Trump Presidency: What will the New White House Means to South Sudan and Africa?

Posted: January 20, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Commentary, Contributing Writers, Dut Agostino Agei, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers

By Dut Agostino Agei, Nairobi, Kenya

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January 20, 2017 (SSB) — This question should be refer to relations between Africa and United States. Relations between the US government and African elections, violence and democracies. Since President Barack Hussein Obama exits the White House today then come in President elected Donald John Trumps and the transition of power from democrat to republican done, the expectation are very many. People around the world especially in Africa expect President Trumps to intervene in African affairs especially in elections, violence and democracies. This is because Africans Presidents with their governments never respected the principles of democracy to conducted elections without international pressure.

It is also a suggestion that Africans Presidents should not be gambling politics using people to fights and keeps them in powers for many years and this is without giving ways to their fellow Africans in peaceful power transition from one President to another. African Presidents also seem not to be interested in the life of their people in civil wars as it’s already demonstrated in West, East, North and Central African Countries. In many elections that are done across the continent Presidents never accepted the outcomes of the elections results and the process put some Countries into political wars, some rebellions and eventually the terrorisms that caused much instabilities and migrations.

In as much as some wars keeps on increasing in Africa, it would have been the duty of the worldly leaders to stand up towards the support of African problems that are caused by the leaderships in some countries where the system of democratizations are not to the standard of the world. This should be in case when the United Nations and some Africans regional organizations never bring peace to some Africans nations, then the international communities included the superpower should not just watch and the escalation of civil wars keep on increasing in some Africans nations.

There should be intervention in some nations where Presidents have overstayed in power without statuesque in the Country. African Presidents who are also veterans and who desires not to be politically changed have to be intervened to allow the expansion of democracy in Africans Countries to take place and that should be the only way to eradicate some political instabilities in Africa. This is to say that the polarization between Africa and the world would only be possible when political interventions is done in African states on issues to do with states democracies that have been a problems for many years.

This should also be a belief that democracy made United States to be a nation that never get into some warfare within the Country over several regimes of different leaders up today 45th President of US. It is over the democracy that strengthens relations between Africa and the Western world. It would have been a good move should American intervene in Africans democracies that have been under questions for many years.

As per the understanding over what caused the modern politics in African nations, some of them are around the principles of state democracy under the rules of law. As people could not come together under any political ideology of the Country that alone put some nations into escalation of wars then it would have been solve using any means that would have not sentence many lives into deaths and series of migrations around the world. Today as Africans nations struggle to be independence some others are getting into wars that cause migrations between the less develops African Countries of global South to the Western advanced nations of the global north that are stable in term of economy peace and democracy.

This is also to say that African migrations into the Western world have some its own impacts. Be it good or bad some of the impacts that are along sides the migrations policy have some repercussions that the continent would have solves them then the peril of masses overseas. As Africans problems are connected with some Africans ways of state rules the people with less participations will get to access migrations and the more the people keeps on migrating the less the populations will reduced and the less the economics affects in the continent. So some forms of suggestions have it that attempts has to be done to reduced issues that are affecting the continent as some of them are wars that causes some settlements in the world.

As President Donald John Trump get into White House today there are great expectations around the world particularly in Africa. This is going to be in comparison between which party is friendly to Africa between the republicans and democrat in solutions to the African problems. The todays transition of power from President Barrack Hussein Obama to the President elected Donald John Trump have some opinions that at least with the new government and new White House it will be a breakthrough in some of the African politics more especially to the wars prone areas.

One of the great legacy in the US leadership towards peace and democracy in Africa was the South Sudanese peace agreement under the presidency of Gorge W. Bush.  It was under the republican administration that the South Sudan attained the independence. As per the next republicans regime starting today it’s the expectation of every one that the US elected President would take the some of the issues that are affecting Africans nations into the consideration as superpower. This is in regards when African political instabilities get settled the world would stand a chance to move on.

I personally enjoy the Presidency of H.E President Barack Obama. His administrations in some great ways introduced my minds into the studies of International Policy in regards to the understanding of world affairs and politics. I also enjoy the relations between the United States and South Sudan. This should be one of my  modus operandi should the President elected surpassed the great roles of the outgoing lawyer that convince everybody internationally in his maxims Yes we can into making America great again.

I personally chose to study international laws in Amherst University. The secret there is to tightened relations between South Sudan and the world. This is by the use of great accent changes from American to African and to the British. Congratulation President Obama you inspired me internationally by excellence accent.

Dut Agostino Agei study International Relations at American University Nairobi can be contacted at

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