SSSAK Wishes South Sudanese a Merry Christmas and a Good luck in the New Year

Posted: December 24, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

By Tito Awen Bol (Secretary General) and Aliandro Lotok (President), Nairobi, Kenya

pray for peace in south sudan

December 24, 2016 (SSB) — South Sudanese Students’ Association in Kenya (SSSAK) wishes the state of South Sudan across its 28 states & Administrative Area of Abyei, the South Sudanese nation and their living & non-living resources a merry Christmas and a good luck in the New Year, 2017. As we are already in a festive season, we as students have nothing to offer to our people: parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends and all the citizens; but ready to give our kind and loving heart wishes.

We are aware that this festive period will not be the best nor it is better to enjoy but just like the past three since 2013 but we are hopeful that God is looking at your great resilience and 2017 will come as a year of hope, peace, forgiveness, reconciliation and; economic & social prosperity. As youths are branded by nature as the people who own the future as stated by the late African Icon-Dr.John Garang.

We are humbly urging all the students in the Country and abroad to forgive each other and begin preaching peace and reconciliation rather than the usual oblivion and belligerence on social media and gathering places. It is high time to recall that our future as youths and a nation is in question and that question will come to resolve when we stop the regional, ethnic, tribal, nepotistic and sectarian loyalty and declare our loyalty and allegiance to the Nation and the State of South Sudan.

As we wish the year 2017 to be the year of peace; we also urge all the political parties, civil societies and church-based organizations to utilize the current window of peace and unity which is now twilighting through the National Dialogue for South Sudan (NDSS). We feel it right to complain within the context of such slit (NDSS) if all of  parties in conflict  including the government love South Sudan rather than rubbishing it like we are seeing it in some writings.

Let’s propose the modalities suppose to be followed so that these meaningless tensions should come to an end. Peace globally is a sacrifice and compromise from the political entities involved. As well, we urge our government to give the space, sincerity and honesty to the process of National Dialogue so that our people can enjoy peace and unity once more. See you next year.

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