The drivers of economic failure in South Sudan

Posted: December 7, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Mike Mabior Makuol, USA

corruption in Juba


December 7, 2016 (SSB) — The culture of theft and corruption to get richer quickly has driven South Sudan into economic failure and misery, as those who are charged with the responsibilities to turn this economic around, dip their hands in the honey pot of the country and keep licking them instead of addressing the issue.

Others, meanwhile, have deserted the country and run to the neighboring countries with huge sum of stolen money to hide or invest in foreign land leaving behind the country in masses, and pretended to be the clean people who have no hands in economic massed in the country.

Somehow, they forgot that the citizens knows those who have been involved and those who did not involve in corruption in this country whether in the government or in an opposition and whether in the country or abroad.

And these guys are really funny, instead of sitting down to address or fix the key issues of economic crises, they keep playing their usual game of accusing each other of poor management of economic, which will not even yield fruit or address the situation according to my own understanding.

This kind of behaviors with our leaders of blame game has really pushed our people to the edge and posed a serious of dilemma to the poor to make choices between seeking for refuge statues in the neighboring countries or to choose to remain in the country to starve and died, but this is the dilemma our leaders created to our people.

What they could have done differently right after the independent, they have missed out and that is how the masses started. Our leaders would have sat down and think about how to address or eradicate the poverty our people have been in for the last decades and centuries, because of oppression

But they failed to do so as majority of our leaders were busy stealing from public money in order to eradicate their own poverty or hunger of the last 21 years of civil war in one day. They forgot that there were other people who were in frontline alongside with them and who have no access to steal as they are not in big positions nor working for the government.


Even though we are freed from our oppressors, and not free from poverty, still we are not really free at last as some people composed many songs during our freedom day that we are free at last, something to know is that, “NO Hungary man is a free man”

Though we got our freedom, still we are being oppressed by the poverty and not yet free at last. Until we eradicate the poverty, this is the time I will called myself a free man, but as of now and whether you will agree with me or not, we are not yet free at last and this is what our leaders need to know.

I rest my case here. NOT TOTALY FREE because of poverty. That is my opinion. Over to criticizers!!!!!!!!

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  1. Eastern says:


    This culture of theft to get rich is derived from the lifestyle of cattle keepers who raid their neighbors’ cattle to amass more cattle for their (Raiders’) benefits. It’s deeply ingrained in those in leadership in the country…..


  2. Mabior says:

    Eastern, even those who steal chicken, monkey meat and the like, are also theft


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