Posted: February 4, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël in Junub Sudan


16473840_10208339462590466_7681953492852679834_nWhat we always deem constitutional and national has become personal. It has gone viral. Freedom of speech and association are criminalized and punished on the spot, outside the court of law. It is implemented by youth with tribal and financial empowerment. Online campaign is met with an offline attack. They are allergic to criticism or alternative voices. So they resort to manual handling or manhandling of their opponents. They name them rebels, enemies, traitors, etc., who deserve elimination right away. They cannot stand hard grounds in arguments because they are recruited on the basis of ‘know-who’, not know-how, to defend their leaders.

For instance, reasons justifying why Kiir could be right or wrong on selling our Suddland (draining our waters to Egypt in exchange for something not generational) are unquestionable. They think those who believe Ramciel City construction project is not our national priority at the moment, for example, are…

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