Petition for the state invitation of President Trump to visit Juba, South Sudan

Posted: February 5, 2017 by PaanLuel Wël Media Ltd. in Junub Sudan, Letters, Press Release

By Robert Majok Kuol, South Sudan Civil Society Alliance Activist


February 5, 2017 (SSB) — Your Excellency, President J. Trump, we, as South Sudan Civil Society Alliance, in our noble quest for strong much-needed mutual relations between Republic of South Sudan and United States of America (USA), invite you to pay a state visit to Juba, the Republic of South Sudan.

We suffered immensely under the leadership of the former president, Barack Hussein Obama, and have been looking forward to better relationship between the great people of the United State of America and our beloved people of South Sudan.

Therefore, we are hereby inviting your Excellency leadership to scheduled first visits to Africa continent start with Republic of South Sudan, a youngest nation in the continent and world at large, which immediately rally huge support during your presidential initial campaign trial.

As South Sudan Civil Society Alliance, on behalf of South Sudan Civil populations and on our behalf take this opportunity to write this invitation petition to visit South Sudan as soon as you overhaul your cabinet.

Your Excellency, President Trump, as South Sudanese people, our history of independence as nation can be traced back to hundreds million Americans goodwill and good wishers ,who played and engaged American government to supported our noble course of freedom and independence, which led to a birth of South Sudan.

However, history recorded cannot and will never denies or erases. Our memories as South Sudanese people under present government led by President Salva Kiir Mayardit are still fresh on your supports given to us during liberation struggle, especially by your party (Republican).

South Sudanese people see your presidency rises to power as “TOWER OF HOPE”, and indeed should it be a tower of hope, not only to us alone as youngest nation under your custodian but as Africa continent and world in overall.

We, reckoned your presidential campaign theme of making America great again to “make world great again” although it also embedded your office takeover phrase “America first”‘, .

Nevertheless, the people and government of the youngest Republic need you more then you needed them to realize peace, progress and prosperity for them all. May your highest leadership take this invitation as people invitation and indeed from heart of hearts.

Hence, our thirst for your uppermost response is at climax. Your Excellency President Trump, American people, both friends and enemies, our relations with you will never, never, never, beside apart by devil of darkness. Last but not least, peace, stability, progress and fulfill democracy in South Sudan as well as economics growth cannot be realized in South Sudan without your ample and genuine support as

American government and its people. Real friendship never end but fake friendship do. We, as South Sudan Civil Society Alliance perceived our friendship with American people and government as a real and hundreds historical records can only tell.

May almighty God bless Americans and South Sudanese all the time. Godspeed.


President Trump Oyee

President Salva Kiir Mayardit Oyee

American people Oyee

South Sudan Civil Society Alliance Oyee

South Sudanese people Oyee

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  1. Alam says:

    Dumb at best. Have the courage to fixed your country instead of looking to foreign leaders to do it for you. Trump does not even know where your country is located.


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