My Whining Head

Posted: December 11, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Poems.

By Joe Mabor, Malaysia



You grouse yowling that Head lays hold filling up with food.

you say you get tired vibrating from plate to mouth like a bouncing ball.

If head always fill up with food in a second as you wish,

Won’t you wither and fall away like dead leaves in a winter?

Stop whining and do your part well!

Whining is being irresponsible Hand.

I am coming for you, Stomach!

I am gonna defame you for your whining habit.

For you yowls that Shit-box opens its way wider

To export all your food out but

When your brother shut its way up for a day or two,

You become a decomposing bag for nutrients Producing foul-smelling gases

That force their way through Shit-box prompting a bomb- sound noise

Annoying Ears and stuffing Nose with your shitty fumes.

Oh! Poor Nose!

If Nose shut its tunnels up to starve Lungs of air

Would you still live to get balls of foods rolling down esophagus from Mouth?


But you also Mouth have your share of the problem.

You purposively make a lot of noise for the ears

And yet you complain that Hands give you hot nosh.

Are hands made of steel or flash like yourself?

It is your little selfishness my kid.

Love your brother like yourself.


I am disappointed and disgusted at your ignorance kids.

I will vomit words for my button has been pressed.

for your cries are carried all by the Nile-like- Nerves into my ears.


And you my big kid. Head! Head!

I am insulting you like no other for your confusion.

You go North to go South, and east to go West,

Making thin legs tired as fuck all day.

You whine like caged bird when legs rush you

Where bullets likely hit Eyes or Where pangas almost cut you into halves,

though you cooked the bouts and commanded legs to do their job in the first place.

Oh! My whining head!

Your shitty ideas can blow you off my faithful Neck

That carries you all day everywhere even in your lax bed.


You pieces mess up and cry for help from lions and foxes

They will swallow you all in a whole and

And raise up their glasses of wine to celebrate your silly fall.


Now listen up to your loving mother that assembled you all into one.

But will you heed to your mother advice?

I shall tell you the truth and it shall run you mad denying it.

The truth that you all know but ignore it ;

Either due to your selfishness or sheer ignorance all worth no pride.


Do you all see how siblings, eyes see diet in a plate,

And hands pass it on to Mouth where it is ground by sharp molars and

Slips down Gut that land it in Stomach?

Do you all understand how Stomach anatomizes and

Dissects it into tiny pieces to give each of you a share?

Then legs get fat enough to carry Head away from a danger.

isn’t like a soccer game?
All the 12 play so should all the 64

That is the truth of your oneness,

The purpose for which I assemble you all together:

To stand and live side by side and help each other.

It is ecological web!

You got to discuss and resolve and not to keep complaining when problem arises.

You got two choice to choose now: hell, or utopia.

Either to keep whining only and

I, your loving mother will heart brokenly watch you parish in hell

For whining is irresponsibility and hopelessness


You can choose regardless of whatsoever

To live with and accept each other in mutual brotherhood and sisterhood

And I, your loving mother shall watch you with the widest smile on my face,

Prospering and realizing utopia that others reached centuries ago.



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