Open Letter to General Tappuot: Release the Dreaded Aircraft on Conditions

Posted: December 29, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Columnists, Dak Buoth, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Eligo Dak Buoth, Nairobi, Kenya

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December 29, 2016 (SSB) — Once more I wish to address the Panyijiar County commissioner General Tapuot, and the entire Panyijiar Civil defense Forces (PCDF). Compatriots, I wish you zealous moment throughout the festive seasons. A couple of days ago, on 15th December 2016, I wrote to you an excerpt titled ‘Open letter to Nyuong Nuer; don’t wait and see’. In the blink of an eye, the emotive issues I articulated in the aforesaid letter has soon comes to the fore. I then warned and wanted you to stay vigilant; that SPLM/A were acting dangerously, I encouraged you at the time not to ignore even an iota of any security threat. Hence, what you have witnessed was long overdue. I felt please for you had done exactly as I prefer.

On 27th December, we learned and confirmed via yesterday evening that an Aircraft belonging to SPLA’s Mercenaries had landed at our Airstrip in Ganyliel town; and that the Panyijiar authority had detained the dreaded Aircraft and its quack pilot who is said to be foreigner. Whether they landed wittingly or unwittingly is immaterial. These absurd pilots and company must first be interrogated and undergo psychological reorientation for them to do the right things first; they should not act contrary to their professional ethics. It is always said, the competency of any professional is nothing without integrity and humanistic ideals. However, you should not discipline them in manner that is not repugnant to the International laws.

The SPLM/A regime has already launched the disintegration of South Sudan in 2013. The Panyijiar region is an independent territory under the stewardship of General Tappuot so be the Chollo Kingdom of Upper Nile and the Murle of Jonglie state. Nobody should move anyhow thinking that this villain person in the person of Salva Kiir is leader of all South Sudan as a all. Anyone believing so posse an ignorance of highest degree, and this is opportune moment for everyone to wake up to the realities on the grounds that President Salva Kiir is only in control of Juba where he is being protected by UPDF war planes.

I’m told the said Aircraft was carrying deadly stuffs meant to invent political cracks and division among indomitable people of Panyijiar with a view to perpetuate looming genocide. It should not be business as usual. These misguide lots and their sympathizers must learn some befitting lessons for their own good.

Your subsequent decision to detain the said plane was spectacular, and i applauded you for taking this historical decision. This bold move will send siren and stern warnings to other rogue entities that are doing business of war in South Sudan; and with this example, I believe other foreign personnel who have been hired by this genocidal regime to fight South Sudanese civilians must now terminate their contracts, and disengage with SPLA and its affiliate militias.

Fortnight ago, certain unfriendly countries at UN Security Council voted against the imposition of arm embargo in the city of New York. It is crystal clear some of our International Friends are only interested to sell their weapons and war planes to this puppet SPLM regime to used them against innocent civilians. However, I often remind these arrogant imperialists of an old adage which says ‘‘what goes around comes around’’ We keep reiterating that the south Sudanese have rejected the tatter regime in Juba.

The fact of the matter is that SPLA won’t manage to remain on power via barrel of guns. They must abandon their rhetoric and swallow their pride by readmitting and accepting the peace offer and dialogue. It doesn’t matter how many war planes and weapons they bought or hired; believe it or not their malicious plans will backfire. The impoverished and the angry populace will not be deterred or detracted in the quest for reform and transformation of the country.

In my view, the pilot and crew did an attempted suicide, and you know suicide is criminal offense. However, you must not allow their bones to litter in our land; and thus, I urge you to protect them from doing the same. The pilot and the crew would have blown up their plane on air before they land if they did wish to go suicidal; and now that they landed safely, I believe they are safe and secure. They should not be harm or maimed. You need to assure them of their safeties and security. Let them feel easy.

What the pilot and crew ought to do is to show utmost cooperation and honesty in the investigation process. It was very unfortunate to learn that our Elder Uncle Gatkoi Biliu was among the passengers in this dreaded Airplane. I believe the local authority will handle his case selectively, professionally, and or in manner that respects his status as our Elder. Nobody should take advantage whatsoever to do any fishy or malicious act against him. Such attempts will not be condone. Let him sit and relax pending the swift determination of his case.

Thereafter you can let him do the necessary: to take up his roles and stand with the oppressed people of Panyijiar during their hour of need. We are cognizant of the fact that each one of us is bound to mistakes, and there is always a window to change by rectifying the mistakes and move on.

Nonetheless, the so SPLM-IO must shut up its mouth. It has long died a natural death. It must not purport to speak on our behalf. It has no moral authority to comment on the plight of the pilot and plane. Let them not dare give you orders as to what should be done with the plane or the pilot. If they do, you can defy theirs. If they so wish, let them offer verbal advices but not deciding what should be done.

I’m afraid if you allow SPLM-IO remnants to decide on the fate of the plane and its pilot; they can do business out of it. You remember the Palloch scandal and scam in 2015. When their forces were marching to capture Palloch; the leaders engaged in a commercial discussion with some oil companies there. As result, they ordered the forces to stopped marching to town in exchange of goodies and mansions in Nairobi. Nobody can make business with the lives of innocence people. if you allow that to happen, that will be grievous error. This should not be repeated in our watch.

Ideally, if possible or if time allows, you need to convene an extraordinary meeting with all local chiefs. The decision concerning the fate of pilot and plane should not be done unilaterally. There must be inputs from the local leaders so that they take charge of any eventuality.

The bottom line is that this dreaded plane must not just fly away like Jackok bird. I HEREBY SUBMIT my humble suggestions that this dreaded Aircraft and its quack pilot must be let go on simple conditions;

  1. That the leaders President Salva Kiir must produce the body of our son Michael Machot Deang Kai, who kidnapped in Malakal Airport in 2014. He was high profile humanitarian staff. If he is not alive they must bring his bones so that the family can conduct decent burial.
  2. That they must first free James Gatdet Dak who was detained incommunicado in Juba
  3. That President Salva Kiir must utter public apology to Panyijiar people in particular for attacking Panyijiar headquarters and Nyal town in 2014 and 2015 respectively
  4. That the pilot must write statement detailing the kind of business he is doing in South Sudan, and who he is working for. He must write to his bosses to cease doing business of war in South Sudan.

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  1. Luel yic says:

    don’t put your dirty mouth in upper nile affairs. you will get no where with your long mouth. have you forgotten what happened to your brother Gatdet Dak? you will follow him soon. mark my word.

    If your mother does not know where the shilluk kingdom is then you better shut up!! upper nile is not entirely shilluk kingdom area. continue confusing yourself but soon or later, you will come to senses. it’s not too late to apologize though.
    be warned!!


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