How we can right the wrongs that have beset our beloved South Sudan

Posted: January 14, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Martin Ariel Majak, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

How we can right the wrongs that have beset our beloved South Sudan and why it needs everyone involved

By Martin Ariel Majak, Alexandria, Egypt


Amiol (Twic Mayardit) Community conference of 2016: Appreciation and gratitude to all members for their generous contributions

January 14, 2017 (SSB) — South Sudanese have witnessed a lot of bloodletting. We have torn down to shreds what bonded us. It’s high time we should take a pause for a moment to ascertain what the hell is wrong and turn onto a new chapter.

We have become the laughing stock of the world for too long that it is unbearable anymore. It hurts me most seeing our country never missing international headlines often for bad reasons be looming humanitarian crisis, human cannibalism, rape, genocide and any other horrible thing you would imagine.

Everyone should have some soul searching. I mean all people of social stratification and class because they have stakes at hand.

Nations do tumble and we aren’t exceptional. Great nations like USA have ever imploded in a far worse way than but they reconfigured and here they are ruling the world.

What makes the difference is how nations rise when fallen down. How they quickly come to realise where they erred. How they let go of the painful past and forge new beginnings. How they mend broken social fabrics by embarking on programs aimed at restoring lost trust. How they cement national cohesion through peace and reconciliation initiatives.

Why can’t we look up to such lessons for inspiration? Perhaps many can say it’s impossible in our case but I can tell you are being too pessimistic. As long as we’ve the resolve and determination, we can craft anything out of anything.

And the resolve is in when we listen not to the tribal hate stories propagated by evil people but to tales that bind us together.

When we disregard long held stereotypes about different communities based on false accounts and embrace ourselves irrespective of ethnic backgrounds.

When we don’t immerse ourselves in corrosive politics of selfish politicians informed by wrong motives and self-aggrandizement.

When we become the architects of our own destiny without succumbing to dictations from outside hands intended to disintegrate us.

When some of our insane compatriots in arms come to their senses to never think of shooting as the only way of bringing a settlement when in disagreement,

I think we can be great as well like other nations.

Look at the few years after independence that preceded the outbreak of civil war. We were striding in the path of development and I’m quite certain that we were going to achieve many more things had we not been impeded on the way by the devilish elements.

And may it happen that 2017 holds something special in the store to surprise us with. May it be PEACE inshallah.

The writer is a medical student at Alexandria University, Egypt. He is reachable via

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