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By Wenne Madyt Dengs, Bor, South Sudan

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January 12, 2017 (SSB) — Ignorant or illiterate politicians can also create a false reality and impose it on public if they have a strong enough personality and that is even more disturbing. Perhaps that is the true reason for desperate search for the division of Jonglei to exist in two facets.

What really disturbs me is the ability of the individual to construct a fake history for them, which is based in no factual future to the coming generations at all. What’s even more disturbing is the will of some leaders to impose their reality on others even though they know that the reality they are imposing is false but for the sake of greed for leadership.

It would appear to be a creation of new administrative self-governed units but a set of clannish, inward-looking and aggravated ideology that’s meant to irrigate lasting grief to the natives of Bor, Twic and Duk as they’ll suffer in the hands of merciless hostile and chaotic neighbors. It’ll not bring any positive change; otherwise it’s more false, more inaccurate, more untrue decision.

If we are to chase false egos, then, the barbaric and self-centered mass of myopic politicians shall mislead us and that would be like following prophets of doom. It would be a mistake to relying on poor leaders who follow their naked instincts without proper understanding or knowledge of the logical necessity that governs the internal rationality of their thought sequences and that of public they are leading.

What’s really odd is they pat themselves on the backs and hand out petty cash to hunger-stricken youth who dominate social media, private forums and public gatherings preaching senseless ill-ideologies about division and splitting-up of people. I hate it! I see the real benefit of those projects is that it’s all good for financial self-upgrading.

However, residing in the urban environment give me the impression that self-proclaimed educated people have propagated out of control; and, every one of them has no right to exist…..!

To the point, “false division” is not the same as “creation of new a division or a state “. For me, false division is a result of the activity of incompetency and wanton of the given bearer of ideology (either a politician or public), while “creation of new a division or a state” is a unanimous suggestion brought up by government in accordance with constitution.

Bad politicians generate negative externalities for good ones … which imply that bad politicians reduce the effectiveness of good ones. This is what is due to happen in Jonglei state. Well identified defeated political cadres never take rest in coordinating and spreading hatred, jealousy; and more gravely sowing seeds of discord and dissonance amongst innocent communities in Jonglei state which is virtually resulting to commotion and sister clans’ uproar.

We can’t mourn the state of affairs after we’d allowed our leaders to steal our unity as a community, or we can’t use their will as a wake-up call. We must make our unity a political issue, and we can begin by denying our elected official the right to pamper our intimacy.

This is no easy task. It requires consistent vigilance and hard work. And yet, if we want a more just society in which everyone is adequately heard, we mustn’t allow them to ruin our precious coexistence as a state.

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