The bed of the Majarawa’s Chief and the case of South Sudan

Posted: December 13, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers

By Awuol Gabriel Arok, Juba, South Sudan


December 13, 2016 (SSB) — Once upon a time in the land of Majarawa, there lived a rich village chief whose popularity and accomplishments were known within his territory and beyond. One day, the king of Majarawa kingdom sent him a very expensive bed from the palace as a gift for his distinguished popularity and legendary.

When the bus carrying his bed arrived from the Palace, the whole village was engulfed in the joyous celebratory mode as people drink, eat and dance. Even those who brought the bed forgot to return back to the kingdom and did not return according to the schedule due to suicidal and slavery eating that had shortly enslave almost everyone who was present in the village at the time.

As the chief’s bed was about to be assembled, a famous crafty village carpenter by name LOTARI was called. A number of villagers were busily admiring the strange looking flat, soft and bloodless mattress that was helplessly lying on the floor. Some groups were gawking at a distance as if their closer move to the strange looking material would lead to its explosion whereas the care-free ones located themselves around the rich village chief.

Some were asking the name of the king who sent the gift, others were worryingly asking the chief if the King will not snatch him from them.

The few witty and critical ones knew their chief is not going to be the same one once he nap above the floor in his new founded providential and will not be the same person since his snoring will be heard in a far distance by the roaming devils of the black forest. Hence, his usual friendship will be hijacked and commandeered by the powerful force of the roaming devils.

That postulation was fulfilled when the chief exactly shown his off-putting behaviour of overlooking people who sleep on the floor. The Palace guests who were respected by every villager as the deliverers of the awesome looking material never give feasting a break as if they have never been to a feasting festival before.

After LOTARI end his he-goat rewarding business, the mattress was finely put into the bed. On seeing the beautifulness of his bed, the chief was extremely happy to the extent of giving those who brought it five bulls and ten goats. Unfortunately, after three months of beautiful forty winks, one of the bedposts was plaque by the armada of bedbugs.

While on the proposed undertaking of what to do about the disturbing pest, LOTARI was called to come and cut the bedpost that has been bug-ridden by the bedbugs. While snoozing on the limping bed for another four months, the other bedpost was infested and LOTARI was called to do the cutting, leaving once beautiful bed with two bedposts.

This essentially made the village chief scratchy when he use it. As if it was not enough, the third bedpost was again matched into and follows the fourth. Finally left with mere timbers, the chief was totally mystified and dog-tired.

One evening the oldest man in the village paid a surprise visit to the chief’s homestead. After he was welcomed, the wittily old man called the chief by his name ‘’Mapiru’’ and asked him why he was sleeping on the floor when it was some few months ago that they were celebrating the arrival of his bed from the King’s palace.

As Mapiru recounted what exactly happened, the old man interrupted and asked him why he did not try some other options likes putting the bed into a river for some time such that the bedbugs can easily be eliminated from the infested bed or use hot water like the way they have been clearing out lice from their clothes.

The chief was mystified by the wisdom of the old man, and immediately ordered his guards to take the bed to the river for a week. After that, he began having a wonderful night sleep, having listened to the wise advice of the old man.

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