Juba Residents applaud government on improved security during new year season

Posted: January 2, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan

By Garang Abraham Malak, Juba- South Sudan


January 2, 2017 (SSB) — The Residents across South Sudan’s capital  appreciates the Government for the safety and good security arrangement rendered to them during the eve festival.

South Sudanese has never celebrated MerryChristmas and New Year in Such as safety as this year since the independence from Sudan in 2011.

They applaud Government disarmament campaign in the volatile capital in a bid to recover illegal weapons and boost security.

In an interview with residents staying in various locations yestersday in Juba on current security situation in Juba, they cheers government for it intiative and urges for continuation of safety Juba.

John Bakindo Gudele resident stated that he witnesses unique changes in the security situation during the festival compare to years celebrations.

“It is good indeed even am very happy of that, this year I don’t heard any sound of Gun Completely but Last year in 2015 during Christmas and New Year, I heard alots of random shootings”,  John Bakindo stressed.

Bakindo  added “he just witnessed  that there were a lot of changes which tookplace in  Juba”.

John urges for the government to continue providing of safety to it’s people all over the country.

“Let government continue with this good security policies in the city of Juba, I appreciated the Government because government this is a sign of proriperity, being in acool environemnt were there are no gunshoots can make you do your activities freely” he explained

Dak Aggrey Miith who lives in Custom revealed that there are no more insecurity threats, now even one can sleep outside the room when it is hot and walk at night freely compared to the last passed months.

Miith appeals to the Government to further add on what they have done, intiating such policies of disarments are very healthful

“I urgues our Government to continue with this security set-up in the city, more of my appreciations goes to the governemnt individuals who camedup with such agood sort of disarment, that was a  good job” he explained

In Her Part Sophie Karungi an Ugandan National who lives in Shirikat stated that South Sudan is getting better, Adding that nothing bad happen since civillians disarmament in the city.

 “Soon South Sudan will get better, Since two week’s time, there was no gun shoot, no anything bad has happened. It has been okey even in New Year it was really good”, said Sophie

The results of the safety and joyous for merryChristmas and New Year came in the wake of solving the escalating insecurity and rampant killings at night in Juba.

However  the disarmament campaign in the volatile capital in a bid to recover illegal weapons and boost security as made history to happen in the City.

You can reach the reporter at his email: Garang Malak diit <gmalakdiit@gmail.com>

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