Dear PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB): Stop Silencing Us

Posted: January 14, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers, Zack Mayul

By Zack Mayul, Kampala, Uganda

PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB): The Best Articles, Writers, of the Year 2016

January 14, 2017 (SSB) — PaanLuel visitors, daily readers and the main bloggers, excuse my hand writing or poor thoughts if I touch you in any way. Thank you. Regarding to what had been happening throughout this week. I mean, the appointment of Gogrial governor, I was puzzled.

I have seeing so many people debating about it – some defending the idea of the president while others rejecting it. I have seen someone here condemning our critics. Condemning those who were not with the idea of the president appointing his brother in-law. How does that even sound in your ears?

Listen my friend, our government is like a coconut – black outside and white inside. These patrons will lie to you and me that it is a democratic country while in the actually sense, it is far from it. Anyway, no one declared South Sudan as a tyrannical country or kingdom where we are supposed to do what pleases the president or those in power.

Too many wrong can never make a right. If the governor’s appointment was maybe, he is qualified to do the job, then someone must tell us clearly whether Gregory is the only qualified man in the state? Is this not wrong?

Again, we believe that, South Sudan is a land being rule and guided by laws. So there is freedom to speak and address our pressing issues! President Kiir talked of uniting this country, but it will never be united as long as his relatives are the one going to be holding top positions in the country, he is just inciting the innocents even against the clueless leaders in the government.

Do not even compare Kiir’s  government with Museveni’s government, South Sudan have nothing to provide to her citizens apart from the  free, polluted oxygen, while Equatorial Guinea, Uganda and other countries mentioned have good security, settled economy and good education system that can sustain them.  If their governments fails to support them, they will support themselves. So this is nepotism and we won’t stop talking.

We need free and fairness; to walk freely in the middle of the night and not hesitate of anything, we need free and fairness where you can be given a job and work anywhere in South Sudan, we need free and fairness in a country where we are not employed because so and so holds a certain position in a certain office, not a country where individuals acts like landlords while others being tenants.

Stop threatening us when we shout at our president when he makes his wrong decisions and calling us noise makers. He is our president and he his is not a meteorologist who cannot explain to us why it must rain tomorrow. This cyber war is becoming intense because of the decisions made in that house, with no revision and you expects us to say nothing about it.

If you are plundering, seeking your way to that house, then mind your business; we can’t accept being misleads and keep quiet – this is sycophancy and we are not for it. If you are obsessed by any demon and believes that “government is always right”, then you are doomed! Just give us the way.

No nation in the history has ever been built by a single man, accept correction, learn from them and make the best out of them.

The author is a second year student at Ndejje University, Kampala, Uganda and he can be reach on or on twitter and Facebook as Zack Mayul.

The opinion expressed here is solely the view of the writer. The veracity of any claim made are the responsibility of the author, not PaanLuel Wël: South Sudanese Bloggers (SSB) website. If you want to submit an opinion article or news analysis, please email it to SSB do reserve the right to edit material before publication. Please include your full name, email address, city and the country you are writing from.


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