The World in Imbroglio: The world problems from Americas-Europe-Asia-Africa

Posted: February 1, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Arol Dut Jok, Columnists, Opinion Articles, Opinion Writers


By Arol Dut Jok, Nairobi, Kenya


The true size of Africa

February 1, 2017 (SSB) — As the title states, it is perplexing to discern the path that the world is headed to. The so many discrepancies or discords between cultures on one hand and nations on the other (inter & intra) are obtrude and big threats to international peace & security. The world system is facing virulent attacks spurred by selfish interests and this suffices to exemplify that the world is in a retrogressive state.

The West wanting to impose their ideologies on others, and the rest resisting such ideologies is the ignition of most world problems. The other problems in summary being the pursuance of selfish interests by each state in the international arena, and the ever conflicting religions (which has led to rise of the many extremist militant groups).

Apposite to that is the Mainstream Media that conducts misguided reports that are duplicitous and imprecise. It promotes antipathy, abhorrence and viciousness amongst people. An epitome here is South Sudan and to some extent, the Libya destabilisation of U.S by use of propaganda which was executed by the mainstream media.

Partially, due to the media’s indescretion of information and its duplicity (extreme propaganda), the South Sudanese people have become very recalcitrant to the government and are therefore unable to contribute positively to the prosperity of the nation. The mainstream media is reprehensible.

Another alarming issue is the rise and trending of the “anti” sentiments the world over. For instance, the West have the anti-globalisation, anti-immigrants, anti-EU and anti-Muslims sentiments; the Asians have the anti-America and anti-terrorism sentiments; and Africans with their thinking have anti-governments, anti-development, anti-humanity, and to a little extent the anti-West sentiments. Such sentiments may prove horrendous to world citizens if a common policy is not developed.

Howbeit, finding a common policy to resolve and put to an end the “anti sentiments” which are mainly driven by selfish interests remains elusive given the fact that such sentiments are now at an apogee. Perhaps, the panacea would be encouraging the application of Theory-Practice Learning (TPL) and to a little extent borrow some concepts from the 4th Political Theory of Aleksandr Dugin.

The Theory-Practice Learning would expose policy makers to real world issues and how they can possibly be resolved. If there is one thing the world citizens must never dissociate themselves from, it is the sense of human importance. It is in such a way that a possible human extinction and a total human isolation may be slowed.

On the other hand, Africans are being strayed by some of the Western cultures. However much the Western cultures have always been inimitable to the Africans, it is high time we Africans forbear from putting all of them in to practice because of their inopportuneness. In addition, some of them have desecrated our traditions, norms & values that once used to be the guiding pillars of African cohesiveness.

The theories of Functionalism and Symbolic Interactionism have to be considered in this case. The Africans must not force themselves to fit in the western traditions or ideologies. We can as well polish ours and modify them to suit our contemporary lives.

In final consideration, Extremism and Insurgencies in the form of terrorism have to be extirpated for the world to be a safer place for the citizens. These include but not limited to; ISIS, Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan, Al-Shabaab, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Taliban, Al Qaeda and the Unknown Gunmen of South Sudan.

The mentioned groups have bombed, beheaded and shot dead hundreds of thousands of world citizens. Their continued uprisings and existence poses a big threat to humanity. The world governments must cooperate now or never. Cooperation is the only way to eliminate terrorism.

I am pleased with Russia’s efforts in exterminating the ISIS and President Trump’s defence priorities. The recent phone call made by President Donald J Trump of U.S to Vladimir Putin of Russia to talk about how both countries can unify their efforts to destroy terrorist groups in Syria is a very important step towards achieving a possible stability in Syria and Middle East.

In addition, the coming together of Turkey & Russia to counter terrorism in Syria is a positive sign. The cooperation between Turkey, America and Russia to extirpate terrorism in Syria and parts of Middle East would be indomitable, and that could benefit the world from many angles.

The author is a student and can be reached via

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  1. John Mayen says:

    Excellent, Arol Dut.
    First the divisions of Africa by great powers dates back to 1800s when European powers met in Berlin – Germany to share Africa and indeed the entire world in their beliefs that other cultures did not exist – what was known as terra nulus or lands of no one in some parts of the world . The result was the brutal collision of cultures which gave way to imposition of imperialist ideologies. Had there been no WWI and WWII that imposition of Imperialist ideologies would have been intact.It is debatable what the impacts of continued colonialisation would have been by now had that not been interrupted.
    The current divisions of Africa involving China, India, USA and the re-returned of the EU is something that was expected given that the Africans did not learn anythings from their colonial history and humiliations. Others like China learned and declared that China would never, ever be humiliated and within 4 decades it in a position to humiliate those that humiliated it. With this 2nd wave of neo-colonialism/recolonialisation, Africa has itself to blame as the next major resource conflict would take place over the African resources not Asia, Latin America or the middle East.
    2nd, EU’s rejection of Globalisation is not that they are rejecting it becuase that was thier creation or something they had vigoruously advocated for and advanced it in policies such as liberal economic or the neo- liberal economic. The issue now is that the very advancement of globalisation has turned against them and is threatening the very ego-centric or ethno-centrism or the fear of others cultures seen in 18th, 19th and 20th century but time has caught up with the Europeans and the American. It is not clear how far the New American President would go in his attempt to undo the wheels of globalisations given Anerica is now the boiling pot of so many cultures.
    3rd, ISIS is the creation of what you have called the “world goverment.” ISIS during the beginning of the Syrian war was originally called the “true representative of Syrian people” and the aim was to create this body to get rid of Bashar Al Assad’s goverment and eliminate Russian present in the middle (continuation of cold war if you like). Weapons were poured to this unknown/unstudied body – like in Libya – until they come so arrogant in broadening their interests to included the US’s occupied Iraq in an attept to create their own Islam State. At this point, ” the true representatives of Syrian people” were renamed – with those creating the ISlamic State of Iraq become ISIS and those remaining in Syria to topple Sadd become The Syrian Moderate Opposition. The creation of extremisms/terrorism are all creations of the so called world goverments or the self appointment/name world community which are nothing but mechanisms aimed channelling hidden interests. The sociological theories you mentioned have the ability to put microscope on these terminologies and reveal the very details hidden within these soothing and manipulative concepts.
    4th, Russia, as you mentioned is fighting for survival at its door’s steps and internationally. Surrounded by NATO and push onto the hard rock, it is a time bomb ready to go off if further presure is applied but NATO knows when not to apply that presure else the the concept of MAD – Mutual Assured Destruction is not something worth triggering.


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