Let’s observe a minute of silence on this 3rd anniversary of December 15th

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On this 3rd anniversary of December 15th: Justice for Dr. Ding Chol Dau

Junior William Deng: December 15, 2013, August 28, 1991 and many massacres

December 15, 2016 (SSB) — Reality Check: December 15, 2013, August 28, 1991 and many massacres committed against the people of South Sudan by the revolutionary SPLA; anti-SPLA armies and Juba regime and SPLA-IO remain to be the dark spots of our political struggle and political history. We, the people of South Sudan lost women and men who would be by this time have changed the settings of our society but they died innocently without cause. However, I am against public Commemoration of massacres. The conduct and organization in the disguise of remembrance keep building hatred, ethnicity and social degeneration. There should be a restraint!

Every tribe in South Sudan has a case against the government and the rebels and the tribes have more dreaded cases against each other. This without cease may lead to an oblivion or an abyss. We must stop public celebration of all sort of massacres; it can’t guarantee liberty and freedom and it can’t change the regime and rebels activities. If we are all genuine and upbeat about change of status quo, then let us rise against the liberators and take political power in order to establish a country we all want to have. It doesn’t need us to celebrate massacres to be patriotic or benevolent, we are torturing the living dead for nothing. May their good souls rest in eternity. Amen!

They have left this bad country and we have remained with it; so it is our choice to continue living in ethnicity, hatred, desperation or we mobilize our social strengths to fight to change this country to a more liberated, free, comfortable and progressive country. We should have freedom from this mental; psychological and ethnic captivity for once and we will be what we are in our country.

On this 3rd anniversary of December 15th: Justice for Dr. Ding Chol Dau

As we now approach 9.45pm in the evening in Juba, this 15th December 2016, it is now nearly the three year anniversary of the commencement of yet another period of callous and senseless inhumanity, killing, death and suffering within South Sudan.

All of us, without exception, must finally now take real and genuinely penitent stock of ourselves, and engage in honest self-reflection that is finally away from the usual mortal nonsense that is forever and inhumanly spouted without any shame and guilt.

We share with you these readings from the Holy Bible (the Good News Version).

“LORD, our crimes against you are many. Our sins accuse us. We are well aware of them all. We have rebelled against you, rejected you, and refused to follow you. We have oppressed others and turned away from you. Our thoughts are false; our words are lies. Justice is driven away, and right cannot come near. Truth stumbles in the public square, and honesty finds no place there. There is so little honesty that those who stop doing evil find themselves the victims of crime. The LORD has seen this, and he is displeased that there is no justice. He is astonished to see that there is no one to help the oppressed. So he will use his own power to rescue them and to win the victory. He will wear justice like a coat of armour and saving power like a helmet. He will clothe himself with the strong desire to set things right and to punish and avenge the wrongs that people suffer. He will punish his enemies according to what they have done, even those who live in distant lands. From east to west everyone will fear him and his great power. He will come like a rushing river, like a strong wind.”

From the book of Isaiah, chapter 59, verses 12-19

“Try to be at peace with everyone, and try to live a holy life, because no one will see the Lord without it.”

From the book of Hebrews, chapter 12, verse 14

May all of the truly valuable & innocent precious Souls that we have lost over the past three years and many decades of man-made conflict, Forever Rest In Eternal Peace.

Please Lord, bring them all and their remaining loved ones, the mortal and eternally immortal justice that they truly need and deserve.


Justice 4 Dr. Ding









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