South Sudanese leaders must give peace a chance in the New Year 2017

Posted: January 1, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Deng Madut Akech, Juba, South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan

January 1, 2017 (SSB) —- I believe that our people need peace and work together to forfend future conflicts within South Sudan, so we can achieve development. Let open up innovative thinking that will improve lives of our populations who suffered for the period of the two brutal civil wars between us and Arabs in the North.  Fundamentally, let us put our citizens’ first, leadership position is not vital here, think about it.

Our leaders need to maintain honest dialogue that is healthy and workable to move this nation forward out of gloom; we need reconciliation and forgiveness. We have big problems in South Sudan that shouldn’t be ignore as this may disable tribes relationship we both shared equally.

The conflict fire is burning quickly and a fail to halt it will result in more division- everyday fear and mistrust among 64 tribes. Blame will hunt those who keep writing hateful articles, Facebook warriors, blind followers, stateless and those who want to benefit from our resources.

We all seen balance of power now happening in South Sudan between the conflicting parties—unless some of us wanted their own families be placed to work at J1, close to the President. This balance of power is very important and need to be respected by all parties for us to enjoy peace every day. The only accelerator to hold this peace is development and progress agree to by all parties, but not to return to war.

When a nation starts the war, it doesn’t see the causes until both side had seen the barbarity and collateral damages made as loss of lives and property. Both parties need to live with whatever satisfactions that’s beneficial to our citizens, not their interests.  I would want to see South Sudanese leaders make along-lasting peace, but not additional conflict that’s tearing our nation apart.

The suffering citizens require a concrete/ political solution to bring peace and unity to our populations, but stop playing cards that will aggravate the situation. End political turmoil and start new page to allow peace, but don’t elongate human sufferings because this country needs to be build. No outsider can create stability-long-lasting peace and prosperity for us, let do it ourselves to save more lives in South Sudan, we caused it, let stop it collectively.

There are external world destroyers involved in South Sudanese wars, this internationalization make it deadly conflict and prolong it to let others suffered, they intruders care nothing, but themselves. International and regional influence is part of South Sudanese wars as we speak and further escalation will be seen.  I want to see the end of South Sudanese problems and lead to a journey of new path as well as togetherness that’s a future of building a nation that belong to us all.

It delighted me to see Gen. Taban Deng Gai became the first Vice President in South Sudan, this strong man need support if we want Permanent peace.  I truly think South Sudanese will willingly embrace peace if Taban Deng Gai remained in his position, but changing him would escalate the situation. It’s essential that Taban is seen a unification and restoration of peace in the whole nation between him and President Kiir, unless we’re not prepared.

There must be further deterioration of war if Dr. Riek Machar is allow back, because it will bring  systematic destructions and spiraling of war  if ignore. I wouldn’t support Riek to this far if I need peace in my homeland; Riek’s returned nearly turned our nation to the darkness. South Sudanese must choose to live in peace or war to see more killing and destroying of proprieties.

I personally appreciated the SPLA-IO in Juba who made deal and supported Taban Deng to take up the position of first Vice president, peace is here, preserve it. Riek Machar is a disgrace to our nation and a murderer, let unite under Kiir and Taban Deng to see South Sudanese united and accelerative.

Dr. Garang would have surrounded himself with best advisors to help him push South Sudan forward, but Kiir Mayardit’s advisors become public plunderers needless to say. I eagerly wanted to see Dr. Lual Achiek to help him clean our banking system, but no one wanted someone who can help fix the system, we are yet to suffer.

You can reach the author via his email: Deng Madut

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  1. Intellectual says:

    Grooming is Arab – Nuer son is completely a waste of time, bring Riek machar back, stop hate speeches against Bor and Equatorian, recognised the contribution of Padang community in keeping government of Kiir mayardit alive to this time, by expelling rebel attacked in their land which a defeated mathiang Anyoor used as assembly point and launching pad against rebel control areas, protecting resources which were the prime target of Rebel to use as a tools of toppling the rotten regime of Kiir mayardit,


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