Right Tool in the Wrong Hand Invites Evil End

Posted: December 29, 2016 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Anyar John, Nairobi, Kenya

The Republic of South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan

December 29, 2016 (SSB) —- The words cannot even begin to express my most sincere condolences message to the families of our dearly departed souls in both recently attacked at Jalle in Bor South, Nyuak in Twice East Central and Dinka Bor community as a whole who involuntary and frequently tasked with dug many grieves of difference sizes in the events of the same nature. I must say that, it is the detention without trial in the maximum prison for our great community, but the question is that, what is the nature of the crime we have committed against militia in question that qualified Bor community to be treated by Murle militia in the manner we have witnessed for couple of days ago?

For now, the time has over ripen for us as victims of circumstance to find out the motive behind this unlawful bottomless pit of manslaughter and unlawful transfer of civilian’s belonging by Murle militia and other intruders. I offer you my thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this dark time in your life, be strong enough like never before because, this time round the most appropriate solution to this ceaseless problem would not only comes from the judge that we always heavily rely upon, but also from our collective efforts and actions too. May departed Souls Rest In Peace.

We are being encourage time and again by our government in Juba and our brothers on the other side of the river once they have heard about subsequent inhuman activities of Murle militia and other intruders against civilians in ancestral land of Dinka Bor community to immediately adopts and implements the principle of self-defense as security measures in the area, but the community in question hesitate to do that due to the following compelling reasons.

First of all, the inglorious activities of Mathiang Anyoor and White Army in 2013 -2014  post- violence. Please, be sufficiently aware those who think but do not have time to reason, the adoption of self- defense policy as security measures in Murle prone attack areas is a relevance recommendation in question because, it would lead us to the formation of private militia, and these private militias were the one who brought in the catalyst for the expansion and spread of the senseless war which we are in today.

So militia are militia, chances are very high for the would be militia will repeats the same atrocities committed by both Mathiang Anyoor and White Army and this is the major worry because, the popular political lenses of the day are not yet change; that is the first reason as to why we hesitate to formed militia but not because we are too ignorant to safeguard ourselves. We are not crazy fun of looting, gang raping, and killing of innocent civilians among others.

Secondly, humbly tell me, who is now more than please with the inhuman activities of Arrow Boys on Juba-Nimule road, Juba-Yei road, and Torit- Kapoita road? I hope, there is no single person from Dinka tribe who is very pleases with such uncalled-for. This is a backward culture which cannot be embrace and encourage by prudent thinking man.

To have our own militia as Dinka Bor is the tag that we are not overanxious to wear due to absolute nation love we have.

Thirdly, we cannot encourage the birth of second David yau yau in Dinka land. It is the reality that cannot be disputed, when you have private militia, chances are very high for you to become threat to the government when things are not carry out in your favor. Let’s us learn from our past.

The existent of the primitive Murle militia pave the way and provided foundation for David Yau Yau rebellion against government which culminated into lost of many well trained national soldiers in the process of prevent him not to benefits from the results his intention.

The fourth one is the Republic of South Sudan; the youngest nation in the world is a prime vision and mission of the son of Dinka Bor soil, the Hero, Late Dr.Garang de Mabior Atem.  We cannot betray his mission and vision even though government turns blind eye on us. We are very proud of him because he liberated South Sudanese from the bondage of no justice; we are freedom fighters who cannot afford to form our own private militia to liberate ourselves from our own brothers.

Finally, it is the primary function of every government in the world to protect the life of citizens and their properties, so we expect government of South Sudan to deals properly with anyone who want to operate above the laws of the country, but this is not the case, law abiding citizens are being kill every now and then in cold blood but no respond from central government. There is a play with in a play, I suspect.

All in all, when you see government failed to solve certain problem it must be the beneficiary of that circumstance in question or master planner, moreover, I would like to call upon Hon. Makuei Lueth, Hon.Deng Dau, Kuol Manyang Juuk among others to tell Dinka Bor what to do in the ceaseless suffering. We are supporting the government who does not have time to listen to our outcry.

You can reach the author via his email: anyar John <anyarjohn2@yahoo.com>

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  1. First of all, Mr. Anyar , what brought Jieng Bor to this stage of humiliation and embarrassing by Murle is a lost of patriotism within Bor. Bor as a whole has adopted away of living as a jealousy, greediness , selfishness and hate of one another in the Greater Bor community . And it starts from the elders to the bottom of the manhood of this community .
    It’s not that hard to setup active protection forces for this community, but the above adjectives are retaining Bor community to the hands of evils. Issue of Murle criminals is not that difficult than the case of Khartoum’s government of 1983. Elders are only concerned with their own families’ affairs and left the entire community rolling out alone.

    Mr.Anyar, issue of Murle criminals is now known by the International community and the countries bordering South Sudan. I don’t see the reasons why the government of South Sudan can work against setting up of the militias in this region of the country. The militia that will be setting up is for protection, and not for killing innocents and rustling of cattle . So, I do not know who will be opposed that formation of militias in this area of affected Mankind. Those pictures are very disturbing, my question in this situation, what is the importance of Murle’s criminals in South Sudan. ?????. And who is your enemy !!!!!. How do you define an enemy ????.


  2. Take those pictures to UN compound to see the action of the groups that the usually support. !!!!!


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