LOL State: The interim leadership of Makem Youth Union

Posted: January 2, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Press Release

By Luka Manyang Kuol, Lol state, South Sudan

January 2, 2017 (SSB) —- It is the first time in history of Makem Youth Union to form its own leadership that will promote unity, love, peace and spirit of understanding among the youth in their different locations.  It involves all the youth who are in territories of Makem being members and non-members are involved and they have right to participate as members in the union.

The union nominated, Marko Lual Ater as chairperson of Makem Youth Union and Deputised by Jacob Ngong Ngong, Paul Piol Mabior, the Secretary General, John Jhok Aher, the Secretary for finance, George Aleu Garang, the Secretary for Information, Luka Makueth Warweng, the Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Akok Garang Akok, the Speaker, Luka M.Amou, the Secretary for External Affairs, Deng Athuai Ngong, the Secretary for Peace and Reconciliation, Garang Awan, Secretary for Education,

As matter of fact, majority of those who attended the formation of union accepted the move wholeheartedly because it will fight against discrimination, segregation, nepotism, division according to clans within youth.

The focus will be on unity of youth through sports, cultural activities, education, as voice of voiceless especially the vulnerable people and delivery of social services to the citizens.

Those who attended the meeting are:   Abraham Lueth Anyuon as the chief guests, Longar Wol Akok, the Chairperson of SPLM Youth League, Malual North Payam, boma administrators, intellectuals, traders, chiefs and elders

The elders encouraged those who took the initiative to call the gathering for the sake of unity in Makem Community. “We are proud of you, and we need  each and every one of you being son and daughter of Makem to commit himself /herself to this union because it will promote the spirit of togetherness between you as youth in the union; do something for Makem, so that, you will be remembered” one of the chiefs said.

Conclusion, the formation of Makem Youth Union has been misinterpreted as the sign of segregation and division according to communities between the youth of Peth Community in Malual North County but the union will not segregate nonmembers or Communities.

It is inclusive regardless of the interpretations under the ground.  Malual North County in Lol State is the county of two greater communities, that’s Payiech Weng and Makem Communities.

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