Speech of President Kiir in Cairo, Egypt, after meeting President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi

Posted: January 12, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Government of South Sudan, Speeches

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January 11, 2017 (SSB) — President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, ladies and gentlemen. We have been in a brief meeting with His Excellency President Al Sisi to brief him about our situation is South Sudan. And before that, all of us when we come here from South Sudan, we come to our second home and this is how we find ourselves.

We are always here as citizens, and not as guests, and so we have a range of things that we have discussed with His Excellency for the implementation of the peace agreement, you know, there have been ups and downs since we signed the agreement in August 2015.

Dr. Machar never turned up again to go to Juba up to April 2015, and when he went to Juba, he made sure that he goes with the force, and that force was facilitated by people who are anti-peace, and pretend to be the peace makers.

Riek Machar went to Juba and he wanted to formed a parallel government where he will have his own cabinet outside the cabinet of the national government, this is how we have been working from April up to July.

When it came the day we were going to celebrate our anniversary of independence, that was the day he launched his attack on 8 July, just in the palace like this, this is where we fought, it was after that when he got lost, he fled from Juba up to Congo, from Congo, he was taken by the UN to Khartoum when, he improved, he went to South African for treatment.

After that he wanted to come back again, but he was rejected by the regional leaders, he was not accepted by Ethiopia, he was not accepted by Kenya, he was not accepted by Sudan, and so he went back to South Sudan Africa.

I want to inform you that there are people, the spoilers who are preventing the implementation of the peace agreement, as we speak here, they are holding a conference in Nairobi that the agreement has collapsed and they want the agreement to be renegotiated, they know what there are doing to South Sudanese so that they are diverted from the government not to listen to what government is doing.

I want to assure you that the agreement has not collapsed. The First Vice President Taban Deng Gai is working with me very closely, and we are implementing the agreement. They think that without Riek Machar, there is no agreement, but that’s not the way people work. You can sign an agreement and you get out of it, like what happened to us in South Sudan.

Dr. John, who was our leader during the war, signed the agreement, unfortunately, God took him after days, but the agreement didn’t collapse. President Bashir who signed the agreement and myself who was a deputy to John Garang, we implemented the agreement this is why now South Sudan became an independent, nobody wanted to destroy what has been done.

And so our visit to our country Egypt is in line with our relations that have been there all this time. This is where most of our cadres today got their education, and this is where we have more than 6,000 students in the higher institutions of education.

We are very thankful to our brothers and sisters in Egypt for all the support they have provided to us, we are also going to have so many other projects that are going to be carried out by the Arab Republic of Egypt in South Sudan. All these are capacity building processes and we will benefit from them.

So, I thank His Excellence President Al Sisi for his invitation to me to come and see him, so we talked about bilateral issues and important issues in the region, I thank him very much for his support to South Sudan during the meetings of the United Nations Security Council where some elements wanted to impose an arms embargo on South Sudan and agreed that you cripple the government and empower the rebels, because the rebels you cannot say that you will allow them to buy, but they know how to buy the guns.

So, if that’s done to the government, that means the government has been weakened, it will not defend the citizens, and will never have any capacity to fight back the rebels, we don’t want to fight anyway, we want peace in our country so that we develop our country. So all those who have been standing with South Sudan to prevent these things, we thank them all and God bless them.

Thank you very much Your Excellency.

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  1. Intellectual says:

    It be come so….. So repeatedly, innu not mentioned again, I think Mr. President is going well, improving his communication style good luck, he is implementing peace with Taban Deng Gai and million south sudanese are flighting the country, he is doing great job, south sudan, a country of two men, Kiir mayardit acii baai doom, abii mieek pieng yee Ruon tou Nhail.,


  2. Gokthoon Dau says:

    That speech in Cairo lacks solution and policy initiatives to make things much better instead of reminding us about old stuff which is not resolving insecurity in the country and bring to an end this economy on the verge of collapse. No hope for ordinary citizens good things will happen in the near future let alone calling a foreign nation our ” home ” it is out of touch with reality, but the President of South Sudan Salva Mayardit knowingly avoids his responsibility as a head of state, and went ahead to echo points which are unimportant to suffering citizens.
    It is economic solution and achieve your national dialogue in a meaningful which is critically significant and beneficial to citizens nationwide. Blaming Paul and Robert for mistakes you are not willing to fix is not abnormal and seriously truly challenging resident’s good intention of leading the nation. It is bad intention coupled with malicious intention which led to poor governance. There is one President who is running the country and in charge of making all decisions yet he turns around to find someone else to scapegoat; so when do maturity begins and people are ready to accept their own abject failure instead of making inexcusable claims which is no longer be tolerated. I am sickened tired of this behavior from our leaders. Please develop the attitude of honesty and sincerity to your people where by accountability is being accepted by the ruler.


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