of liberation is non-comparable and undeniable on earth or in heaven. This doesn’t stop me to say, that the on-going suffering of the people of Bahr el Ghazal through hunger, diseases, intra-tribal fighting and that of Mathiang Anyoor in the trenches fighting for nothing only to render elders this erroneous liberty is uncalled for and without necessity.

Therefore, this new wave of suffering, irrespective of the blood poured during the liberation is not acceptable: people of  Bahr el Ghazal are now displaced persons in the Sudan: mothers, wives, sons, daughters and war veterans are begging for a plate of food on the streets of Aweil, Kwajok, Wau, Khartoum and Juba. It is beyond loyalty and ethnicity.

This is a renouncement of Juba regime for revolution; a new revolution is justified; it is not necessary for or from SPLA-IO, Pagan Amum or Dr. Majak D’Agoot, it is only ripped to be picked up by the people of Bahr el Ghazal. Therefore, people of Bahr el Ghazal are victims of misrepresentation and political failure at the national level.

So an honourable MP should have serious matters to attend to; not instigating conflict, war and further strive to divide the country into ethnic states in order to gain political accommodation. It is irresponsible politics!

You can reach the author via his email: william deng <dengthiy2004@gmail.com>

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  1. Dear Junior William. Great of all, your article in response to mad- Dog Aldo has highlighted the facts of our political history and realities besides unwise elder Ajou Deng Akuey political skirmish and scapegoating propaganda which are tribalized.
    Your narrative is exclusive and of a great scope. You have burried his politic of rule and divides. No room he must carry his own cross. Albeit.
    Many Thanks. Great Junior Deng- I respect your thought.


  2. Truthhurt says:

    It was obvious that his wreckless writing was driven by selfishness, and yeah he was right when he said he joined or surrendered himself to John Garang in 1992 as I have reliable information about that.


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