Victims of Savage Murle Attacks: Rest in Peace to People of Juet, Dachuek and Duken

Posted: January 7, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

My Heartfelt Condolences to the Jonglei’s Victims of Savage Murle Attack

By Arok Deng Mabior, Melbourne, Australia

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January 7, 2017 (SSB) —- Given the fact that South Sudan has been ranked as one of the world’s most fragile States, based on the Global Policy Forum (GPF), the effects of such ranking are ostensible in all four compass points of the country. From mass displacement of civil population that rocked the West and Northern parts of the country, to waylaying in the Southern province of Equatoria, to concurrent raids in the East, the statistics of GPF are indeed indisputable.

The prevailing political turmoil, economic meltdown and rampant insecurity__ as the underlying factors or root causes of the appalling security situation in the country__ all appear to be beyond the government’s control. The situation is rapidly deteriorates on a daily basis, while the despotic government in Juba either ignores or denies the prevalence of such simmering calamities that had befallen the country.

Instead of addressing the root causes of the crisis, those in the helm opted to silent dissent with brutal force at expense of a brutal ethnic conflict, which does not only threaten to unlace the social fabric but promises to plunged the country into its ultimate doom. Because of the government is too feeble to curb insecurity, bring the rogue elements in ascendancy to justice and be pragmatic enough on its attempt to mitigate violence, South Sudan hinges on a burning threat, if it hasn’t already collapsed.

Moreover, elements of rampant corruption such as favouritism and nepotism have enabled unjust rebellions to hijack the country’s vision geared towards greener pasture (prosperity). Looking into the characteristics of a rogue state, South Sudan ticks all the boxes. The inept leaders have turned the nascent democracy into a military Junta or some type, which denies the common citizens the basic necessities of life such as security, education, health and general wellbeing. The question then remains, what is the essential role of South Sudan’s government? Safeguarding the citizens is the paramount function of any government.

In the case of South Sudan, it is absolutely absurd to even argue that such a function is the sole focus of South Sudan’s government. People with weaker agendas rule South Sudan. Even when it comes to disaster/crisis management, the government officials always seek for the international community’s intervention. Again, external donors assert their own interest as a pre-condition for granting support, why must a government of a sovereign state succumbs to such nature as part of its contingency plan?

Our government is negligent towards the vulnerable civilians being murdered by the organized goons. All this unruly thugs seem to be sponsored by the government elites to destabilize the state. If such is not the case, then what are the major measures taken by the government thus far? The government’s silence is indicative of a political naïveté.

The current military regime has miserably failed Jonglei and the people of South Sudan at large due to its inability and bad governance. The definition of the term “Government” has lost its fundamental value. A functional government should consist of three main branches: – Executive. – Legislative. – Judiciary.

All these three branches of South Sudan government are not empowered and not subject to the constitution, a case that renders them d dysfunctional. The administration should end all the injustices and segregation against its own people. This opinion piece does not differ much in nature with a statement made by Col. Gaddafi Majok in his article about those MPs who are representing Jonglei State at the federal level.

With that said, I concur that the Jonglei State MPs are there representing their own personal interests, rather than exercising a right they were entrusted and charged to fulfil, which is to alleviate the poor civilians out of countless afflictions including poverty and insecurity.

I urge the Jonglei’s state MPs to be more vigilant and take serious measures to prevent slaughtering of lives and destruction of livelihood. 2016 has been so excruciating, devastating and sorrowful year.

You can reach the author via his email: Arok Mabior <>

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